Why Do The Nations Rage?

angry police attack 2
By Charlene Robinson
“1. Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing? 2. The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, 3. “Let us break Their bonds in pieces And cast away Their cords from us.” 4. He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision. 5 Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, And distress them in His deep displeasure: 6. “Yet I have set My King On My holy hill of Zion.” PSALM 2:1-6

This is what is happening not only in the United States but Australia, Canada, England and other Western world nations more than others! These are what Lance Wallnau calls the “sheep nations” yet they are turning against God and His people in their governments and on the streets in mobs of angry people. In contrast we see some to the “goat nations” gladly turning to God and wanting His rule in their governments! It is time for all of God’s people to stop arguing over denominations and come together for one purpose, to bring God back to their nation and get ready for harvest. If all the harvesters in a field spend time fighting over what tool is best for harvest, the field will not get brought in …!

“God never negotiates with men. Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross put an end to any kind of negotiations. It is now Christ or nothing. It is now God’s Word in its entirety or nothing.”
~ A. W. Tozer

angry mobs berkeley-rally

I read that scripture from Psalms today and it made me think that the whole world is raging now. Everyone fighting over something even between the body of Christ. I just felt I wanted to say something about it. I read news every day to be aware of what is going on and to share on my political Facebook but I have to be careful not to read too much or I feel it pulling me down. I have to do the same even with ministries and prophetic words. We have to discern all that we watch and read now because the enemy is using even things that sound good to affect our attitude. We have to be aware of what is happening for in that way we can discern how God is moving but too much can take our focus off of God and what He has for us. Stay strong and let the Lord direct you!

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene  https://www.facebook.com/zephyrmorning

He is Giving You Nothing Less Than His Best For You in This New Season!


Lorilei Cooley Ministries

Can you sense the landscape of things has changed? The seasons have changed and so has alignments and connections. There are old things and ways to be done away with so that the new doors of opportunity can begin to start opening up that you never expected to open.

I felt this encouragement strongly from the Lord for what He is doing right now. Do not be discouraged or dismayed. The Lord is working accelerated right now to bring you into a brand new season. He is making all things new, He is restoring your heart, your voice, and your mind. You will not be short changed or left out in what He is doing and what He is bringing you into. The boldness of the Lord will come forth from you unlike you have experienced before as move upon His leading.

The Lord is moving you into His timing of ‘appointed things’ that He has planned for you. This is why the warfare has been so intense and relentless with resistance and opposition. The Lord is removing and breaking all these entanglements, lies, and restraints that have tried to hold you back from moving forward. As He is does He is moving you along a new pathway that He has created for you to bring into places where provision, blessing, increase, favor and breakthrough will be all around you. He has surrounded His angels around you to protect, to lead and navigate you into the land. He has secured your entry and your new is just on the horizon.

Isaiah 57:14 “And it will be said: “Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.”

I also felt the Lord saying He is preparing many for’ grand breakthrough.’ He is preparing you to occupy your promise land. He is making you fully ready so you can handle all that He is releasing. Had the Lord brought it sooner to you, you would not been able to handle the overflow. He had to enlarge your capacity to carry what He is releasing. He is putting your heart back in place where you feel and know that this is your season to prosper. This is your season to flourish, to advance and to move into the greater that He has already prepared for you.


When the ‘finally’ breakthrough happens it will take your breath away as the Lord restores you and floods you with His joy and goodness. For your days of weariness, toiling, and wrestling are coming to a complete close. You are getting ready to move from a time of transition to a time of enjoying the fruit of the land. Your sorrow will be no more and joy is about to hit your household with long awaited breakthrough. You will see the Lord fully and completely in it, as He has been orchestrating this ‘finally’ breakthrough for a long time now. Many things had to happen and take place first before the Lord could move you into it.

I felt the Lord strongly say, “It is time to move into the fullness of what I have promised. This is not a repeat prophetic word but a now declaration of my word as heaven is colliding with the natural to bring about what I have already spoke to you!”

GodTV spiritual attack

If that is you … which it has been me at some point nearly every day for a few weeks now … keep hoping and believing in what God has told you. No matter how long, we must hold onto what God has told us through prophecy, scriptures, in our own hearts and minds … however you got your promise don’t give up. If He said it in any way, He will complete what He has started in you. God is not a man that He can lie and what He has promised He will fulfill. I know that starts sounding like a broken record and I feel like I am being yanked back and forth between God and the devil over and over and you may feel like that too. But God is the only ONE we can trust and He doesn’t lie or take back promises. The enemy will try every way to change our thoughts toward God but we must fight against that and hold on … Pain is temporary … Quitting is permanent! Trails will come and attacks will be relentless with every kind of opposition to our breakthrough, trying to dislodge us from our trust in God and we must fight it daily! God always wins and we will win too if we just hang on to Him. Listen to worship, read scriptures, keep journals of the blessings from God and read them over, print off words you read the uplift you and read them over and over. I have hundreds of pages of words I’ve read and printed off over the last 4 years of waiting during trials and attacks. I was reading one the other day I wrote 2 years ago to myself and at first it made me angry that I was still waiting but then I thought of all the good that has happened and the times God has bailed me out of trouble and bad situations and I felt peace and resolve to keep hanging on. You can do it … we can do it with God!

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene  https://www.facebook.com/zephyrmorning

God is Birthing New Life from What Was Dead

4a5f66b0dcdf367a3cb685fe085a1eb1Candice Smithyman

We have just entered into the new Hebrew month of Cheshvan which began on Monday, October 8 at sundown. God began to speak to me through two dreams concerning the power of the prophetic word in this month.

If you remember, in the month of Tishrei we were called to come before the Lord and celebrate His feasts—the Feast of Trumpets, for His new year, the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles—with fasting, feasting, and giving. This was a time of consecration and purification for the blessings coming. So when I received these two dreams for two days in a row, I was not surprised that God wanted to do something amazing in Cheshvan.

“Idle-wood”: Calling the Dead Things Forth

…bring forth the harvest with His words by calling those things which are not, as though they were.

In both dreams, I heard the Lord say the word, “Idle-wood.” (I’m assuming the Lord meant this expression to be like the name of a town; e.g., “Hollywood”.) I was surprised by this word, being heard two days in a row and in both dreams. In the dreams there were dead people who were birthing babies, or there was old property that had been just sitting there, idle, and now it was being made new; newly decorated and occupied by people I’ve been in relationships with in the past, but not currently.

The Lord began to speak to me that these dreams were concerning a season of birthing, and that He is getting ready to birth new things from the old or dead things in our lives. I found this interesting, especially since God could just create something new. Why would He choose to take the old and bring life from it?

He began to share with me that the old represented a strain of DNA that He wanted to touch with the new life. In other words, the promise was not dead, it was simply idle. There was to be a calling forth of an old promise. He began to instruct me to tell people to speak life to the dead places.

Maybe you have dead relationships, dead jobs and dead finances. Maybe you have old, latent property or idle property (as in not moving); dead things that are still in your life but bear no fruit at this time. The good news is He is calling the dead things forth and back to life!

Abraham and the Belief of a Past Promise

Abraham believed God when He spoke about the things to come based on a past promise, even though everything around Him was death. He spoke life to what appeared in the natural to have no life. Abraham believed a word from God that had been latent or idle or had not yet come to pass. You too have dreams and promises from God that are latent and unfilled at this time; you may have even made them dead to your own heart.

Romans 4:17-21 (NIV) says: “As it is written: ‘I have made you a father of many nations.’ Abraham is our father in the sight of God, in whom he believed—the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not. Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, ‘So shall your offspring be.’

“Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead—since he was about a hundred years old—and that Sarah’s womb was also dead. Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised.”

Don’t Give up! “Call into Being Things That Were Not”

I believe God is calling us in this month of October, the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, to begin to speak life to the dead places, the dead promises and the idle things not moving. Do not give up on what you believe is dead or even agree that it is dead, but instead revive it. If it had a promise attached to it by God but in this day it appears to have no fruit, instead of cursing it to remain dead, speak the life-giving Word of God to it and watch God create something beautiful from it.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

He is getting ready to birth new things from the old or dead things in our lives.

Instead of losing heart and wondering if something will come alive, begin to actively take control of the situation and “call into being things that were not.” God created the universe with the creative, miracle-working power of His Word and He is asking us to do the same, even today.

God’s Covenant to Us

Deuteronomy 8:18 (NIV) says, “But remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms His covenant, which He swore to your ancestors, as it is today.”

God has made a covenant with you not only as a descendant of Abraham, according to Genesis 12, but also for your personal destiny on Earth. If you once heard the promise, to God it still remains. All He is asking of you is to remind Him of what was promised long ago by “calling into being things that were not,” and to activate your faith to believe they can be. God required this of Abraham. The Word says in Romans 4:18 (NIV), “Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, ‘So shall your offspring be.'”

He was against hope, and his body and his wife Sarah’s body were as sure as dead. Yet Abraham remembered the promise and God called Him righteous for it. Our faith is credited to righteousness in God’s eyes. He will not reject our faith. Hebrews 11:6 (NIV) says, “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.”

One word of warning as you endeavor to step out in your faith and declare and decree these promises of the past: The enemy wants you to doubt and not believe. He has set up a garrison against you, but be of good cheer, as this means your promotion is for real. Anytime the enemy chooses to stand up against you, the word on the inside of you has become a challenge to him, and you can be sure that what is on the inside of you will come to pass. Keep on declaring!

Be encouraged in this month of Cheshvan! God will bring a birth from death and bring forth life from what seems without hope, and from what is idle and not moving. Honor God with your faith, in His substance and in His life, and bring forth the harvest with His words by calling those things which are not, as though they were.

Dr. Candice Smithyman
Founder, Dream Mentors Transformational Life Coaching Institute

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Website: www.dreammentors.org

Dr. Candice Smithyman is the founder of Dream Mentors International, a Biblical life counseling and coaching educational organization that teaches and trains educators and coaches in the specialty of life coaching. She is also founder of the Glory Road Show, where she hosts weekly interviews which are seen on internet TV, Facebook, and her YOUTUBE channel. Her ministry website is available at http://www.candicesmithyman.com and http://www.dreammentors.org, where people people can become credentialed Biblical or transformational life coaches and receive Biblical and transformational life coaching for every area of their life. She is also co-founder of Freedom Destiny Church in Orange Park, Florida, along with her husband, Adam Smithyman, Sr. They have three married children.

There was one paragraph in this word that did it for me as it covered right where I have been for weeks now – “One word of warning as you endeavor to step out in your faith and declare and decree these promises of the past: The enemy wants you to doubt and not believe. He has set up a garrison against you, but be of good cheer, as this means your promotion is for real. Anytime the enemy chooses to stand up against you, the word on the inside of you has become a challenge to him, and you can be sure that what is on the inside of you will come to pass. Keep on declaring!” 

I’ve been hanging onto a promise from God for nearly 4 years now and in the last couple of weeks the attacks against it have grown stronger and caused confusion and doubt and loss of hope. I have found that many people are going through the same thing in various ways. It is true that knowing others are in the same place helps you get through yours. This few sentences were just what I needed to know the enemy is worried about my promise enough to attack me repeatedly! It cleared any confusion and got rid of the doubt!


Press In, Press Forward, Press Through The Storm!

push through the stormA Word by Edie Bayer

Recently, I had to drive to Tennessee after tropical storm Gordon hit Gulfport, Mississippi. Living on the Gulf Coast myself, I had been watching the weather for days to see what the projected path was going to be. I knew it would take two days to drive there, and it was my desire to time my trip where I missed the path of this storm. On Wednesday morning I left my house, and interestingly enough, it was 9:11 a.m. As I drove down my driveway, I thought, “I hope THAT doesn’t mean anything!”

As I drive, I usually watch the cloud formations, looking for something interesting. Somewhere along the way, as I was watching the skies and praying, I saw a cloud that looked like the head of a lamb. There were two distinct ears with a fuzzy topknot on its head. I kept staring at it, thinking I was seeing things, but it didn’t change. It was unmistakably a lamb.

Before too long an eighteen-wheeler truck pulled up in front of me. On the back of it was painted the company name of LAMB, with its headquarters in Tennessee! There is no way this could be coincidence! This was twice now that God had showed me a Lamb – first in the clouds, and then on this truck. “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29)

Knowing that when God says something twice, he wants us to pay attention, I did! He now had my complete attention. “Verily, Verily, I say unto thee…” (John 3:5 KJV)

After that, another semi-truck pulled up on my right. This one had a company logo that made me laugh out loud: it was a lion! This was repeated almost immediately again. A second truck pulled up on my right, with an even bigger lion that covered the driver’s door! God had now shown me the Lion twice, too. The phrase came to me, “This time He’s coming back as a Lion!”

“Weep no more; behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered…” (Revelation 5:5)

I kept driving, knowing God was speaking. Before too long, off in the distance I could see storm clouds gathering. Apparently I hadn’t missed out on Gordon, after all. It seemed I was catching a band of rain from the tropical storm. The skies started to darken, and the cloud formations went from pleasant and interesting to threatening and dark. The wind had picked up, and although it was not raining yet, I knew a storm was just ahead. Was this what the “9:11” had been warning me about?

I was starting to get nervous when suddenly, out of the storm clouds, a rainbow appeared on the right-hand side of the highway! I couldn’t believe it! It was a sign from God! Regardless, as I started to draw nearer and nearer to the storm, my discomfort level grew, and I contemplated stopping. I was close to my intended resting point for the night, I reasoned to myself, and I was tired. Truthfully, I felt unprepared to handle the certain stress that was coming right at me. I was ready to quit. I was ready to give in to the storm.

But God! As I hurtled through time and space, thinking about quitting even as I continued to drive straight into the storm, another rainbow appeared! This time it was on the left hand side of the highway, much closer to me. This was amazing! God had deliberately shown me two rainbows, reminding me of His promises – on both the right hand and the left! He had shown Himself to be both the Lamb and the Lion, and now had shown me Himself both far off and near! He had shown me that He was right there with me, right by my side!

At that moment, I made a quality decision: I was going through this storm! I was pressing through! I was not stopping! I started to quote scripture and speak what I knew to be true. I commanded the clouds to dissipate, the storm to divide and let me pass through peacefully, without even a drop of water on me! I commanded the storm to be still. I commanded the clouds to dissipate while I repeated the promises of God: that He would always be with me; that He would never leave me, that He had gotten me through other storms in my life and that He would get me through this one, too!

I had made the decision to press through, to press forward, to keep pressing on, even in the face of certain adversity; even in the full knowledge that I was headed into a storm of unknown proportions. I just kept on praying and speaking the promises and the truths of God. Sure enough, after a while the clouds started to lighten up and disperse! The storm clouds began to get lighter and lighter as I continued to command the elements and speak the promises of God, and before too long I was on the other side.

Does this remind you of anything in your life? Do you see any storms on the horizon? Don’t quit! God has not brought you this far to drop you now! Make a quality decision to press in, press forward, and press through it! Speak what you know to be the truths of God! You KNOW He is good! You KNOW He is faithful! You KNOW He will never leave you or forsake you (see Hebrews 13:5)! He will bring you through this storm! He has taken you through every other one you have faced in your life. Do not fear; just be very courageous (see Joshua 1:9)!

Keep speaking the promises, and know that He is speaking to you, too!

In Him,
Edie Bayer


I started seeing double rainbows about a year ago. Since I moved I see rainbows over the ocean sometimes not near clouds. I continue to believe they are a promise from God and I feel a piece of hope slide into my soul when I see them. I’ve noticed other signs in the last five months, some accompanied with words from God that are unmistakable. So I think we should watch things more closely like she says about confirmation of seeing similar things more than once. My signs have been mainly birds and dogs, natural things in the shape of hearts and certain stones that relate to my promise. Don’t roll your eyes or think of new age stuff. God has used different things as signs throughout the Bible … who can forget the talking donkey? And it does say the rocks will cry out. I think He is using more ways to reach us now than ever before. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten up in the morning ready to give up on waiting for my promise and my assignment. Looking through the thousands of words to find what I feel God wants me to use here and on three Facebook platforms usually the first thing I find is for me, a promise, a word or scripture that fits my emotions, my negative thoughts and snaps me right back to God and kicks out the lies from the enemy. And I’ve had more than a few of my followers tell me the same thing. This morning it was a sea gull that flew in and landed on the shed roof when I went out on the porch. It just stood there and stared at me, very quietly. For some reason I felt peace come over my troubled spirit and was able to move on with my day. So be alert for God’s signs to you, usually in a way that is familiar to you, i.e. I’m interested in birds and love dogs and I read a lot! God is pursuing us as never before in this season and He is using every way He can to get our attention!! We are to be alert for the enemy to steal and kill but we also need to be alert for God to give and bless!

Under Personal Spiritual Attack?

GodTV spiritual attack


By Ron Cantor

Have you ever been a victim of a personal spiritual attack? Here’s a practical guide for overcoming it.

I once received the most vicious email attacking my character at the highest—or lowest—level. Amazingly just a few days later I received another email from a different person that made the first one look like a nursery rhyme. Rough week? You bet! I can’t remember receiving one letter like that, much less two!

In addition to being called a control freak, the person went on to attack every part of my life, concluding that I was not fit to be a leader. Despite the fact that I knew the person was wounded and acting out of that wound, it still stung.

Proverbs says “reckless words pierce like a sword” (Prov. 12:18) It says like a sword because there is a difference. Hurtful words don’t wound the flesh like a sword, but the soul. We all know what it is like to be stunned by the hurtful words of someone else. Paralyzed, unable to move forward. So, what do we do to survive?

  1. Forgive

You start by forgiving. Whether they ask for it or not. I have sinned more against God than any person has sinned against me and He freely, unconditionally has forgiven me. We cannot be like the man in Matthew 18 who received forgiveness from the king but then would not extend it to someone whose debt to him was far less.

  1. Look for the Truth

Even when someone is attacking you with the desire to wound, there is often a kernel of truth in their words. Dispassionately ask yourself if there is an area where the person is correct. In this case there was some truth and by the grace of God, I acknowledged that to the ‘attacker’ and there are probably other things as well. It is on us to take 100% of the responsibility for whatever percentage of the issue is ours. If it is 10%, take 100% responsibility for that 10%, regardless of what the other person does with their 90%.

  1. Turn the curse into Blessing

Take every curse that person throws at you and proclaim the opposite for blessing. If they say you are stupid, proclaim that you have the mind of the Messiah. If they say you are a loser, proclaim the favor of God on your life. In this case, we did not own a house and this person said that we had a ‘spirit of poverty’ on us. So we began to pray into that, proclaiming blessing. Within two months we owned a home!

  1. Don’t respond

By nature, I love to defend. I believe there is a tiny lawyer living inside me and he is not always nice. In my mind I imagine defending each accusation and attacking the person back with even more venom. Yes, that is my flesh. But no matter how good you think it might feel, it will bear no fruit and cause more pain.

In the movie You’ve Got Mail, Meg Ryan’s character dreams of being able to be put Tom Hank’s character in his place – being able to say the right snarky, witty thing, at the right time. She got her chance and found out that it didn’t feel so good to hurt someone else.

  1. Focus on those who love you

I thank God for all the friends that my wife Elana and I have around the world. From Nigeria to Ukraine we have built some wonderful relationships. And yet one person speaking against with this type of spiritual force, can tempt us to forget about all those amazing people who love us and focus on that one person who is attacking us.

It is all you can think about it. However, you need to take control of your thoughts (2 Cor. 10:3-5) and focus them on those who really care for you. I am blessed that I have been part of the same international network of leaders since 1987. These same men and women whom I have served with for almost 30 years, not only hold us accountable, but love me and my wife. Why would I focus on someone who doesn’t?

  1. Get prayer from trusted friends

One of the first things Elana and I did after this attack was to get prayer. We have our weekly staff meeting every Sunday morning (In Israel, Sunday is our Monday) and I asked the staff at Tiferet Yeshua (the congregation we serve) to lay hands on us and pray. They did and it was powerful. In fact, our administrator prophesied over us regarding our future and it was right on! There was no way she could have known and I was having doubts about the direction—in part because of the angry email. But the Lord cleared all that up in seconds.

  1. Rinse and Repeat

After you have done all this, you will be encouraged… for about an hour, until you think of it again. When Jesus was asked how many times to forgive, he said, seven times seventy (Matt. 18:22) – in other words, as many times as it takes. We often see that as forgiving different sins one at a time – and I am sure that is one of the applications – but I think it also means that we might have to forgive the same sin over and over again, until it no longer has a hold on us; until its sting is gone.

Do this, you will survive!

This is a good word which came exactly at the right time. I had just been talking to someone about this kind of attack and giving the best advice that God was showing me. I went to look at my sources for things to put up here and on Facebook and there was this article. It was not only more in depth than what I had given but confirmation of what I had said. So I quickly e-mailed to my friend. It is always good to find things like this to share with relatives and friends. Even if we have good words to give them it helps to have confirmation from a trusted, reliable outside source too …. and for us to know we are hearing correctly from God and for them to hear it from someone else. Confirmation is so important to knowing what we hear is correct. So share this as many people are coming under Spiritual Attack in different forms. No one is free from the enemy who is seeking to destroy us.


by Sara Whitten

Are you experiencing spiritual vertigo? Vertigo happens when the sensory inputs that our body uses to tell us where we are are conflicting. For example, being in a plane and feeling the movement of the plane while visually seeing the stationary surroundings inside the cabin can confuse the brain and cause vertigo. You may be hearing from the Lord that you’re making progress and that things are moving, yet your other senses tell you you’re standing still and making no progress.

Do you spiritually feel like you’re drifting? Confused? Getting mixed signals? You’re not alone. God put you on my heart saying, “They have heard My call, but there are voices and circumstances that say the opposite. They have tried to hold on to faith, but they feel so confused. Tell them I am aligning their senses. Speak to the spiritual vertigo and tell it to leave!”

You have been in transition for some time now, but prepare for your senses to align and to hear God much clearer as you begin to land! STAND AS YOU LAND. As things begin to come together all Father God is asking of you is that you stand your ground–not giving up or doubting. You don’t have to know how to move forward, only how to stand.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” (Ephesians 6:10-13)


I just found this word and it seemed so important to me that I rearranged previous scheduled posts to get this in sooner. It spoke to me so loudly that I felt I wanted it here and on Facebook as soon as possible. It is speaking right where I am at this moment and I have been struggling with what I have been feeling. I’ve felt more like quitting in the last few days than ever. I have found doing my work confusing and hearing more lies from the enemy then ever, constant and relentless. I woke up this morning with a new idea for the website I am working on for my jewelry design, so excited because I’ve been struggling with it. Within 20 minutes the enemy was bombarding me with every reason it was a stupid idea and that I would never succeed until I was ready to throw in the towel on the business and my work for God on the Facebook pages and even here! I was in major tears and hopelessness in 30 minutes. I took my notes of encouragement that I printed off with a cup to the back porch to try to get a handle on the attack. I laid the papers down, set my coffee down and suddenly it fell over spilling all of the coffee over my notes! I lost it folks! I’m telling you the enemy is giving both barrels in his attack on us and no wonder we feel vertigo. I did manage to pull myself together by watching a good live stream teaching and worship and went on with my day …. but just now I found this word and it was like a huge answer to what has been going on for days now. So I hope it helps someone out there too!! Let me know if it does! I’m printing it off to keep with my other notes that help me center my focus back on God. Take care my friends as we are in very hard times but God is with us always.

God is Speeding Up Time and Taking You Into Your New Season

turtle crossing road
Phillip Clemons

A Turtle in the Road

Recently while driving, I was having a conversation with God about the past several years. As I am super vulnerable and raw when I’m “talking” to God, I was telling Him how long and slow this season had been, and that I was ready for it to be over. I was expressing, rather vigorously, how badly I needed to get to the other side of this one. I was intentional about assuring Him how grateful I was that He did indeed show up in the last hour—and give us our promised miracle and healed my wife from a diagnosed terminal illness. A true miracle.

But I was also reminding Him of how hard it was—how many years the battle persisted before the breakthrough, and how tired we were. Suffice it to say, I was giving Him my “laundry list” of all the storms we’ve encountered that have been long and hard over the past several years; and like many of you, we have been inundated.

Then I literally said, “I feel like everything in my life is moving as slow as a turtle, and every time I think we’re out of it, another blow comes and I have to duck and retreat back into my shell.” Just as those words left my mouth, I saw a truck in the distance pull over to the side of the road. As I got closer, I saw the driver go to the middle of the road, pick up a turtle and take it safely to the other side.

God immediately said to me, “My hand is coming upon you to speed up time and take you into your new season. Get ready for the crossing over. You are moving from a season of delay and disruption into a season of acceleration and increase.”

Proverbs 13:12 in the MSG puts it this way, “Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick, but a sudden good break can turn life around.”

Your New Season is Here! Are You Ready to Cross Over?

You can talk to most anyone and hear that the past ten years have been particularly hard to navigate. From top Christian leaders in the nation to bankers, realtors and teachers— basically anyone serving the Lord in their sphere of influence has been tested and tried and turned inside out. Most will tell you there has been one blow after another. That’s not to say there haven’t been great victories, because there have been many, and gratitude is abounding in those victories.

As I thought about how many people have been in a difficult season, I realized this word God gave me is a corporate word, not just a word for me. Like during my conversation with GOD that morning when I was basically saying, “ENOUGH GOD,” I felt I was not alone in my desperate plea for a sudden good break.

When I shared publicly what had happened during my drive, three people came to me and had either seen someone moving a turtle to the other side of the road, or actually moved one themselves in that same week. Then someone messaged me two days later. They told me there was a news segment on national TV about a police officer helping a turtle cross the road to safety in a torrential downpour. This brought 2 Corinthians 13:1 to mind, “A matter becomes clear after two or three witnesses give evidence.” Since that day, I have heard so many “turtle testimonies” that it has been powerful and almost comical.

I Dare You, Be Brave and Hope Again

God is strongly verifying to us that today is a time to be encouraged, not discouraged. It is time to expect the sudden good break as his hand is coming upon us to take us to the other side (the end of this season), and into a fresh, new, flourishing season.

If you are one that has been in that long, hard season, whether it be health, relationships, financial, ministry or any circumstance in your life, and you’ve had one blow after another that has left you feeling frustrated and exhausted, I dare you to be brave and hope again. Be bold and dream again. God is going to keep every promise He has given you!

In the natural you appear to be a long way from where you need to be, but get ready! The hand of the Lord is coming upon you to take you safely and speedily to the other side. Get ready for your crossing over to a new season. It’s a season filled with acceleration and increase with the grace to move in that accelerated state with ease and without exhaustion, and a supernatural empowerment to steward the increase well. The days of moving at a turtle’s pace are over! It’s coming! It’s here!

Phillip Clemons
The Ark
Email: phillclemons@gmail.com
Website: www.thearkflorence.com

Phillip Clemons is the founder and co-pastor with his wife, Marsha, at The Ark in Florence, Alabama. Phillip carries the Father’s heart in a dynamic way and with a strong prophetic edge that ignites people with passion and the love of God and then empowers them to grow into world changers. Phillip not only inspires the Body of Christ but is a motivational speaker who is passionate about inspiring businesses and teams across the nation. He motivates players, coaches, CEOs and businesses to focus on achieving their goals together. His heart for the Kingdom in every walk of life is inspiring in and of itself.

turtle small

I liked this word immediately because he admitted to talking to God just like I do about the delays and the waiting and how badly I need this nearly 4 years of waiting to be over. I too am always thanking God for all the blessings I’ve had along the way and the times He has rescued me, just like reaching down and grabbing that turtle from near destruction. Like he said, for me this time of hardship and attacks has gone on for about 10 years with the last 4 being unbelievably  hard where I find myself in the last few months saying, “I want to quit Lord” every other day.  We are told by every prophetic word, scriptures and trustworthy people of God that quitting isn’t an option and that we must hang on, trust God and when we do all else, “just stand”. I’ve stood until I am so weary I have to just sit down and watch mindless TV or crash on my bed for hours, sleeping, praying I will wake up in a new life with the promise in my hand … all to no avail. When I read this word I was sure he had heard me crying out to God, because he was speaking my “words”! So I guess, again we find that we are not alone in our frustrating, weariness, hopeless wanting to quit times … gaining the strength only by the grace of God to move into one more day, still trusting, hoping, praying and believing that somehow it will all come to pass and we can dream again. I liked his version of Proverbs 13:12 from the Message, of the scripture that most of us cling to like a life raft in this hard time of trials, “Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick, but a sudden good break can turn life around.” Yes the disappointment has been unrelenting until I cry out to God, “please let something good happen, a day or two with happiness, joy” … but they are few and far, far between.  I too am being vulnerable and raw here because we all need to know we are not alone in this. I admit I get angry sometimes when I read a prophetic word about good things coming. Then I have to repent and feel like I’m starting over. I cry and yell at God like a spoiled 6 year old brat and cry my eyes out til I run totally dry. Then I have to repent again. I can’t begin to understand or explain why God is allowing these constant attacks, pruning us til we bleed with tears until we can no longer cry … but I know we have to, MUST trust HIM to know what He is doing and know that somehow when it finally does end we will be able to laugh and dream again. A sudden good break from God could turn our lives around and I pray for the strength to keep going and not give up for all of us.

“All Aboard! What’s Your Final Destination?”

trains and peopleRuss and Kitty Walden, Green Valley, Arizona

Leave Your baggage on the Platform

“The train is stopping,” says the Father. “The train is stopping at the station and some people are getting off and some people are getting on. Some people are bringing luggage and some people are bringing baggage. Get rid of your baggage,” says the Father. “Leave your baggage on the platform. Come with hands emptied from previous assignments and open to new opportunities in My Kingdom.

“It’s a one way trip,” says God. “There is no going back. The way things have been, even people that were fixtures in your life in times past, you are now leaving behind. It’s time to take your seat now, no more jockeying for position.”

The angels are going up and down the aisle checking tickets. Sadly, I see one person escorted off who thought he had the right ticket and had paid the price, but had not. This person is escorted off the train and left on the platform with their baggage. The train begins to depart.

“Take your seat,” I hear the porter say again. There are window seats available and many rush to take them. To some of those in the window seats, I see the angel porters reach across and pull down the shades, saying, “You aren’t ready—come with me,” and then escort those persons to the dining car. In the dining car there is only one meal on the menu: the Blood and Body of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some look at that menu and frown, for it doesn’t offer their favorite meal; but the Father says, “Unless you eat My flesh and drink My Blood, you have no part in Me.”

Get Ready—There Are Many Stops along the Way

“Get ready,” says the Father. “Things are now getting under way.” I see one person open a window and heave out some baggage that they know they shouldn’t have brought on the train. There are many stops along the way, and as the train stops at the first destination, many excitedly get off. This station has a sign labeled: “Gift Junction.” That’s all they want. Just give them the gifts and they will be happy and fulfilled.

The train moves on toward other stops and in time, its ultimate destination. Another stop many disembark at is “Blessing Crossroads.” There are those who are happy and content to stop there because they can’t imagine anything further down the track for them, other than the blessing of God.

The next stop is a “Political Whistle” stop. Many strong men and women of God get off here, for this is a platform and destination that holds much fascination for them. There are other stops coming up and with many getting off, the seats that were full in the beginning now have many vacancies.

The next stop is “Mantle Station.” There are many mantles hanging there on the platform, ready to be picked up: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher. Amazingly, EVERYONE gets off here and excitedly starts trying on different mantles, admiring and complimenting one another.

The Final Destination

The train starts to pull away, even though it is completely empty, and some look up and realize Mantle Station isn’t their stop either. They run as hard as they can and the angel porters lean out of the door to give them a hand—just a few manage to get back on to make it to the final destination. It’s the last stop up ahead.

The train comes to halt in a cloud of steam, so much so that it isn’t clear what things look like. As the cloud clears up—those few that got back on look…and they see the Cross and Jesus standing by in white raiment. They run to His side and fall at His feet, kissing the nail scars there. This is their final destination!

Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden
Father’s Heart Ministry

Email: russellwalden@gmail.com
Website: www.fathersheartministry.net

Russ Walden is a prophet and marketplace minister with over 30 years of service in the Kingdom of God. Russ and Kitty founded Father’s Heart Ministry in 2007 and since then have prophesied to thousands in 78 countries and all seven continents. Russ has served as a full-time pastor to several congregations. In the early 90’s he assisted in the oversight of a group of 400 churches before founding an IT business in the Mid-west. Russ and Kitty converted the business to a marketplace ministry model and out of that Father’s Heart Ministry was born. The ministry that Russ moves in is not just talking “about” Jesus but manifesting and activating the demonstration of Spirit and the demonstration of power. Each day Prophet Russ releases a powerful prophetic word that encourages thousands. Russ has written a book Face to Face with the Father: a Chronicle of the Men and Women who saw the Face of God and Lived.

train baggage

Reminds me of the prophetic words I heard about the “Glory Train” a couple of years ago. When you think about it … we are all in this together no matter where we are or if we know each other. We are all traveling on the same road with God in our own space in time and circumstances. All making mistakes, falling and having God pick us up, learning and growing. We all have baggage we need to leave behind as we move toward our promise, dream or assignment. We are all “Family”! If we don’t meet on the train we will meet at our final destination for sure!

Seven Stumbling Blocks to Your Creativity

GodTV creative blocksBy Bernard Boulton

You don’t have to struggle with creativity. The Lord is calling you to create, to build, to form and invent. Whatever is distracting you and causing you to give up hope is originated from the earth. Even though the earth’s is the Lord’s there is a system in the earth that is against you and against your creativity. This system is the world system, it is called Babylon.

Babylon originates from Babel, which means confusion. The confusion you are currently experiencing is not from God, but from the world. The world is not the source of your creativity and neither can it stop you. What you have to do is access the realm of Heaven and create from there. The origin of your creativity is Heaven. The seat and source of your creativity is Heaven.

These are seven common things that keeps you back from reaching your creative greatness. These seven things are all originated from the world and its system to hold you back.

  1. Inertia: You have the desire but you can’t translate it into action. You want to do but something is holding you back from starting or continuing.
  2. Fear: You are gripped by an emotional response to the unknown. Your imagination is being plagued by what you don’t know but you perceive it as real. Many artists fear success or they fear finishing a project. Many creatives fear the end of what they are creating. They fear running out of ideas.
  3. Anxiety: You believe that what you are about to do will become beyond your control. You are paralyzed by feelings of rejection that cause you to experience tension in your mind and body. You worry about how others may not approve of you.
  4. Perfectionism: There is always something stopping you. You’ve created a list of why you can’t succeed, why you can’t create. You have told yourself why it can’t work. You reject any beginning. It’s never the right time to start something or complete something.
  5. Limited thoughts: These thoughts are actually coming from the atmosphere that surrounds you and influences you. If you’re around negative people they can influence your thinking and stop you from being creative. People who are conventional, traditional and even copy cats can cause you to reject your creative mind and put pressure on you  to become like them. Many religious movements take on this type of being, putting pressure on everyone in their movement to conform or be rejected.
  6. Narcissism: This becomes a behavior of many creatives. They love themselves and what they create so much they become the focus, the source and object of their creativity. They lose the ability to serve, which is the greatest expression of the Kingdom of God, and they become fascinated with themselves. They become a god in the midst of their creative genius. They love themselves so much that they lose the ability to love the Lord and His creation. This creates pride which leads to their downfall.
  7. Trauma: Trauma operates like an explosion, blowing up and shattering imagination. It can cause a creative to become a prisoner in his / her own brain, it can cause them to lose their ability to imagine and create. It can limit creative expression. Though artists, like Beethoven and Micheal Jackson were creative giants in their times their unhealed trauma affected the quality of their lives.

How can a creative break free from these devastating blocks? The Holy Spirit is the One who can cause you to breakthrough and replace each one of these destructive blocks.

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit for energy to create;
  2. Declare 2 Timothy 1:7 over your fear. Ask the Lord for His love to conquer your fear;
  3. Ask the Lord for His peace;
  4. Ask the Lord to give you grace to act and not wait for ‘the perfect moment’;
  5. Fill your mind and brain with good thoughts from the Word of God;
  6. Ask the Lord to give you His heart for the people you are called to serve through your creativity; and
  7. Ask the Lord to heal you from trauma and cause you to create through your trauma.

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I found this post interesting and hopeful. I have always been creative, changing and evolving through the years. I used to draw and paint and then I discovered a few years ago that I was good at writing and designing jewelry. Then my life changed again and I had to go to work. I tried a few times to restart but it was never as it was … yet. The ideas for writing are there but the passion to sit for hours and write is not. I’ve been on a journey like the rest of you going round the mountain a few times with nothing working like it used to. As we cross into this new season God is going to restore everything, which will include our creativity. I still see jewelry designs in my head and lately I’ve felt more like writing short comments here. I find I am becoming creative in cooking too! That is unique because I’ve never like cooking. I have never had interest in what I could do with a few ingredients that would be tasty. Even with a recipe I never wanted to try. Now I find these ideas coming into my head and I find they are turning out really good. Most of us don’t think of cooking as being creative … we just eat what we are served and may think it quite good but not creative. But it is and thank You God for putting a new creativity in my spirit as I enjoy it! So don’t give up if you have lost your creative ideas or want some new ones. God will provide the best as He is the creator of all things.

A Prophetic Vision – Supernatural Tools to Propel You Forward

GodTV supernatural toolsBy Ana Werner

Those of us who have been contending for a promise of God for so long, this is your moment.

You’ve gotta love the suddenlies of God! Suddenly, I was taken up into a vision in which the Lord showed me a propelling motion that is happening all over the earth.

In the vision I was walking up a hill, and surrounding the hill crimson red banners were being raised up on either side. I then heard the voice of the Father speak, “I am raising the Banners of Protection. They surround you as you propel forward. Do not fear but move forward to what you know.”

I believe there is a culmination coming. Those of us who have been contending for a promise of God for so long, this is your moment. Would you dare to believe? Heaven’s momentum force is behind you. You are moving toward that promise of God, and the Lord is ordering things in the spirit to work towards the fulfillment of that promise. Some of us may even be surprised in this hour at how fast things are dropping into order. The speed God is moving at this hour is quick as we draw closer to the Bridegroom returning.

You Have Been Given the Tools to Propel

As I walked up that hill, and under those Banners of Glory, I was surprised as I looked down and saw five small pebbles in my right hand.

‘Five pebbles… five pebbles… I know where I have seen five pebbles before. David went out to face the giant Goliath with just five pebbles,’ I thought to myself.

I stared at them, and watched as these phrases appeared written on the face of the pebbles: FAITH, REST, COURAGE, FOCUS, JOY.

FAITH.  Your ability to believe in what is unseen; To declare what is yet to be into existence, To partner with Heaven and create with God dreams that seem unreachable; To say I Believe in You, God—despite all odds. FAITH is the currency of Heaven.

REST.  As I pondered the REST stone, I heard the phrase “Rest and Trust” from Holy Spirit. When everything seems swirling and moving at an unusually quick pace, can you find your peace? Some of us, shameless workaholics are gaining a point of breakthrough right now, by laying down our formula to success.  Let’s lay down our striving and find Him. God’s rewriting our definition of success as being the ability to REST and TRUST Him as well in the unknown.

COURAGE.  As many of us are facing our Giants right now, we need a download of courage from the Lord. We wouldn’t need it, if we weren’t right there at the battlefront facing on our enemy. Are you finding yourself right there today? God has called you to birth something great and like any child labor, it takes immense courage and perseverance to birth the destiny.

He is for you! As David said, “You come to me with a sword, a spear, and a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts the God of the armies of Israel.”  1 Samuel 17:45

FOCUS.   I am convinced that our ability to worship and keep our focus on the Lord and not our circumstance is one of the greatest tools we can have.  Our worship shifts the atmosphere around us. NOTHING IS WORTHY OF STEALING our focus from Him. There is no situation that God is not bigger than, and keeping our eyes fixated on Him who is worthy of all our adoration, may just be the key to our breakthrough.

JOY.  “In Your Presence is fullness of Joy” (Psalm 16:11). Joy is so overlooked by the Body of Christ.  Joy and laughter brings Healing. It’s actually been medically proven!  So getting filled up by a dose of joy is not immature by any means.  Faith Generals in the Spirit face incredible setbacks and also see incredible breakthrough as Heaven responds, and are downright JOYFUL people! They have joy because they know the Love of the Father and can bask and get replenished in it.

You beloved, are moving toward your destiny. His Banners of Protection and Love surround you as you propel forward, so do not fear!


Ana Werner and her husband Sam, are the Associate Directors of the Heartland Healing Rooms in Lees Summit, Missouri, and also founders of Acacia Ministries International. The bestselling author of The Seer’s Path, Ana travels and equips people internationally on seeing in the Spirit, moving in the prophetic, and healing ministry. Her transparency as she shares on the realities and experiences she has in heaven, brings the Holy Spirit, the love of the Father and the power of God into the room when she speaks. Ana is passionate about leading people into encountering Jesus’ heart.

woman in wind by sea


I love words like this that give me such hope, peace and joy … like sitting looking out over the ocean in an early morning where everything is new and untouched by problems!