arrows of God's fire

Lana Vawser

I recognise this is a long word but I feel this is a very strategic word for the daughters of God right now. I would encourage you to take the time to read it.


This morning as I spent time with the Lord, I had a vision and in the centre of this vision was a Scripture reference, that I had no idea what it said off the top of my head.

The Scripture was Micah 4:13. So I began to look at various translations:

“On your feet, Daughter of Zion! Be threshed of chaff, be refined of dross. I’m remaking you into a people invincible, into God’s juggernaut to crush the godless peoples. You’ll bring their plunder as holy offerings to God, their wealth to the Master of the earth.” (MSG Translation)

As I pondered this Scripture I felt the Lord say that many of His daughters in this season have been in a very intense battle. They have been to the threshing floor and refined of dross, but in the battle, they have faced, the Spirit of God has been birthing strength and courage within them like they have never known before.

I watched as the strength of the wind of His Spirit was accelerating in intensity and the daughters of God were beginning to “get up on their feet again”. The Spirit of God had done a very deep work within them, where their roots had gone down deeper into the One who never changes – beautiful Jesus. As I was watching the daughters of God “getting up on their feet again”, I saw in the very core of them, the Lion of Judah ROARING.

I felt the Lord say:

“Within many ferocious battles that My daughters have faced in this season where the enemy has been roaring at them, in the fire, in the wrestle, in the intensity and onslaught, they have found Me, and they have found the ROAR of My authority and victory. They have found the ROAR that I have placed WITHIN THEM. They have found My ROAR over them that has been awakening them to their true identity, to My goodness and My destiny for their lives. They have found Me and they are beginning to hear My ROAR louder than ever that is awakening them to the reality of how powerful they are in Me in ALL SPHERES of influence I have placed them in, and the lies and captivity of the mind, heart and soul are SUDDENLY falling off. In the intensity of the battle, there has been an incredible accelerated deliverance taking place. The chains that have held My daughters for years, the chains that have come through the generations, SUDDENLY breaking off. There has been incredible intensity of battle, but here has been INCREDIBLE deliverance, healing and positioning taking place. Many of My daughters don’t even realise it, but in the midst of some of their greatest battles in this season, I have used it as the very place of their GREATEST PREPARATION and their LABOUR ROOM. Their very place of battle that was screaming death at them and that they weren’t going to make it, is the very BIRTHING ROOM of their destiny being released, their identity manifesting and their ROAR BEING RESTORED.”

“I am raising up My daughters together in unity, My daughters the juggernauts in Me. Unstoppable IN ME! No longer will you be held back, but you are being empowered and strengthened as UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!”

JUGGERNAUT: a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force (Google)


“My daughters are now rising up free from the slavery and bondage that has SO held them. They are rising up into a new level of FREEDOM that is already theirs. They are rising up into a new level of HEALING that is already theirs. They are rising up AWAKENED to My ROAR OVER THEM and My ROAR THROUGH THEM. The warrior within them is being awakened and displayed in many different ways through their lives, but there is one common theme. There is a ROAR OF FIRE that is being released from within them in this awakening that is sending them flying like flames of fire into the enemies camp to burn up his plans and schemes. They are flying like flames of fire because of My Word within them and they are burning up the assignments of the enemy against them and those around them and in the cities and nations of the world. They are going into areas where the enemy has set up camp and they are releasing the ROAR that I have placed within them, the ROAR they found in the battle, the ROAR they found in the wrestle and they are RELEASING IT into those areas where the enemy has set up camp, and MY FIRE is falling, My presence is shifting atmospheres, igniting breakthrough, bringing healing and ACTIVATING BREAKTHROUGH and DESTINY POINTS. The enemy has set up camp attempting to cover up many strategic breakthrough and destiny points and My daughters are rising up now in greater ways than ever with EYES OF FIRE to SEE where these breakthrough and destiny points are strategically placed that the enemy attempted to hide.”

I then heard the Lord speaking directly to His daughters:

“My daughters in the battle the enemy was screaming “you are going blind, you cannot see what God is doing” when the truth is, IN THE FIRE, I was giving you greater discernment and insight and you were being given greater levels of vision. 20/20 vision was being given to you in the fire and you didn’t even realise it. You will see now that as I am sending you into those strategic points, the very area the enemy was trying to blind you, you will now see that you have been given 20/20 vision and authority in that area.”

‘“ You are going in like flames of fire with My Word and the foundations of the enemy’s camp are being burnt up and the ACTIVATION taking place. These strategic breakthrough and destiny points in the lives of individuals, in churches, in families, in cities, in nations, will suddenly erupt with My fire unlike anything that has ever been seen before as the DECREE OF MY DAUGHTERS is released.”


“Watch My daughters gather the spoils. Watch My daughters gather the spoils. There is going to be a significant demonstration of the GATHERING OF THE SPOILS in this season as My daughters are being raised up with COURAGE and FEARLESSNESS like they have never experienced before and taking back all that the enemy has stolen. They are beginning to take back what the enemy has stolen in their lives but there is a whole other level of positioning upon My daughters taking place right now. Watch and see as I position My daughters in places of incredible influence OVERNIGHT in this season. Watch how My favour is falling upon the lives of My daughters living surrendered. In this radical release of My favour over My daughters in this season their influence will radically increase suddenly. I will increase the influence and there will be ripple effects of breakthrough and portals for encounter and revelation opening up EVERYWHERE THEY GO. They will be releasing and carrying the supernatural language of My Spirit and My heart, their mouths filled with the right words at the right time wherever they go and hearts will be drawn to me. Destiny within hearts will be awakened, and people will experience My Glory wherever they go. I will manifest Myself so purely and so beautifully through My daughters, and many of My daughters will be used in the world to shift the belief system that many in the world have about Me and who I am. These ones are being raised up and sent out with such specific revelation of My heart and prophetic insight, that will suddenly come upon them, that they will carry the words that turn people TOWARDS ME rather than AWAY from Me where in times past the church’s language has not accurately represented My heart.”


I then had a vision where I saw the Lord giving many of His daughters in this season “new jackets” and on the back of these jackets it said the words “UNDERCOVER SPECIALISTS, REVIVALISTS AND NEW ASSIGNMENTS” and on the cuff of each of these jackets in gold engraving it had the word “MARKETPLACE”

The knowing came to me straight away that two things were taking place:

  1. He was releasing many of His daughters now into the marketplace in this season that hadn’t been there before.
  2. He was releasing NEW ASSIGNMENTS to those already in the marketplace.

I then heard Him say:

“There is significant increase of My fire, My anointing and My favour upon My daughters already in the marketplace and others now going in. There are new assignments being released upon them and they are moving into these new assignments with greater favour and influence than they have ever had. The time is upon the Church right now where My daughters are being raised up and in their positions in the marketplace I have sent them in as undercover specialists and an increase of the revivalist anointing like that of Kathryn Kuhlman and Maria Woodworth-Etter is going to begin to be seen in the marketplace unlike anything that has ever been seen before. Signs and wonders will follow you My daughters, unlike anything you have ever seen. A MAJOR healing and revival fire wave of My Spirit is about to be released in SIGNIFICANT INCREASE in the marketplace through My daughters where MANY shall come to know Me. Many shall come to a place of deep intimacy with Me, many will be healed, a MAJOR healing wave of My Spirit is about to crash into the marketplace in a way that has never been seen through My daughters that are being positioned. They are carrying the fire of My love and they will be well received, door upon door upon door opening for them. They will stand in places they could have never got themselves to, as I position them in the marketplace to see the fire of My presence released and oh the glorious shifts that shall take place. They are moving into this increase with great angelic protection and they have been well prepared for such a time as this. Whether they feel like they know what they are doing or not, all I ask of them is for them to “open their mouth and I will fill it”. I never send My people in unprepared. Many of My daughters are about to step into these overnight shifts and new assignments in the marketplace which may seem daunting, but when they step in, oh the joy and awe they shall receive of how I have prepared them without them even realising. Wave upon wave upon wave of transformation, healing and salvation is about to radically increase in the marketplace through My daughters.”


I saw specifically the fire of God falling upon “stay at home mothers” in this season. I saw the enemy has really come against “stay at home mothers” in this season with his whispers lying to them that what they are doing at home is not important, it is not as powerful as other women who are out doing ‘world changing things’ for the Kingdom etc.

I felt the Lord say:

“Fire is coming upon your hearts My beautiful daughters that are giving your lives to be at home with your children. My fire is falling upon your hearts right now to awaken you in greater ways to the reality and truth that YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD IN YOUR LIVING ROOM RAISING WORLD CHANGERS. I am releasing fire on your heart to receive this truth and on your eyes to SEE this truth. In the next few months, you will have greater dreams and visions of the impact you are making, the future of your children, their destiny and calling and how you are changing the world this very day through your beautiful mothering of the children I have given you. I will use you to bring greater revival than you have ever seen in your community, releasing My fire to other mothers and seeing them awakened. Wave upon wave upon wave of salvation and awakening.”

I then heard the words “Stay at home mothers get ready to WRITE” and I saw a supernatural grace and acceleration coming upon you in little moments to empower you to write. God has something He wants to say through you and scribe angels are landing at your house. You will have greater supernatural energy and grace to WRITE what God is wanting to release through you. It’s not one or the other. Where you have felt you have not had time or space, NEW GRACE is coming upon you to catch a WHOLE NEW FLOW, get ready, get ready, it’s coming!


“My beautiful mothers, where you have felt that BUSYNESS has kept you trapped, I am releasing new grace and there will be room for new BUSINESSES. A whole new ENTREPRENEURIAL anointing will fall upon you WITH your children to run businesses from your home with EASE and INCREASE and it will bring great favour, promotion, provision and JOY to you and your family.”


I saw many daughters of God had words of ‘death’ spoken over them by the enemy and by people. These words of death had plagued them their whole life and they had been CRIPPLED by such death words. Death words about their identity, their dreams, their destiny, their value and the fire of God has been BREAKING those lies in rapid acceleration in this season.

The Lord then spoke:

“I have seen the work My daughters have done to position themselves for freedom. The way they have cried out, the way they have sought Me, the way they have continued to fight to renew their mind and press in, and I have been working deeply within them. They shall no longer know the terror and fear that has plagued them through these death words. The containment words are being broken, the death words and curses are SUDDENLY falling off and I am now releasing a SCRIBE ANOINTING over many of My daughters.”

“Where words were used to try and kill them inside, I am now releasing a scribe anointing upon them in significant ways to release words of LIFE THROUGH THEM. Watch My people, watch My people for the writings and the many books that have been released in this season through many of My daughters and the books yet to be released. For the words of life that are contained in these books are going to be released as CHANGE AGENTS in the spheres that I have assigned them to be released in. These writings, these songs, these books, will be released and by My Spirit bringing transformational change and shift that is supernatural.”


I saw the words in the Spirit over many daughters in this season and it said “BREAKING NEWS”.

When I asked the Lord what He was saying, I felt Him say:

“BREAKING NEWS! MY DAUGHTERS IN MEDIA! I am positioning My daughters in greater increase in new realms of MEDIA to RELEASE MY WORDS OF LIFE, to bring My presence and transformational change within the church and within the world. There is a SIGNIFICANT increase of favour upon My daughters in this season especially in the area of media and they will be used to release My words of LIFE through media in this season.”

“I am also increasing fire upon My daughters in media outlets in the world and now I am sending more of My daughters in greater ways into the newsrooms, radio, television, movies and other media outlets in the world to bring My fire, to bring My presence, to extend My Kingdom and release life. Where I send them in these areas they will bring the revival fire of My love that will bring radical change. Get ready! Get ready to see My daughters bring greater fire to media. Revival in the media! I am taking back the realm of media to be used to release My love, My goodness, My kindness and My salvation message to the world. My daughters, radical increase of favour and promotion is upon you in the area of media and the WORLD is going to notice!”

Daughters of God, the day that is upon you is like any other you have been in. Stay close to Me, stay in My presence. Be not swayed by man, but following the prompting of My Spirit. Continue to walk in obedience and sensitivity to My Spirit, for you are being birthed in this season with a fire you have never carried. A fire of invincibility, not because of anything you carry, but because of the ROAR OF AWAKENING that has taken place and is taking place in your life. The ROAR OF AWAKENING that is awakening you to who I am in You and that reality you can do ANYTHING in Me, nothing is impossible and you are a KEY in the end time revival and outpouring. You must take your place! My beautiful daughters, this really is your season, for such a time as this. For such a time as this, just remember, in all the doors, opportunities and great favour and increase of influence in your spheres that is happening and will increase… remember this…


I had to share this here as well as my Facebook because many who come here are writers or want to write so the part on Scribe Anointing encouraged me and I hope it does all of you who read.

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene

A Season to Be Alert and Stand On Guard!

on guard1

Dr. Sandie Freed, Bedford, TX

Believers, I heard the Lord say: “This is not a season to be passive. This is a season to remain alert, on guard and positioned for battle. For the enemy has been placing a smoke screen before you. To many, the future seems doomed and hopeless. Many in My army are exhausted and fearful. There are multitudes who would rather run from the enemy than take a firm stand and fight!

“But, I say to you that your future involves victory. Your future involves strength. Your future involves power! For you shall go from glory to glory, strength to strength and from faith to faith. A new season is unfolding. The almond tree is budding. There is fresh vision being released to you that will empower you to move forth in the power and strength of a fresh anointing. Look again! The olive tree is blooming; the olives are ripe for harvest. For I will extract a fresh oil from My people and they will flow in the power of My Kingdom anointing.

Faith is truly the currency of Heaven. To win this battle, we must rise up in faith and believe what God says.

They will be a mighty force upon the earth and will turn the tide of events with their words and decrees. I am anointing the mouths of My prophets to decree a thing and it will be established. Watch as mountains are removed before you. Watch as governments shift and kingdoms of this world begin to fall. The kingdoms of this world are now becoming the kingdoms of Your God!

“Rise up! Receive a fresh impartation of My strength and power this day as you are summoned from Heaven to demonstrate Heaven upon earth.”

After the Lord spoke this to me, I heard the words, “The violent take it by force.” I meditated on this a bit. I’ve heard this preached a multitude of times and even preached it myself. However, it is currently taking on a new meaning to me. Considering that the prophetic word above involves our being in the Army of the Lord, soldiers ready for strategic warfare, I am looking at this passage from those lenses:

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.” (Matthew 11:12 KJV)

Our Battle: Take It By Force

The word force in this passage implies seizing something with great force with the intention to plunder. It means seizing in a very aggressive, forceful and vigorous way and laying a firm “hold.” For us as Believers, we are to be soldiers, holding firm to the Word of God concerning our destiny and vigorously remain determined to move forward with our Godly authority and defeat the enemy.

In the natural, there are times we can’t actually “see” our enemy when in war. I remember my uncles sharing their war stories from World War II. When they landed in Normandy, they couldn’t actually see the enemy but witnessed a flood of ammunition being fired their way. They saw the horrible “effects” of the battle but didn’t always see the actual enemy. Yet, to win the battle they had to press forward, taking risks, knowing there WAS an enemy causing all of the casualties.

Scripture tells us in Ephesians 6:12: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” As soldiers in the Army of God, we are not engaging against individuals or groups of people – our battle is against satan and his many cohorts.

We may not “see” the actual demon, but we know the casualties, the trauma and the terror of the attacks. We know the enemy is there, we just don’t see them unless God reveals them to us in a dream or a vision. We must be reminded that “…our warfare is not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.” (2 Corinthians 10:4). We have a job to do. We have strongholds to pull down!

Tear Down the Strongholds

The term stronghold implies several different things. First, a stronghold can represent anything that has a strong hold on us. This definition implies bondage. Then, there is the passage in Scripture that follows 2 Corinthians 10:4 which explains another definition of what a stronghold is: “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled” (2 Corinthians 10:5-6 KJV).

So, a stronghold, many times, is in our own minds. Yes, the enemy has targeted many of our minds with doubt, unbelief and fear. Also, many of us have religious mindsets that limit God. Faith is truly the currency of Heaven. To win this battle, we must rise up in faith and believe what God says.

For us as Believers, we are to be soldiers, holding firm to the Word of God concerning our destiny and vigorously remain determined to move forward with our Godly authority and defeat the enemy.

Dear ones, it’s time to come into agreement with all that God says. To agree with the words of our enemy robs us of power – and anointing! No longer can we waver; no longer can we allow fear to rule our lives! Do not allow an unbelief structure to erect itself about you. It’s time to renew our minds by getting into the Word of God and thereby digest what He says about us and our future.

Training Through Boot Camp

A soldier in the natural is forced into boot camp. It’s hard! It forces the immature to be matured soldiers – trained and ready for battle. But, I’ll bet if you asked anyone who went through boot camp if they enjoyed it, they would laugh and say, “Absolutely NOT!” Well, we may not enjoy some of God’s training either. Yes, it can be hard! But, remember this: We are learning to discern the strongman. We are being equipped for victorious battle. Everything you have been through is being used for your good! That’s what we must focus on in this season.

Don’t focus on your lack, focus on what God says about your situation. He says that you are the head and not the tail. He says you are the victor and not the defeated. He says that He is your provider and that He will care for you.

The Power of “I AM”

The two most powerful words in the universe are the words “I AM.” Yes, the great I AM is saying to you:

  • I AM your provider.
    • I AM your healer.
    • I AM the God of covenant.
    • I AM your shield and buckler.
    • I AM your strength.
    • I AM your hightower.

Precious ones, it’s time for you to rise up today and make some Godly decrees. When you do, you are pulling down strongholds of doubt and unbelief. And you are taking hold – seizing breakthroughs in a violent way! Any stronghold on you has to let go whenever you decree what the great I AM has already declared over your life! (Photo via Flickr)

Remember always: You are who God says you are! Decreeing God’s Word is a form of spiritual warfare, so rise up and agree with what God has said about you and your situation.

Decree a Thing and Shift!

Here are some decrees, for example, that you can make but don’t stop there! Get in the Word and find some of your own decrees to proclaim!

  • When God says, “I am your Healer,” your decree becomes, “I am healed.”
  • When God says, “I am your Deliverer,” your decree becomes, “I am delivered!” And so on…

Dear ones, it’s time for a shift! I have taken some time to write some decrees for you to begin to declare. Please add to them as the Lord directs.

  • I am blessed.
    • I am prosperous.
    • I am healed.
    • I am victorious.
    • I am creative.
    • I am successful.
    • I am powerful.
    • I am wise.
    • I am positive.
    • I am valuable.
    • I am free.
    • I am redeemed.
    • I am resourceful.
    • I am smart.
    • I am handsome.
    • I am beautiful.
    • I am gifted.
    • I am anointed.
    • I am equipped.
    • I am determined.
    • I am a force to be reckoned with!

A very good resource for you to read is one of my recent books, Letting Go of Your Limitations: Experiencing God’s Transforming Power. This book will empower you to move past defeated attitudes, squelched passion, disappointments, self-reliance, fear, legalism and religious mindsets. You will enjoy reading this book as you will read “there is a miracle in you!”

Sandie Freed
Sandie Freed Ministries

Email: zionministries1@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.lifegatechurch.org/www.freedrevolution.com

Dr. Sandie Freed co-labors with her husband, Mickey Freed, doing the work of the Lord as a ministry team. In addition, they are the founders of Zion Ministries Training Center in Bedford, Texas, and Lifegate Church International. Sandie has traveled nationally and internationally teaching dreams and visions seminars and on spiritual discernment. Her ability to adequately prophesy and discern spiritual strongholds over regions has released numerous breakthroughs for individuals and ministries. Sandie has authored Dream On, and eleven other books, most of which are in several different languages. Dr. Sandie and Apostle/Pastor Mickey are ordained with Christian International Ministries, serving on their Board of Governors. They have been married since 1973, and have one daughter, Kimberly.

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This is another of those words I wish I’d written. Reading it makes my spirit stir and I want to grab a sword and go out to the battle field! Hope you enjoy and are blessed by this timely word.

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene

Prophetic Word for August and On Through the Next 40 Days

Emily-Rose Lewis

“August is a month of the NEW! Old things have passed away, behold, all things are made NEW. Trauma, waiting and confusion are being replaced with pleasures, fulfillment and clarity in measures that will require MORE from you than you are currently believing yourself capable of. I am pouring out My tangible blessing in monsoon measures on those that will hear My voice, see the vision, and give Me their all. I want you to hand over ALL of your past disappointments, ALL of your grievances, and ALL of your doubts and unbelief. I am making you into a vessel fit for noble purposes. You are to be and do My will in the earth.”


“What I am releasing to you this day, week and month will extend over the next 40 days. A FRESH anointing of power and provision is yours for the taking. I have released those things for which you have been praying within My will. You are no longer to slump over in a position of dashed hopes. Stand up! Wake up to the spiritual realities of abundance I have poured into your lap. There are traumatic events and setbacks that have not come from My hand but which I have allowed and am working for your good and My glory. Ask Me to open your eyes and ears to make clear how these things are a part of My plan of redemption in your life. I will speak to you in parables, symbols, dreams and visions in NEW ways as you open your heart fully to Me and your life to My ways.

“At this exact moment there are angelic messengers of revelatory knowledge ready to release into your understanding the ways in which all things that have been being complete last month have transitioned, and are transitioning, into the NEW thing I have promised to do in your life. Ask and turn away from all that distracts from hearing My voice and open your hands to receive your prophetic insight into the deeper inner workings of your life circumstances.


“Rise up and stir up your spirit with the excitement of the task at hand. The new season that has arrived will require you to act on your faith. Respond to those things that do not appear to have changed with the utmost confidence that you have received what you have asked for. You must walk forward, work hard and praise Me in confidence as you move from point A to point B, gathering and gleaning what you will need to have the provision released for your journey from point B to point C. When you have done your part while trusting Me to do what you cannot do and moved from point B to point C, you will find what you need to move from point C to point D ripe for the harvest. Some are sitting in an ash heap at point A waiting for or bemoaning their arrival at point D. To them I say, ‘Get up, pick up your bed and walk!’ I am providing supernatural power and prophetic revelation to all those that are willing to trust that now is the day of salvation.


“The NEW blessing and NEW ways that I am operating in your life this month will produce some soreness as you press into the task at hand. Just as a heavier weight requires more work to lift and can lead to muscular soreness, so My abundance will require more spiritual power to lift and may leave some feeling as if they are having to do more strenuous work. Do not shrink back in fear or misunderstand the discomfort as if what I require is a hard thing. My grace is sufficient. As you practice receiving from Me MORE, you will adjust and be able to appreciate the NEW thing without being distracted by that which is foreign and at times taking you out of your comfort zone. PRESS INTO THE PRESSURE.”


“For those that have been willing to drink from the cup from which I drink, I am promoting you through multiple levels of glory over the next 40 days and into a place of intimacy with Me that will make the responsibility that is being added to your life feel to you like the blessing that it is. You will no longer be bound by the lies of the enemy that stamp ‘Burden’ on what I have pronounced a BLESSING. This is not the month to hold back from Me. Give passionately and without restraint. Make room for Me to do a NEW thing by releasing ALL you have and ALL that you are into My capable hands. I am turning your understanding upside down. If you try to lean on it, do not be surprised when you feel let down and of balance. Do not be surprised by the way the NEWNESS of what I am doing seems strange and peculiar. I am eradicating from your life your tendency to be led by natural desires and inclinations and pouring through you heavenly perceptions you have not yet known.”


“The words ‘systems, prince of the air, and flesh,’ not controlled by the power of My spirit, have conspired against many of you to keep you from My banquet table of abundant pleasures and from experiencing My joy which empowers those that are walking in it to rise above the bounds of the natural universe into the heavenly realm where I have called them to walk with Me through life.

“This month many must, by an act of their will, make room to receive the NEW pleasures and NEW blessings by determining to make NEW decisions. Practical steps of obedience must be taken, particularly with the Body, which is My temple here in the earth: NEW eating habits, NEW spending habits, NEW exercise habits, NEW relational habits, NEW habits of managing time.
Make way for the NEW thing that I am doing by releasing the OLD worn out methods of coping and reacting that are numbing your spiritual senses. WAKE up to the truth of My Word and show Me, yourself and those around you that you are fully convinced My ways, which are higher than your ways, are able to accomplish in and through you what is needed to empower you to receive ALL the NEW and true PLEASURES and BLESSINGS I have commissioned for your provisioning in this season of ABUNDANT HARVEST!”


This is a good word and is confirmed with two other words I’ve read from different areas so I wanted to put it up here for you to consider in your own spirit. Charlene

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene

Prophesy Over Your City and Protect It!

prophesy from the wall

A Word for Charlottesville, Virginia Regarding Race Riots and Cities Across the Nation: Prophesy Over Your City and Protect It!

by Cynthia Murray
I sit at my desk writing to you from my home in the beautiful city of Charlottesville, Virginia, which was recently rocked by the cancer of racism in our normally quiet and peaceful streets. I am filled with urgency to tell you that now is the time to arrest the demonic spirit of racism here in Virginia, in your own city and in the entire United States once and for all.

Surely this battle cannot be won with sticks and bricks, but rather with the Word of God spoken primarily by the prophets and apostles whose assignment (among others) by office is to bring and maintain order according to the Kingdom precepts of the Lord, given to us in His Word. We must use our authority in Christ to take spiritual territory.

Jesus referred to Himself in Luke 19:12-27 when He spoke of the nobleman who told his servants as he went to receive His Kingdom, “Occupy until I come!” We are those servants and we must occupy – keep and maintain order in the earth until Christ returns again. How do we accomplish that? By declaring those things that be not as though they were as Abraham did. God has said in His Word, “You shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto you.” (Job 22:28)

Friends, it is time to exercise the authority that we have been given to literally declare and decree love, joy, peace, and all of the fruits of the spirit over our cities. We must bind evil forces in the spirit realm according to Matthew 18:18 which says that whatever we bind on earth will be bound in Heaven… in other words, Heaven is waiting on us to give the orders, then we will have all of Heaven’s backing!

Whether they realize it or not, police departments and local governments are waiting for us to act in the spirit realm to bring order. Scripture tells us that unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it with officers will do no good. Wow! In addition, Romans 8:19 confirms their desire for our help in stating, “The creation (earth) is expectantly waiting for the manifestation of the children of God.” They’re anxiously waiting for us to arise and shine in the fullness of the office to which we have been called. In the next few months, those in apostolic offices will have open doors to speak to, pray with and advise chiefs of police, city councilmen, mayors, and other politicians in the highest levels of government.

Prophets will also see, hear and discern for direction and guidance at this time, but you don’t have to hold the office of the prophet to prophesy over your city. We all can prophesy the known will of God which is peace – shalom, nothing lacking, missing or broken. Just begin to lift your voice and declare the Word of the Lord. Cry out over your region and decree that the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein! Tell satan and his demonic host that he is trespassing in your region and his attacks and strategies are thwarted and cancelled in Jesus’ name. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and the forces of darkness must submit to your Kingdom decrees in the Name which is above every name!

We must not allow hatred, bigotry and fear to reign in our cities, but it will unless the people of God release prophetic and apostolic orders in the spirit. By doing so, we will silence the voices of those whose only desire is to cause mayhem and spread hatred by violence. “For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people.” (1 Peter 2:15) My brothers and sisters, resist the devil with your prophetic declarations and he will surely flee from you and from your city!


Cynthia Murray is the founding president of Divine Women of Destiny Ministries International in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is called to uplift, empower and encourage people to walk in their God-given destinies. Cynthia travels internationally and in the United States teaching and preaching the prophetic message of total victory in Christ.

How to Get All of Your Prayers Answered! | Jennifer Eivaz

On this week’s episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 2017, Jennifer Eivaz says if Jesus lives in you, you are an intercessor to the world around you. Jennifer shares her secrets on how to contend with power and encounter God as you do. Just watch where the Spirit leads!

Experienced seer Jennifer Eivaz offers you a practical guide to effective, supernatural prayer. Using biblical principles and her own breakthrough experiences, Jennifer shows you how to take hold of your authority and pray simply and boldly.



A Tremendous Threshold is About to Be Crossed

Marc Brisebois

Many are about to cross an important threshold. It may feel like a breakthrough but it is really a key step in spiritual growth. It will manifest in an increased faith. For those who have tried to believe things we know to be true, we are about to become settled in them. An established confidence in ‘faith toward God’ is coming upon an entirely new company of Believers. It is an important stage in our journey.

Faith will Shift our Worship

Last week while worshiping at a conference, I suddenly became aware of the type of songs being sung. We were referencing all that God had done for us. While this is fine, what stood out to me was the tone permeating our worship – we were trying to encourage ourselves. The words of each song were reinforcing the fact that God was for us. This is a great truth but is not central to worship!

It was then the Spirit of God unveiled the secret torment of so many souls in the room. Many were fighting against a tide of accusation. They were wrestling against an uncertainty trying to disqualify and intimidate them. Later, burdened by the weight of the enemy’s torment against so many, the Holy Spirit revealed what was about to unfold. Many thousands were going to cross an invisible boundary into an overcoming level of faith.

Elements of doubt are extinguished at this particular crossroad. While that doubt has previously overshadowed everything from your worship and prayer, even limiting our expectations and dreams, it will be driven away as easily as you would a dog biting at your heels. Get ready to come into a new season of faith!

Established on a Critical Foundation

The writer of Hebrews refers to ‘faith toward God’ as a vital foundation. But he exhorts us to move past it. But you cannot move past what is not fully yours. It reads like this:

“Therefore, leaving the discussion of the elementary principles of Christ, let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God, of the doctrine of baptisms, of laying on of hands, of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.”Hebrews 6:1-2

We are moving beyond these truths, not because they become irrelevant, but rather entrenched within us. They are a foundation! Once in place the rest of the building follows. Likewise, there is a whole other world awaiting those who become settled in these key truths. When they are fully set in our heart, we are not trying to hold on to them because they are ours. You know them, believe them and can no longer be shaken from them.

The Effect on Worship

The immediate effect of crossing this threshold will surface in our worship. We tend to spend a great deal of time extinguishing doubt and our songs reflect more of God’s love for us than our love for Him. They often focus on who we are more than who He is. This is not wrong but reflects the level of our faith.

Unfortunately, it positions us more as receivers than givers. And as we know, “It is more blessed to give than receive” (Acts 20:35). This new plateau of faith will dramatically cut the need to encourage ourselves. We will know we are God’s beloved in a consistent stable way. We will be free to give worship from an entirely new place.

There comes a point where we cease to question God’s love and find the peace found in a mature faith. It is not a dream but an increasing state of being. We become comfortable with God’s good intent toward us and the heart no longer strives for a sense of God’s favor. It is settled! We now are sure we are God’s beloved.

Subsequent revelations of our weakness or failure does nothing to shake that confidence. This kind of confidence is about to fall on a remarkable number of people. It will greatly augment our desire for Him and our ability to access His presence.


In the months afterward, the effect of this doubt will become clearer. Once the black hole of spiritual insecurity has fully lifted we will realize how much it affected us. The weight which has burdened so many is about to be lifted. So get ready…because doubt is about to be inundated by a great weight of Kingdom glory.


An Invitation to Discover Your Story with God


Everyone has a story, and every part of that story requires a journey with God so that you discover and take the territory of Christ in you.

(This is an introduction video to the new Brilliant TV weekly mentoring series on story and journey, and I would love for you to join me. Click play to learn all about it.)  By Graham Cooke

One of my favorite sayings about Jesus is that “He is Big Country.” There is lots to explore in Him, but we need to do more than just explore the territory of Christ within us. We want to learn how to establish and expand it.

In this new weekly series, we will be looking at God’s story towards us and our story with Him. It will enable you to discover the ways in which God is joining His story with yours and how you can best travel with Him through it.

Over the next eight weeks, you can expect to:

  • Identify God’s story and journey towards you…
  • Discover the main character in the story of your life…
  • Experience His provision and resources for your journey with Him…
  • Spy out your territory (that’s a fun one!)…
  • And encounter the joy of the journey that’s always present…

Christ in us is a magnificent story, waiting to be unfolded, and us in Christ is equally amazing. God is taking us on a journey to where He’s already been.

Aren’t you curious about what that could look like for you?

Join me on BTV for this new weekly mentoring series and let’s find out together.




What Does Church Mean to You?

By Graham Cooke

This video sets off a month of conversation based around church and Kingdom.

The church needs to leave the building in order to engage with the rest of the world. So my questions for you are:

“What does church mean to you? Is it just a building you go to every Sunday? Is it a place you constantly visit as a tradition?”

The church must be a community of people who practice love and grace on each other so that they can offer them perfectly to the rest of the world.

This isn’t something that just happens on Sunday mornings either.

If you are part of a redeemed community living in a reconciled society, you can take the Good News to whomever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Church should not just be something you do; it’s something you are.

This makes it highly relational not just functional. All of life is a ministry because the Kingdom of Heaven is among you and within you, so you don’t ever need to restrict your thinking.

If you’re ready to do church differently, you can learn more in The Church Has Left The Building and make this Kingdom lifestyle a day-to-day reality in your life.

This is just a short snippet by Graham Cooke from a serious of studies he has out but I thought it just highlights the question that is coming up more and more as God starts moving in a new way with how we do church. He is moving us into community and kingdom rather than just a building. As the church begins to move out of the building and into the highways and byways of life it is causing unrest, fear, anger, splits, excitement and every other kind of concern, depending on how you see church. This is where the religious spirit will rear it’s ugly head out of fear of change and doing things in a new way. We must be ready to maintain love and the grace of God in all of this. — Charlene

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene


Enough is Enough! It’s Time to Fight Back!

spiritual warefare6

by Joni Ames, Rock Hill, SC

So many have been going through intense warfare. Don’t give up if that’s you. It’s time to draw a line with the Blood of Jesus and take back what’s been stolen. I’m shouting the “enough is enough” war cry and the enemy HAS to back off!

Enough is Enough!

I’m hearing too much about how the witches have come out against Trump, which means also those of us that voted for and are backing him. But remember that God returns fire against all of that. Guess who wins?

As a friend of mine taught me, satan may have some power but God IS power! As the psalmist David said, God teaches our hands to war (Psalm 144:1; Psalm 18:34-36). Not with carnal weapons, but those which are so mighty in power that they pull down and destroy the enemy’s strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:4). A bunch of witches may end up saved out of it all once they see REAL power at work.

I know some of you have been hit over and over, but don’t lay down in exhaustion and quit. You may not feel up to a fight, but it’s on your doorstep – so what will you do with it? Give up and die? No! To state a Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King quote, “This day we fight!”

This Day We Fight!

Open your doors and shout the enemy out of your home and away from you and your family, in the power of Jesus’ name and Blood! As Prophet Bob Jones taught us, read Psalm 35 out loud throughout your home and property. Take communion with crackers or bread pieces and some kind of juice. Bless it and anoint yourself and the doorposts of your home, your vehicles, your pets, and each other’s foreheads with it, symbolic of the Blood of Jesus.

It’s time to MAKE the enemy pass over and leave you and your family alone! If you’re single, do it for yourself. You’re not alone. The Lord and His angels are with you. We have authority that’s been invested in us by the power of the name and Blood of Jesus. Use it!

Pray Without Ceasing – Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

When you don’t know what else to pray, pray in tongues. When we do that, Romans 8:26-27 says we then are praying in God’s will (the way He wants us to pray) about the things He wants us to pray about. That then causes verse 28 to happen as, “God works all things together for the good” (Romans 8:28).

Don’t you dare feel sorry for yourself or give up! Even if you can’t get up, let out a war cry or a lion’s roar today. Fight back! Drain your swamp! Then turn on the worship music and let it permeate your being and every corner of your home.

Also, get your eyes off of yourself. Sit down and write encouraging notes to at least five people that you know need it. If you know someone around you has a need and you can help them, do it. As you help others, God will bless and help you. It’s a spiritual principle at work. Give and it will be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together, and running over (Luke 6:38). It doesn’t have to be money. Give of yourself, your time, your compassion, and God’s love.

Infuse With Courage

By the way, the word encourage means to infuse with courage. When you do the above, you are infusing others with courage. There’s something about doing that which totally changes our own outlook and gives encouragement back to us.

I agree with you and your loved ones for victory. Because the battles have increased so therefore, the victories abound. The more battles there are, the more victories we win. God IS greater! Never give up, never give in, never surrender. You don’t have to. We serve the Winner of all winners!

Joni Ames
The Ministry of Joni Faith Ames
Email: joniames@aol.com
Website: www.joniames.org

(Sourced from the Elijah List subscribe here.)

I really love this word … it is one of those I wish I’d written because it is so true, to the point and simple! I especially like the instructions under “This Day We Fight!” I do those things including anointing my dog and my car which I only just started after Rabbi Curt Landry at House of David mentioned that in one of the services recently. I have done that for trips but we should do it every time we get in our car! We have “weapons, which are so mighty in power that they pull down and destroy the enemy’s strongholds” so lets use them!! I play worship music too even when I’m not home for my dog! Please send this on to others as it is a critical word for right now!

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene


Awaken the Dawn




We have reserved the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 6-9, 2017. We are calling America to an unprecedented worship movement on the National Mall. When we gather around the invisible God, the impossible becomes possible.

We will gather in 50+ tents covering the National Mall. It will be a tent-city filled with worship, music, prayer, and the gospel.

Each of the 50 states will have a tent for day and night prayer and relational connection. There will be larger regional tents with full sound systems for day and night worship and music. Nothing like this has ever been done before in our nation’s capital. Washington, D.C. will be a resting place for the presence of God and a staging ground for missions.

On the final day–all day–we are extremely excited to partner with TheCall in a big stage venue on the National Mall! On this final day, we will worship, pray, preach the gospel with signs and wonders, and commission a generation to complete the Great Commission!


 Multiple leaders sensed that we were to gather on October 6-9, 2017. We later realized that these dates are during the Feast of Tabernacles when Israel gathered in tents in their nation’s capital, Jerusalem.

This same weekend 20 years ago, over a million men gathered for a full day prayer meeting called Promise Keepers “stand in the Gap”. We believe ATD is to be an answer to those men’s prayers- that a generation would return to the Mall simply as a love response to Jesus, in a Tabernacling expression. We want a whole weekend together this time!

In a time of unusual governmental shift in America, we are calling America to the National Mall in a procession to bring the “ark of God” to our nation’s capital. There is only one Man who is ultimately worthy. As we gather around Jesus, righteousness will be effected in our nation including our national government!

Join the procession.



Our goal is not merely a gathering, but a movement.

In 2018, our vision is to see tents for worship, unity, and prayer in every state capital and on university campuses nationwide, leading to a new Jesus movement around the nation.

We also will be giving practical steps for those who feel called to missions and leadership. Our 2017 gathering will be a “staging ground” for missions and evangelism.

Out of this Awaken the Dawn gathering, we will be launching a plan to stand with David’s Tent in Washington, D.C. so that prayer and worship goes unbroken in our nation’s capital all year.

Lord-willing, we will gather again in 2018 in Washington, D.C.!