About Me

I was born in America but have made Australia my home for the last 14 years. I am a writer, graphic artist, jewelry designer and website creator but I have done a lot of other jobs in my life. I worked as a house parent with Aboriginal youth when I started this blog. I went on to work as a remote housing support officer in the Aboriginal communities in central Australia. I loved going on outback or bush trips, seeing new places, taking lots of photos and writing about what I experienced. It is not a part of my life at this time but my heart is still in the outback of central Australia with the beautiful Aboriginal people I met and lived with for over six years. I pray God will let me return some day.

I have been a competitive trail rider and had horses most of my life. I’ve lived on a farm in the mid west of America and milked goats and worked on a ranch in Montana. I worked for outfitters and was a camp cook in the wilderness. I love dogs and have lost too many dear dog friends over the years. I believe to love and lose a good dog is better than never having loved a dog at all. They are awesome creatures that God must have created just to love us humans with unconditional love.

I love and trust God with my life and He has led me a long time now, on many adventures, always safely but never calmly! I tell my stories that are just life to me and everyone says, “you’ve had a real adventurous life!”

I have tried to share a lot of my adventures and good and bad times in my blogs. I’ll continue to talk about my dogs and horses and the places I’ve seen. I will be talking more about God and what He has done for me along the way. The times we are living in now are darker than when I started these blogs several years ago and people need to know about God. He is real and He loves every person on earth and wants them to come to know and trust Him. There is true hope and answers from the Lord Jesus Christ and He has His hand of welcome out to everyone who is in need. All you have to do is reach out to Him and He will take you safely through your journey just as he has done for me. We can be the light to a darkened world and the light of Christ in us will grow brighter as the darkness increases.

walking in fire4

A good friend has suggested I share the good, the bad and the ugly because sharing is what helps us all learn and grow. It is good to know someone else has been there and made it to the other side. I have been doing that though it was hard at first and I’ve had lots of comments thanking me for words that touched them in some way. When we share our life experiences that is our testimony and it is really God’s testimony for how He has walked with us and kept us safe and taught us through the bad and the good things. So this is to you Randy, thanks for encouraging me to be real. And I’m back at it so hope you will tune back in my friend.

I encourage those of you who would like to share your stories to take the plunge and get on a blog site and start writing! Here is my favorite picture taken by some friends and yes that is a real fire! So no, the redhead on the top is not me but I feel I’ve walked that kind of trail for many years and I can relate to where she is and what she most be thinking. God has led me on a trail like that for many years and I haven’t fallen off yet but have had some close calls! He never let go of my hand! These blogs are for You God so people can learn about You!

2 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Have you changed your email address? I’ve been sending you things to that address. I just replied to you wondering where I was by that address I’ve always had and I left a comment on Facebook. I am still at the same email address, still in Australia. So are you only getting mail by this address show here on your comment?

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