Photo tells a story

There are a lot of what I call “desert derelicts” out along the roads I travel that tell a story all their own. They are mostly cars and trucks, some windmills and a quite a few old tires and rims. Some of them have been there so long they are completely rusted out. A few have had designs painted on them and they are quite interesting to see. I’ve started taking pictures of the abandoned cars, neglected windmills and some other oddities I’ve seen. I thought it might be fun to put them up here for you guys to see too.

I would like to say that as far as I know, none of these old cars represents any lives lost. Usually they just quit running and they are left wherever it happens. Over time people come by and start scavenging parts off of them and eventually they push them off the road and turn them over so they can get parts underneath.

Old tire used as some kind of art, well did make a good picture anyway no matter why it was put there. When I get my new camera I will take this one again for its beauty.
This is a large mound made by the smallest ants you can imagine. They range from very small to 3-4 feet tall. Who knows how long they take to dig up all that dirt and how they get it to stick. They come in every formation you can imagine. If you tip them over you can see the tunnels continuing down into the ground. This one ended up with an old tire stuck on it and the dirt is over the edges so ants must have kept right on building.
Here is one of those ant stacks that was in a brush fire. Fires are common in the bush and the ants seem to be great survivors.

Old versus new on an out station where an old windmill, still in use stands near a microwave tower.
Something else I came across this week, a bush fire right by the road I had to drive on to get home. No effort is made to contain them unless they are threatening a community or out station.

One thought on “Photo tells a story

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