Fathers Heart


I believe this has been and always will be my life motto. No matter what happens in life if we can hold on to kindness and truth we can keep moving forward. This photo reminds me of the summer I spent in the mountains of Montana with my horse and the ranch dogs, riding alone and unafraid through God’s vast and beautiful, pristine wilderness. It was a time etched in my mind and heart forever. I sat just like the photo, listening to the scream of a bald eagle overhead and the whistle of the male elk as he moved his herd invisibly through the trees. It was a Kairos moment in my life that would be so brief and in some ways heartbreaking yet a time I will never regret or want to forget. I thank God for simple pleasures that He has allowed me which were so profound in ways many would never understand.

Someone asked me what my favorite holiday was and I had to recall another time in God’s beautiful creation in another mountain setting, with friends and our horses camping and riding for hours where very few people have ever been.  I felt he had no comprehension and must be scoffing at my naivety of what life is really about as he expounded on his trip to several European countries and a month on a Greek island and fine restaurants and luxury hotels.  At first I felt hurt and a bit envious but then I thought, No, that is man’s world and idea of the best there is; while God has allowed me to see His best in areas still untouched and unspoiled by time and human ideas of what is good and worthy. So my trip may have seemed foolish to him but I know my time with God in that setting was something he will never have, that money cannot buy.