Prophetic Signs: Justify Wins, Volcanoes Erupt & Israel Turns 70

Jonny Enlow derbyJohnny Enlow, Santa Clarita, CA

God continues to prophesy to us through every way possible, and now again through the last Kentucky Derby impressively won by Justify. Three years ago, when American Pharaoh was winning in what would be the Triple Crown of racing, I shared how it represented an incoming president of the United States, who would rule among the nations as a Pharaoh of sorts, but specifically as the Pharaoh of Joseph’s day, who had Josephs promoted. Now again, we have a Kentucky Derby so stacked with numbers and names of prophetic significance, that the message almost doesn’t require deciphering.

The headlines tell us that in the 144th running of the Churchill Downs race, that a #7 horse named Justify, ridden by a jockey named Michael Smith, won the wettest and muddiest derby on record by 2 and a half lengths over #6, Good Magic. Rounded off to the nearest second, his winning time was 2 minutes and 4 seconds. Much was made of breaking the 136-year “curse of Apollo” by winning, though never having raced as a juvenile. A key part of the story is how Promises Fulfilled led the initial charge out of the gate, but it soon became the Justify story.

There is literally so much Kingdom activity and displacement taking place that these times have to be considered among the most divinely orchestrated and destiny-charged ever. We are presently in a world extreme makeover reality that is unprecedented in its scope and scale. These are revolutionary days of wholesale transformation, and creation itself is uniquely stirred and responsive to all that is taking place.


His story is always bigger than ours, but as we cooperate with His justice, our personal promises do find fulfillment.”

The Pacific Ring of Fire is unusually active, and I counted 33 active volcanoes in one day. The Hawaii Kilauea has just been upgraded to its highest level red alert for what could be a massive eruption. A volcano in Indonesia has shot up 3 miles in the air, coating ash on nearby villages. Japan just announced another eruption of a volcano. Papua New Guinea recently had a 7.5 earthquake, which is its worst in a century.

Additionally, there is shaking all around the Ring of Fire, with underground tectonic activity all over. Even Yellowstone has just had its largest geyser erupt for the 5th time in recent weeks, baffling observers as it is not part of the actual Ring of Fire, but listed as a “hot spot”. Something from the earth’s core can no longer be suppressed, and it is speaking into our day when justice can no longer be suppressed as well.

144: Connects us to the 144,000 of the book of Revelation, which simultaneously speaks of Israel as well as the Church, as it speaks of those “sealed” (justified).

Churchill Downs: This is about the Church being in a public place as Salt and Light, and no longer just in the 4 walls of a building. The courage of Winston Churchill to stand against evil is also to be noted here.

Horse #7: Ahh…so many things. A connection to the 7 mountains where we must be visibly carrying God’s love- which looks like Justice. 7 spirits of God are what we ride on and 7 is the ultimate perfect divine number.

Justify:  The word means “vindicate” and it clearly speaks into the matter of Justice, which is God’s theme for the moment. The #metoo phenomenon, the Justice League movie, are evidences of a societal agreement.

Michael Smith: The winning jockey let everyone know immediately that he is a follower of Jesus Christ. Michael means “who is like God” and it is he who is the great archangel who watches over Israel. The word Smith means “to treat metal by heating, hammering and forging.” There is no doubt that the nations of the world are presently experiencing Israel as the anvil upon which their destiny is being forged. Zech. 12:3 is particularly relevant to this, “I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples and all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces.”

This has been so evident in this week when Jerusalem has had the double celebrations of Israel’s 70th anniversary and the world news of the United States moving its embassy to Jerusalem, and the various reactive backlashes both far and near. One cannot talk about Justice without talking about Israel and the ongoing world injustice of Israel being blamed for defending themselves against those who would destroy it. The media has been huge in this injustice.

Wettest/Muddiest: We are experiencing this as a present dynamic. Justice is raining down from Heaven and it is a wonderful thing, yet is also making for a very muddy track as we are observing “mud-slinging” going on all over. Interesting how it was widely noted that jockey Mike Smiths’ silks were virtually unaffected by the muddy race. It is a muddy track, but we must press on.

Good Magic #6: I previously covered the Fountain of Youth race where Promises Fulfilled defeated Good Magic, and so we see again this horse coming in second. 6 is the number of flesh or human effort and all fleshly efforts in conjunction with the occult/magic are no longer able to triumph in the big races. Promises are being fulfilled and Justify is winning big.

Promises Fulfilled: Though it is a season of Promises Fulfilled, the bigger story is greater than that. God being vindicated/justified is the much bigger story. His story is always bigger than ours, but as we cooperate with His justice, our personal promises do find fulfillment. Find your place in His story and your story gets accelerated.

We are presently in a world extreme makeover reality that is unprecedented in its scope and scale.”

2 Minutes, 4 Seconds: In February, I gave a word on how Feb. 24, 2018 everything changed. That day was a big day with apostolic intercessors in DC, and also the day my daughter Justice had her golden birthday, meaning she turned 24 on the 24th. The numbers 2 and 4 are here again. There are 24 elders around the throne. I previously shared Acts 2:2-4 when “tongues of fire” suddenly ignited the New Testament Church.

Is. 2:2-4 was also highlighted as happening now. We can add Ps. 2:2-4 about the nations raging against the Lord and His beloved (Israel and also the Church), and how “He who sits in the Heaven shall laugh…and hold in derision” those who oppose Him. Psalm 24 is clearly to be highlighted as well, and it starts with, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” and ends with “Lift up your heads the King of Glory is coming in.” Don’t be distracted from this reality in the midst of a muddy track.

Apollo’s Curse: The word Apollo means “destroyer”. It is the same root word as Apollyon, which also means “destroyer”. In our 7-mountain template we identify him as the demonic principality of the mountain of media and he destroys through his propagation of bad and fake news. As Justify wins that curse gets broken. No mission field is in more need of understanding and attention as this one.


I recently spoke at a conference called SALT held at Angelus Temple here in Los Angeles, and it was as powerful an event as we had anticipated. The event actually was taking place the day of the Kentucky Derby race. The day before, I released a word that a “Jesus Justice Revolution” had begun. This has nothing to do with hanging on to offenses and revenge, but everything to do with Jesus coming in to make a way for previously hindered love to triumph. It will clear up many unjust situations, but it is about love prevailing.

The morning of the race my friend Jona Toledo spoke at the conference on the theme of justice. Part of his message had to do with how his young son with the middle name of Justice had just hit a grand slam and performed an unassisted triple play in the same game, which is an ultimate rarity. God is speaking through our kids’ names. Justice is being healed. Justice is being empowered. Justice is arising and shining and now ready to showcase itself in cases and places that have not seen it before.

In my prophetic word from February I stated, “Waves and repercussions of what Heaven released on earth will only increase in the following days, but February 24 was the catalytic day for it.”


In short, read again my above note on Psalm 24: The earth is the Lord’s and He is coming in. Furthermore, let your heart be secured that even in the midst of happenings, sometimes hard to decipher and discern, that the Kingdom is pressing in, in accelerated fashion—and it is all tending toward good. Seek to cooperate through how you pray in agreement with His justice and how you interact with society. This is the Kingdom age and it is going to release an extended era of renaissance—in the knowledge of God.

Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth

Johnny Enlow is a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, and Rainbow God. He and his wife Elizabeth are focused on awakening individuals to their call to provide practical solutions from the heart of God for every problem in society – until the real God of all of life is displayed in the seven primary areas of culture in all nations: Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education.

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roaring 20sFB

I love a word like this that pulls all these different things together and shows God’s hand in even using a horse race to show His prophecies! When you think about it I bet He enjoys putting these things together and sitting back to watch us figure it out! It wasn’t just a horse race at all but God giving us clues to what He is planning and what is coming up. Things are moving so quickly now and so many prophecies from hundreds, even thousands of years ago starting to come to reality and a pattern building like a tapestry to show us what is coming.

The Creative God: the God I Didn’t Know

spiritual creativity6by Bernard Boulton

When I was in Bible college in the nineties I learned what’s called the “law of first mention.” This law states that to know a doctrine of scripture you start at the first time it is mentioned in the scriptures and go to the last time to get an understanding of the doctrine.

The first time God is introduced as “the creative God” is in Genesis 1;1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” By following the law of first mention we know two things about God. First God is creative and second God is the creator.

Genesis 1 is a beautiful picture of how God created the heavens and the earth. He came to chaos. He started creating the earth when it was without form and void. It was covered in darkness. And God the master creator built something of great significance. He created something that resembled His glory.

I was in my mid-forties before I discovered the creative God. The God of imagination. The God who delights in creativity. Who looks with pleasure on the creative pursuits of the beings that He created in His image.

God started to show me that His creative work is taking the broken, the torn down, the desolate and making something glorious. And on the sixth day He created mankind in His image by imparting His creative nature in the human race.

God showed me that to be created in His image meant that mankind has His imagination. God stills uses His imagination to create and this is the same function that man has to create with.

“God started to show me that His creative work is taking the broken, the torn down, the desolate and making something glorious.”

The God I’d known from my childhood to my mid-forties was the God of religion. The God of rules and regulations. The God filtered through man’s philosophies, beliefs and traditions. Knowing this God made me judgmental and critical. It made me legalistic and enslaved to a works mentality to get His love and approval.

Getting to know the creative God made me understand myself. I was creative because I was created by My Heavenly Father who is creative. It gave me a love for God’s creation and His greatest creation, man. It gave me a new appreciation for the works of man and the glory of God in creation.

As I began to share this new message it was met with rejection and indifference. I was still in the midst of a religious people who knew not this God. The idea that they were created in the image of God to be creative like God was too much for their minds and they couldn’t receive it. But I received it and I believed it.

And God created a place and a people for me to share this revelation with. And now I behold the splendor of this God and rejoice everyday in His creative majesty. And I’m closest to Him in moments like these when I’m creating words that praise Him and extol Him before mankind.

This article was written by Bernard Boulton, who is a treasure hunter that motivates people to find the creative jewels that have been deposited or buried in their hearts. A minister for 40 years, he loves helping people and as an author, writes to inspire readers to discover their creative genius.


Words about writing or art and creativity always get my attention and this one sure did. I love thinking of God as what He is, imaginative and creative .. and it is true that we don’t think about Him in that way enough. We say, “God created all things … and we stop there without exploring further into the real meaning of that. Anyone who loves to write, draw, paint or design anything can appreciate creativity and imagination because without it we would live in a many shades of grey world and it would be terribly boring. So I am excited that Bernard Boulton expanded on that thought and gave us all reason to do the same as we read his short story of finding God in a new and exciting way!

The Roaring Twenties!

roaring 20sNYgo
A Word by Tyler Medina

The other day I was having a conversation with Anna Jo and I was sharing with her my heart concerning the body of Christ in this hour and what the Lord has revealed to me for the years 2018, 2019, and into the twenties. Jokingly she said, “Wow, we’re entering into the roaring twenties again.” When she said that, something sparked in my spirit.

The 1920s (known as the “roaring twenties”) was a period of sustained economic prosperity, rapid industrial and economic growth, growth in arts and music with major changes in lifestyle and culture, with women also gaining the right to vote. This was a time of great growth and innovation. God then spoke to me, saying that the remainder of this year and 2019 will be a time of great reformation.

Some people are falling away from the church that you would have never expected, but it’s because they were in love with a platform and not Jesus. God is stripping His bride down to the very core of who she is. What will look like a divide is really a purification. As God turns over the hiding places of wolves in sheeps clothing they will be forced to run and depart from the authentic move of God. This will result in God purifying His bride to a state in which she can advance. Like Gideon’s army, He is stripping the bride down to mighty men and women who have a pure heart and are sold out to making Jesus known in all the earth.

As God brings this reform back to the bride, you will see the church come together unlike ever before. God will take a knife to strife and turmoil between brothers and sisters in the body. You will begin to see churches come together, break bread together, worship together, and when they move in this synergy together you will see the glory of God flood the nation unlike ever before.

The world has yet to see what God would do with a fully surrendered church. But as we move into this next era of the church, God is calling people to repentance and back to the altar of His presence. Those who have remained in church with ill motives will be washed away as the ones who remain will be hungry after God’s presence, living in awe and wonder of who He is. This will not be the first great awakening, nor the second great awakening. It will be the greatest awakening, one that will awaken the bride and she will not fall back asleep into her slumber.

People will come from all around saying “what must I do to be saved.” The streets will be flooded with people who just want to encounter the glory of God. People will hear from the North, the South, the East, and the West what’s taking place in the earth. They will come from all over just to partake in what the Lord is pouring out.

I prophesy that starting 2020 we will enter into a period that will again be known as the “roaring twenties.” But not just great economic growth and success. It will be an era of great spiritual growth and prosperity. You will see the church rise like never before to take on the seven mountains of society. Women will regain their voice in the church in this hour, and not be silenced. Great men and women of God will move in authority and power as they recite what heaven is saying. It will be an era of prophetic and spontaneous worship as the symphony of heaven resounds in the earth. Prophetic dancing and art will erupt as the whole culture and lifestyle of the church shifts.

The church will also increase in numbers as she grows in wisdom and stature. People will begin to experience real ground shaking revival that is erupted out of the undeniable presence of God. It will cause the greatest awakening this world has ever seen to shake the earth out of its slumber and cause them to contend for the outpouring of the Lord. The move will start on the east coast, and spread to the west before igniting revival fire across the nations of the Earth. We will witness the sweet aroma of God’s presence flood the nation, and people will become intoxicated by His great love. This will be a pure prophetic move of the Spirit!

The oppression is being lifted as you will see age old chains being broken. People will be healed, delivered, and set free as this dimension of glory begins to flood the streets. This will be a time of great liberation. It will be a time of great signs, wonders, and miracles. The pure authentic voice will begin to rise out of the hidden places as they have been called for such a time as this. The generation of John the Baptists who will prepare the way of the return of the Lord. They will answer the beckoning of their bride groom king as He calls them to rise and take back the land for the glory and splendor of the Lord, Jesus Christ. The earth will never be the same in Jesus name. This will be a time of great growth, great impact, and great awakening. Says the Lord.

Tyler Medina

roaring 20s2

This word really was exciting to me! As I read the description of the “Roaring Twenties” I thought of one statement she made; “a time of great growth and innovation”, and I immediately thought, “that is what is coming now too!” I have read dozens of prophetic words about creativity, witty inventions, prosperity, prophetic art in song, pictures, writing, new sounds of worship and definite changes in lifestyle and culture! Not to leave out signs, wonders and miracles! The thing that I am feeling is that God is holding open a window of opportunity for great exploitation’s in all areas of life. So we are moving into the Roaring Twenties of the end times! Wow! Let’s GO!!


The Call of the Hour: Communicating Truth

truth-image-voice ofCurt Landry Ministries

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“Truth is our only hope…” 

What does it mean to be a vessel of communication? I can say with assurance that a vessel of communication is not merely limited to a person with a microphone and an audience. That’s right friend… we are ALL called to be vessels of communication! Our lives and faith are to be a living testimony of God’s faithfulness, and we are all called to communicate His truth through whatever means He gives us. You have a platform, you have a voice, and you have an audience. Your audience may be someone who would otherwise be difficult to reach, but because of your relationship with them you are able to speak truth and bring hope into their life. So, bring hope by speaking truth! In recent days, I am often reminded of a moment in an interview with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, when he said that it feels like 1938 all over again. Today, as never before, my heart is filled with an urgency to speak the truth of God’s intended redemption for the nation of Israel and all the nations of the world through the blood of Yeshua!

There are moments when I find myself battling anxiety. Fear. Fatigue.

I know that the Word says to lay all our cares and concerns at the feet of our Savior, Yeshua, but there are times when anxiety rises up within me regarding the false, counterfeit One New Man appearing within Christian circles. Unfortunately, the nature of this counterfeit is very crafty, sly, and extremely well-funded. Yes, this battle often becomes overwhelming, so I must frequently remind myself to give this concern back to the Lord. When people are born-again and filled with the Holy Spirit they do not vote against, neglect, or kill the Jewish people. They stand with her. Just as you have stood with her, and just as we have stood and continue to stand with her.

Paul refers to being a prisoner of Yeshua, the Messiah for “you Gentiles” in Ephesians 3:1. While I am not at all comparing myself to the Apostle Paul, as a Believing Jew I feel held hostage to the truth of the One New Man. I long for a stronger anointing to tell “the Gentiles” that they are fellow heirs of the same body, and a greater reach to release the revelation of the One New Man—a mystery that unlocks every tribe from satan’s snare. “To me, who am less than the least of all the saints, this grace was given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ.” —Ephesians 3:8

My heart burns with covenant restoration for the Jew and the Gentile—that the Lord would release a true awakening revival that will usher in a second coming of the Messiah.

…to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places…”—Ephesians 3:10 I know that you long to do the same—that you too long to be a voice. Your support of Curt Landry Ministries brings us hope that we can proclaim the message of salvation and restoration, and be delivered from an apostate doctrine that is capturing the souls of many in the Church today. You are a vessel of hope to us! I encourage you to stay awake, stay alert, stay discerning, and use every avenue that you can to communicate the truth. Be aware of the schemes of the enemy and the counterfeits that he creates to distract the Church. We can overcome, but only if we unite as the Body of Christ and stand together!

Prophetic Insights

roaring 20sFB

I felt so driven to put this word up that it doesn’t matter I have two in one day. The word of the Lord is coming so quickly that to stay in step means doing things unplanned and untimely! A call to excellence in getting His word out means going against the grain of what we call “normal!” When I read the words: “we are all called to communicate His truth through whatever means He gives us. You have a platform, you have a voice, and you have an audience. Your audience may be someone who would otherwise be difficult to reach, but because of your relationship with them you are able to speak truth and bring hope into their life.” It was total confirmation of what I already do and what I was working on at the very moment this word came up — a new Facebook platform for “World News” with God’s perspective and involvement in it! I was just working on the title and the cover when I looked at this new word! I was blown away and excited. I’ve been struggling for some time to know what I should be doing, feeling drawn to world news available though many sources more reliable and true than mainstream media. I’ve put a little up with my prophetic and teaching posts and finding people are interested and looking and sharing it. So I’m off on a new journey, a way to release my burning desire for what God is doing in this hour!

Go Lower Come up Higher – Shake that Snake off into the Fire!

Paul snakebit
A Word by Alane Haynes

I heard an unusual statement from the Lord recently, “Go lower, come up higher; shake that snake off into the fire.”

I asked the Lord what that meant. Holy Spirit reminded me of Paul getting bitten by the viper and shaking it off. I immediately thought about the last few weeks, and there had been an unusual amount of hindrances and distractions. Some have been the usual annoyances that are obvious, others seemed more of an all-out attack, much stronger and requiring immediate attention. What I have noticed is that the tendency is to be upset about the disturbance, believing that it is something taking me away from what I need to be doing. However, each time I found that even in having to deal with the occurrence at hand, there was plenty of time to do what I needed to do.

Holy Spirit led me to re-read the account in Acts. Many may read the account of Paul shaking off the snake and think he was on a missions trip. He was actually en-route to Rome to go before Caesar because he was imprisoned and in custody of a Centurion guard! At one port, Paul advised (by discernment and wisdom) that conditions would be adverse because the season was changing and to continue would be dangerous and cause much damage, but the owner of the ship didn’t take his advice.

Are you in a place of adversity because others wouldn’t listen to your advice? Stay in faith – God is with you! Shake off the snake of fear, and of belief that you are a victim of others’ choices! God is moving; suddenly, things change!

When the winds were fierce for days, and it looked as if all hope was gone and lives would be lost, Paul went lower to seek God. He fasted and prayed, determined to hear God. An angel appeared to him and told him what God had to say about it!

“And now I exhort you to be of good cheer: for there shall be no loss of [any man’s] life among you, but of the ship. For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve, Saying, Fear not, Paul; thou must be brought before Caesar: and, lo, God hath given thee all them that sail with thee. Wherefore, sirs, be of good cheer: for I believe God, that it shall be even as it was told me. Howbeit we must be cast upon a certain island.” (Acts 27:22-26 KJV)

When the ship hit shore, it was broken apart by the fierceness of the storm dashing it upon the rocks. Has the enemy been telling you all hope is lost, your means of livelihood are shattered, there is no way out of your situation? BUT GOD!

It will be as the Lord has said. I am hearing Holy Spirit saying, “Many of my children have lost heart, are discouraged because of your circumstances. I am opening your ears to hear that it will be as I have said. Have I not promised, have I not said, new lands are coming, blessings ahead.”

Stay the course, be strong in faith! All attacks from the enemy are designed to hinder and distract us from moving forward on the path set before us. Go low, let Holy Spirit search deep into your heart, be willing to die to selfish motives, secret ambitions, fears and doubts because of our own understanding of the situation and the devil’s taunting. We need to go lower, look deep within and make sure there is nothing in us that the enemy can attach to. Die to all lies we have gone into agreement with that have gotten us off track. We go lower to once again be baptized into the death of Christ. Let go of any and all things that are not in alignment with the Truth of God and His plan for our life; leave them behind and then we can go higher. Leave it all below, everything of your own, may your only desire be to make Him known. Leave it behind, render it dead; come up in the power of His life instead.

” Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death? Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. “ (Romans 6:3-4 KJV)

We go higher to seek God’s view of the situation, the mind of Christ. We have the mind of Christ, but we also have the mind of the flesh – sense and reason without the Holy Spirit; the natural mind and all the ways we plan and try and control our days. We go higher and align ourselves to do the will of God, to see what He sees and hear what He says and bring His Kingdom to the earth. Often we think we are thinking “spiritual” thoughts when really we are thinking from the soulish realm – the mind, the will and the emotions – filtered through our understanding of spiritual things. Our thoughts of “being in the spirit” are not the same as hearing His thoughts. His thoughts are higher than ours. We have to go higher, let go of all of our ways of thinking and trying to figure things out, or trying to “be spiritual” or “think spiritually” and be still to hear His thoughts about the situation.

The story isn’t over yet! Favor and blessing are coming and the Kingdom will be advanced.

“And when they were escaped, then they knew that the island was called Melita. And the barbarous people shewed us no little kindness: for they kindled a fire, and received us every one, because of the present rain, and because of the cold. And when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks, and laid [them] on the fire, there came a viper out of the heat, and fastened on his hand. And when the barbarians saw the [venomous] beast hang on his hand, they said among themselves, No doubt this man is a murderer, whom, though he hath escaped the sea, yet vengeance suffereth not to live. And he shook off the beast into the fire, and felt no harm. Howbeit they looked when he should have swollen, or fallen down dead suddenly: but after they had looked a great while, and saw no harm come to him, they changed their minds, and said that he was a god.” (Acts 28:1-6 KJV)

Paul knew he was on assignment, “Be of good cheer, Paul; for as you have testified for Me in Jerusalem, so you must also bear witness at Rome”(Acts 23:11). He remembered the word that he had been given and knew he wasn’t going to die in Malta. Paul trusted God to keep His word. He was focused and intent to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and see the Kingdom of God come upon the earth as it is in heaven. He lived a life of focused intent, as did Jesus.

Jesus tells us in Mark 15:16-17, that these are the signs following those that believe:

“And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” (Mark 16:17-18 KJV)

Strong’s Concordance indicates that “take up” can actually mean to put away, take away, loose, remove. Paul knew that what Jesus said was true!

We are in a season of greater works than Jesus did, and we can trust God to keep His word! If He has opened the door, He will provide the more! God is for us; if we are in His will, the devil has no authority or power.

What happened after Paul shook the snake into the fire? The Roman leader on the island called for Paul, as his father was very ill. Paul prayed for him and he was healed. After that all those on the island with diseases came and were healed. Paul and his team stayed with them three months and received honor while there and also were given provision for both their present needs and their future journey! They even got a new ship!

The shipwreck brought Paul to a divine appointment – one that included being bitten by a snake! Paul was not deterred from the assignment God had given him; he lived a laid-down life. His trust in God’s will and humbling himself to God’s divine orchestration of circumstances would bring God’s delivering power and the Kingdom of God wherever he was sent.

It is time to trust God in all of our adverse circumstances, go lower and die to our plans, thoughts, desires, opinions of what we think is happening, then come up higher to see from His perspective and receive His mind about what He is doing and what we are to do.

We think of favor as a land of calm seas and a bounty of goodness handed to us on a silver platter. Pioneers and forerunners forge new ground in adverse conditions. We are taking ground that the enemy has had in possession and there will be storms and adversity. BUT GOD! Our God in the midst of us is mighty to save, and He is bringing us in to new lands where His Kingdom will be established!

The enemy wants to distract us, hinder us, stop us from fulfilling the mission and bringing the Kingdom to the earth – the healings, deliverances, salvations and provision for Kingdom purposes. It’s time to shake off the snake and throw him into the fire; show the world the devil is a liar!

I am hearing, “It is time to go lower, then come up higher. Put on the new man, heavenly attire; shake that snake off into the fire. I have made all things new, believe that this belongs to you! Eternal life is here and now, principalities and powers will bow as they see the risen One. Christ is in you, the battle is won, move in authority as a daughter or son! I am with you, as I have said. Look to Me and do not dread. New lands are before you, look to Me as the Head. It will be as I have said.”

Alane Haynes

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene

Mahanaim: The Place of the Double Camp

AnointingA Word by Nathan Shaw

Christians are citizens of two realms: Earthly and heavenly (Philippians 3:20). This dual citizenship makes us unique. Most Christians are more familiar with their earthly citizenship than their heavenly citizenship. This is about to change. God wants to open up the Spirit realm and take us to a new place in Him. This was made particularly clear to me through a recent event in my own life.

Three months ago I was told I would have to move house. I had six weeks to find another place. At the time there was only a couple of small two bedroom flats and an extremely expensive three bedroom house available. With so few houses available the competition was fierce. I notified all the property managers in my area about my needs. The weeks were passing and I still had nothing. Not far from where I live is a very large playing field. I love going there and talking to God. The location helps me realize just how big He is, and just how small I am.

One day as I was walking and praying in the middle of the large field, an authority rose up from within me. I started to pray, “God, I send out Your angels to open up the doors for the house that You have for me.” The next day a property manager rung me with a house. The house was much bigger than anything I was even considering, but ideal for the various ministry purposes God had put on my heart. I moved into the house and took the time to ask God to cleanse it from any negative influences. I also dedicated the house for His purposes. Unexpectedly I heard God say, “Speak ‘Mahanaim’ over the house and property.”

Mahanaim hearkens back to the life of Jacob. Jacob was in deep trouble. He had stolen his brother Esau’s blessing and Esau was enraged. Jacob fled for his life. God appeared to Jacob and promised that His angelic messengers would be with him, even in foreign lands (Genesis 28:10-15). Jacob spent twenty years living far from the land promised to Abraham and Isaac. Finally Jacob found the courage to return. In doing so he had to face his greatest fear—meeting his brother Esau. So Jacob went on his way, and the angels of God met him. When Jacob saw them, he said, “This is God’s camp.” And he called the name of that place Mahanaim (Genesis 32:1-2). Mahanaim means the place of the double camp.

At Mahanaim God showed Jacob that he would meet Esau with two camps. The first camp was Jacob’s family, servants, livestock and possessions. The second camp was a heavenly entourage of angels. Jacob was forced to depend on the invisible camp for protection and preservation. Without this invisible camp Jacob’s destiny was in jeopardy. Miraculously when Jacob met Esau, Esau’s heart had changed. Rather than seeking revenge, Esau met Jacob as a brother. Jacob’s life was spared and he was back in position in the land promised to Abraham and Isaac. To walkin his full destiny, however, would require Jacob’s continued dependence on the invisible camp. From here on in Jacob had to walk in a new way.

At Mahanaim Jacob’s eyes were more permanently opened to the invisible realm. He began to operate from a new place in the Spirit. Twenty years earlier, when Jacob was fleeing for his life, God had opened Jacob’s eyes to the intense angelic activity that surrounded him. However, over the following twenty years Jacob remained largely unaware of this angelic activity. At Mahanaim things had changed. Jacob was no longer fleeing from Esau in fear. In fact he was facing the fear head on. To overcome the fear he was forced to see with the eyes of the Spirit.

When Jacob was fleeing for his life the angelic realm was operating around him, both protecting and providing for him, but there was a clear distinction between the two camps. As Jacob grew in faith toward God he was able to respond to God’s leading, return to the promised land, and face his deepest fears. When Jacob responded with faith the distinction between the two camps became blurred. The two camps started working together. In the process his name was changed from Jacob to Israel (Genesis 32:28). The body of Christ is in a similar transition. At present the angelic realm operates around us even although we are often unaware of it. But we are stepping into a place where the two camps work together. Mahanaim is a place of promotion. Two camps become united and we operate from a new place in the Spirit.

Whenever God moves us into a new place it’s usually much better than we imagined it would be. God had told me to speak the word “Mahanaim” over my new house. Mahanaim—the double camp. Suddenly I realized my new house had double everything.

  • The previous house had a single level. The new house had two levels.
  • The previous house had three small bedrooms. The new house had four decent sized bedrooms, a large library and an office.
  • The previous house had two double wardrobes. The new house had two double wardrobes and two walk in wardrobes.
  • The previous house had one average sized living area. The new house had two spacious living areas.
  • The previous house had a small conservatory. The new house had a conservatory that was twice the size.
  • The previous house had one bathroom. The new house had two bathrooms.
  • The previous house had a garage. The new house had a garage and a carport.
  • In the previous house the kitchen, dining room and laundry were all one room. In the new house they were all separate rooms.

In so many ways the new house was more than double the previous house. My bedroom—which is on the second level—even has two views. The house is beyond what I believed possible, but I’m living in it! God delights to go beyond our wildest dreams.

It’s time to move into a new place in Him. It will take courage and sensitivity. God is challenging us to live with both our natural and our spiritual eyes open—to believe for a blurring of the distinction between the two camps. He will give us the courage to respond to His leading, face our deepest fears, and walk in a new identity. The angelic supernatural realm is not mystical and inaccessible. For us it’s normal. It’s time to speak “Mahanaim” over your life, your church and your ministry. We are going to another level and it’s going to be fun.

Nathan Shaw


Wow, I loved this word and I could identify with it in the part about having to find a house and getting moved. But my house is half as big as the one I left!! And at first that bothered me and I felt cheated and found it hard to relate to it being God’s best for me. I spent the month before the move trying every way I could to feel good about it. The location is awesome, right on the beach, who doesn’t love that! But it is so small and half size in every way, half size bedrooms and 2 instead of 3; half the size of the bathroom which includes the laundry room; tiny kitchen open to dining room and sitting area and living room that just holds what I kept with no built in bookcase and fireplace with a sandstone wall. I missed the house before I even moved. But God gave me a peace over where I was going and a belief that He has something in mind for me here that will make all the differences just fine. I admit I do fit this house well and the size feels good and is easy to keep up. And everyone I talk to here in this area says they had to down-size to live here but none of them regret it and that has helped me feel good too! God has a way of working things out to what is right for us if we just give Him the control and follow His lead.



How You Can Shift an Atmosphere with Rest

Graham Cooke rest
Graham Cooke

One of my jobs as a breakthrough ministry is to go into a place, change the atmosphere and create a different environment.

We shift a negative atmosphere by partnering with God to establish a new environment in which heaven can easily connect with earth because they share the same atmospheric conditions.

The enemy seeks to create a passive environment clouded with pessimism and resignation to the status quo. We must, in return, understand the importance of checking out the atmosphere that is around us so we can partner with God to change it!

Did you ever stop to consider that God placed YOU in a certain job, church, neighborhood or family so you could partner with Him to create space for who He wants to be in that place?

A primary way of creating a healthy atmosphere is to learn the art of resting and abiding in God.

Rest shields us from chaos and busyness. It fights offensively against any negative that has infiltrated or is trying to infiltrate our lives. When we abide in rest, we hear God more clearly and the fruit of the Spirit manifest more easily.

Atmospheres of passivity are also impacted when people respond to what God initiates by taking responsibility for their own lives.

We choose to intentionally explore and mature our own relationship with Jesus because we are so delighted in who He is in us and for us. We stop looking for others to pull us along in our training, development and calling, and actively discover what our contribution is to every environment we encounter.

Then, practice giving thanks as a first response.

A person who is mature in rest has learned to respond to adversity with thanksgiving first for who God has promised to be.

Scripture encourages us to give thanks in everything because thanksgiving is a conduit for the environment of heaven to be manifest on earth. No matter what is happening, we find something in the nature of God to be thankful for and our focus shifts.

People who take responsibility for their own life also understand that God has given every person a piece of the puzzle they can contribute.

Atmospheres shift in favor of God’s activity when we practice rest, give thanks as a first-response, take responsibility for our own lives and contribute our piece.

Each of us have a part to play in shifting atmospheres. What part of your life is just waiting for a son or daughter of God to rise up and facilitate space for His goodness, His peace, His love, His joy and His activity?

Imagine the possibilities!

girl reading gif

We read a lot about resting in God, in the sense of spiritual rest and trusting God but this hints of physical rest as well. I’ve been trying that lately. I just moved and after weeks of packing and hectic last minute problems, then the long drive, sleeping on the floor the first night as I waited for my furniture and then days of unpacking and trying to fit all my things into a house half the size of the one I left … I feel more tiredness than I ever have. I have taken several naps, something against my busy lifestyle. I have forced myself to work a while and then just rest, reading, napping, praying, talking to God about the big step I’ve just taken and what He has planned for my future here in this new and foreign place. So I was happy to come across two different writings on “rest” as in physically just being still, listening for the Holy Spirit to whisper things I need to hear. Today has been filled with squalls of rain and strong wind straight from the south pole! A day to stay inside and “rest”.

Heaven is Pressing in on the Atmosphere Like Never Before

 Lance Wallnau heaven pressing inLance Wallnau

It will be a season when things in us that need to be removed will start to show up. Let pressure produce purging. Sadly it’s also a season when Hell will SLANDER the chosen. Ever notice how when someone is slandered it puts a slime over your spirit toward that person? It effects you. Catch it when it happens and keep yourself in the love of God. Love attracts heaven. Slander attracts hell. How about you? Have you sensed the pressure of the accuser coming to divide people lately? Does it not seem that the source of slander is often jealous?

You must go up and go through

I knew the moment I got it that this was a word for many. My audience is like a highly prophetic focus group, I shared it on Facebook and it went viral in 2013 because I knew this would be our lot for the coming years. That time has now come.

“I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven.” Revelation 4:1

There is a door now opened—in the heavens. You must go up to go through!

This has felt like a season of colliding spiritual climates. Erratic warfare: release and heaviness, brilliant light followed by sudden darkness—and not just in the same day—sometimes the same ten minutes! While praying, my wife contacted me and said she heard the words, “a changing of the guard.” I’m not sure what all that means to you, but the atmosphere has shifted and the angelic realm is upgrading all around you!

I sensed the Lord say to us, “I am going before you.” There has been a distinct advance and change of activity in the heavens. We are contending for destiny, and that individual destiny is connected to our individual position in the Spirit. More specifically, our promotions are now connected to the strength of our inner man; our capacity to go up and go through the door of transition into a new anointing and new season of harvest. The door is open … the voice is calling … the timing is now.

In Revelation when John looked and saw the open door, it was “standing” not moving. It was “in heaven” not on earth. This is a door made available in the spirit realm—right over your existing situation. I see now the reason for the seemingly violent shifts of atmosphere. It is because our spirit man must grow in strength in order to access and go into this new dimension. If we are to see more heaven on earth, we must be seated in this heavenly realm.

Open Door In Heaven (Right Above Your Existing Circumstance) = More Grace and Increase

Then John heard, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this” (Revelation 4:3). John was told that when he went through the door into the next dimension, he would see things to come. A heightened level of prophetic perception is operating in those who have strength to see and hear—to go through (and stay through) the open door.

If we will stay in this heavenly dimension of authority, the things that vexed and harassed and clung to us will fall off. There is an anointing for upgrade upon us now. Previous performance won’t disqualify you. Heaven is calling you up into a closer intimacy—a more glorious obsession with the Godhead. This is the secret to the overcoming life:

This means less of all the weights and restrictions that held you down during the last season of wrestling. No one can do your work for you, but you do not need to ascend alone. In fact, if you go with the right people you create a habitation, a container if you will, to host his presence on earth. Let’s go up and go through together!

As one,
Lance Wallnau


Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene

Scribes are Arising!    

Begin to write. Write that song, write that poem, write that story, write that screenplay.

By Amie Rogers

I’ve been feeling pressed to share this dream I had back in April. I’m praying it leaves you encouraged as much as it did me.

In this dream I was standing in a this massive area of lush green grass. It seemed to be mostly flat with some beautiful, small rolling hills. Standing with me was a sea of people as far as the eye could see in all directions; I could not have counted them if I tried. The Lord started showing me various faces throughout the crowd. Some had the look of excitement, some had fear, and some were frustrated with doubt. Suddenly I heard the voice of the Lord speak. It was booming clear over every person that stood in that place. I could feel it vibrate through my body, as though I were standing in front of concert speakers. He kept saying the same thing over and over, “The scribes are arising!!!!”

As these words resonated through me, I looked out at this crowd of people and up to the Heavens and saw this transparent, shimmery, gold liquid being poured out over each person. As I watched this liquid gold coat everyone present, I looked and saw a quill-like pen, with a giant white plume in each person’s hand.

As I have soaked on this for several days, the Lord has placed in my spirit this simple encouragement for you. Begin to write. Write that song, write that poem, write that story, write that screenplay. This “liquid gold” from Heaven is your prophetic and creative miracle coming upon you. Just start writing and you will feel it come over you. Shake off that fear of rejection; shake off that fear of “God not coming through for you”. When He speaks something, it always comes to pass!

“O Sovereign Lord, you are God! Your words are TRUSTWORTHY, and You have promised these good things to your servant” 2 Samuel 7:28 (NIV)


Amie Rogers is a lover of Jesus Christ, a wife and mother of four who operates in the gift of the prophetic, processing life through her writing. Having lived through many triumphs and tragedies she has been gifted with plenty of humility and some wisdom. Amie has been moved to share her journey with absolute transparency. She is compelled to show others the redemptive, restorative and healing power of Jesus through encouragement, prophetic words and His healing touch. Her mission is to speak His Life & His Love, inviting others in to hear the Lord’s heartbeat for them.

montana thoughts

I love any word that talks about writing of any kind! God is so directing us to write what we feel we have inside to share, music, stories, prophetic words, screenplays, poems …. I feel directed to write yet I keep putting it off. Twelve years ago I wrote and entire book of short stories and published it but I never marketed it right and then life went in another direction and that was the end of my writing. Now I’m trying to find the manuscript to re-write it, ad to and take away and seriously print it and market it and then I have something else I want to write as a testimony for the last four years … reading words from God like this will help me and others get with it and write what He has put on our hearts.

It’s YOUR Life-Spring. Guard It Well! Who’s Guarding Your Entrance?

GodTV guard your heartIt’s YOUR Life-Spring. Guard It Well! Who’s Guarding Your Entrance?

By Olive Bush

Without a doubt, one of the most fantastic things about where I live in France, is the scenery – the walks.  I can leave my apartment and drive in any direction and find something stunning to see, whether it’s a mountain, the Mediterranean, or a piece of ancient history.

Today was a scenic prayer walk along a path that used to be a railway line. The scenery was unbelievable as I crossed a massive arched bridge with a 200 foot drop either side. But along the way I got to see some unusual and curious things.

For example, there was the hand-crafted gate with key lock at the side of the road, apparently leading to nowhere. It was obviously there to guard something of value, otherwise it wouldn’t have had a chain as well as lock and key.

But the puzzling thing was that all I could see were waist high nettles and weeds. Why would anyone guard weeds? Everything was overgrown and neglected as far as I could see. However, going further round the road, I could see that actually it was the gateway to an orchard, where cherry and peach trees were slumbering, waiting for Mother Nature to finish her preparations for fruit-bearing season. Gates are then a very necessary thing, yes?

As usual, that gate stirred up my thinking. That wasn’t just some dumb old metal gate put up to keep out the hungry (or thieving!) hordes, like all the others along that road. It wasn’t utilitarian, rusty and ugly – just there to perform a function. It was a nice wooden gate, pleasing to look at, and taken care of. Someone had taken pride in getting it made and finished and perfected for the task.

And it put me in mind of something I had read in Proverbs. Something about us all being a gatekeeper over our own piece of turf – what the Bible refers to as the nerve center of our lives.

“Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.”  (Proverbs 4:23)

Hmm. Very interesting. We are instructed to do some heavy duty guarding over something that is even more precious than gold, money or precious jewels. Really? What could be more precious than those? We can’t do much in life without them.

Apparently we can, because it seems the most valuable thing we own is our heart!

So what part of the heart exactly is being referred to? On digging around I see that the word ‘heart’ has to do with our mind, will and emotions, as well as our deepest, innermost feelings. The Bible also refers to it as ‘the highway to Zion’ (the City of God). (Psalm 84:5)

It seems that our heart – our life-line to God – needs protecting from junk and weeds and such-like, because from it we get our ‘springs of life’.

Have you ever turned on a tap and seen brown slush gushing out? I have (we needed a new water tank pronto!) It was disgusting and absolutely useless – not life-sustaining at all.

Our ‘heart’ can end up like that – clogged up with so much stuff and distraction, that the arteries leading to God get overgrown and blocked.

There’s an old saying (actually it’s in Galatians 6:7) that says “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”

Therefore, not only are we responsible to guard and keep the orchard, we are also responsible for what grows in it!

The interesting thing I see is that, like the orchard owner, God has given us the responsibility to keep the gateway open. This is our own life orchard, the place where our fruit should grow into something sustaining, productive and life-giving. And we are the ones who need to keep the spring clear, the weeds out and the path open.

Sometimes we forget that. We pray and ask for a pure heart, and then sit down to watch movies laced with immorality. We ask God to increase our desire for Bible-reading or prayer, but then spend our leisure time in the pub with our friends, or hanging out on places like Facebook, getting involved in petty disputes.

Is it any wonder that weeds choke the entrance if we are allowing these things to have first place in our lives? We can’t call on God to answer those prayers if we are not prepared to guard the entrance, just as the farmer can’t phone up the Council and expect them to come and do something about the weeds in his gateway.

So, what’s been swinging through your gate and sowing weeds along the way? What’s blocking your entrance? Are your ‘springs of life’ getting clogged up with things that distract your attention away from God?

The good news is that you can clear away the excess by asking yourself some simple questions like: What am I not guarding? What should I be guarding?  And, what is the biggest thief that comes into my orchard and steals from my life?

Once we identify and isolate some of the weeds that have come into our land, we can take action.

I’m doing this myself right now and making decisions about what weeds need pulling up so that I can replace with good seed. Why? Because as good as things may have been, I want my future to be even better. And I am in charge of that. I can determine my outcomes.

“How?” you might ask.

The Bible is full of statements that begin with “If you” and “then I/He/God will”.

For example, in 2 Chronicles 15:2“If you seek Him – He will be found by you” .  Verse 12 goes on to say “They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord …. with all their heart and with all their soul” (heart).

That’s what’s needed. Right here. Right now.

In a few weeks time that gateway will look completely different. The strimmer and grass-cutter will have done their job, clearing the way to bring in a fruitful harvest. What about you?

It’s your life-spring. Guard it well.

open gates

I found this to be a fascinating word to provoke more thought to “gates” and I think that there could be more than one gate in our garden too. We have different things in our life that take our time and attention. We have family, spouses, work, ministry, church, sports, hobbies and other areas. So we may have more than one gate to guard! I moved recently and now have a gate to the beach and a whole new life style with different people and places. So we can’t limit guarding our gates to just one gate! That is just where my thoughts went but the same rules apply whether it is one gate or several. Each gate might allow into your garden a variety of weeds!