Like a Mighty Rushing Wind! Over the Next 90 Days Breaker Anointings Released

rushing wind33

Angela Greenig, Auburn, WA

On June 6th, I woke up at 1:01am, as I’ve been having many visions recently, and these vision have become more clear over the past several days. In these visions, I keep seeing scrolls, chariots of fire, and the living creatures. I find myself still undone by visions of the Seraphim angel who, in Isaiah 6, took the coal, cleaned Isaiah’s lips, and set his heart ablaze for the commission (referred to as the burning ones, see Isaiah 6:1-7). I believe I fully understand what the Spirit of the Lord has been speaking to me. He is saying, “Come, come unto Me. Come up here.”

You will see restoration in family, and all losses will cease in the name of Jesus! God is releasing governmental rods of true authority to the apostle, prophets, and pastors that will bring realignment in the House of God.”

As someone who often hears from the Lord through visions and dreams, it is not uncommon for me to receive words from Him in these ways. But recently I have experienced an increase in visitations of Heaven more than I typically do, and I believe the only way I can truly describe or explain these experiences is through God’s Word.

While I am still meditating heavily on the vast array of visions the Father revealed to me, I believe the Scriptures I share below beautifully represent these visions, and are really critical Scriptures for us all to meditate on in this next season. The anthem these passages represent is that God is releasing the Joel 2 visions and dreams for all generations right now, and these Scriptures highlight several key areas of God’s heart for us, and how we can prepare ourselves for the outpourings to come.

The Scrolls and our Commission

“And when He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb (Christ), each one holding a harp and golden bowls full of fragrant incense, which are the prayers of the saints (God’s people)…” (read Revelation 5:8-10 AMP)

God wants us to know that He hears our prayers, and He has not forgotten His sons and daughters. The scrolls spoken of in Revelation are like instructions for us – all of us are different, but none are left out. He’s calling us to come up and to get our hearts right before Him. He has commissioned us to go and preach the Gospel with greater fire and passion, with signs, wonders, and miracles that will follow.

The Prophet’s Call: Then He said to me, “Son of man, stand on your feet and I will speak to you.” Then as He spoke to me the Spirit entered me and set me on my feet; and I heard Him speaking to me. And He said to me, “I am sending you, son of man, to the children of Israel, to a rebellious people [in both the north and the south] that have rebelled against Me…” (read Ezekiel 2:1-7 AMP).

“I’m calling back the priests the Levites and the prophets to come home.”

The Lord is urging us to go into the harvest fields, as they are plentiful. There are people in great darkness that desperately need the light of Jesus that we carry. The winds of Heaven are releasing now for us to tend to the P.L.O.W.: the Poor, Lost, Orphan, and Widow. The work we are doing amidst the least of these is the key to bring forth the greatest bumper crop harvest we’ve ever seen!

Storms and Confusion Stir, But He Reigns Above All

“As I looked, I saw a stormy wind coming out of the north, a great cloud with fire flashing continually from it; and a brightness was around it, and in its core [there was] something like glowing [amber-colored] metal in the midst of the fire. Within it there were figures resembling four living beings. And this was their appearance: they had human form. 6 Each one had four faces and four wings…” (read Ezekiel 1:4-28).

The four living creatures’ appearances include the faces of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle. There is strong, prophetic symbolism in these images. The face of a man represents us, humankind. We are the workers in the field, helping tend and bring forth the harvest. The face of a lion represents Christ, the Lion of Judah, who breaks chains, every demonic curse, and every assignment!

The face of the ox serves as a reminder of breakthrough, as the ox pulls the plow to break up the fallow ground for harvest. He is carrying in the P.L.O.W. (Poor, Lost, Orphan, and Widow). The eagle represents divine perspective and vision. As the eagle soars, flying higher and higher, He brings clarity and vision to the seer, the prophets.

Just like the soil being turned in the harvest fields, the upheaval right now in the world means that nations and continents are under great attack. The storms are becoming more fervent. The enemy is on a rampage to destroy our faith. The word in Ezekiel reminds us that God is Ruler and Judge, He reigns over the courtroom of Heaven, and the enemy is the prosecutor.

The Supernatural and the Four Chariots

Many people, especially in western culture, can’t wrap their minds around the supernatural, but the Word says, “A great cloud with fire flashing continually from it; and a brightness was around it, and in its core [there was] something like glowing [amber-colored] metal in the midst of the fire. Within it there were figures resembling four living beings” (Ezekiel 1:4-5).

Ezekiel goes on to describe in great detail what was revealed to him, and what he saw was nothing short of supernatural. Supernatural activity is all around us, and the sooner we are able to acknowledge and embrace that truth, the sooner we are able to understand how God speaks His mysteries to us through the supernatural.

The winds of Heaven are releasing now for us to tend to the P.L.O.W.: the Poor, Lost, Orphan, and Widow.

“Now again I looked up, and four chariots were coming out from between two mountains; and the mountains were mountains of [firm, immovable] bronze (divine judgment)…” (read Zechariah 6:1-8 AMP).

In the vision I had on June 6th, chariots of fire rode in swiftly across the sky and into the heavenlies. I then saw His divine glory shatter the thrones of the 2nd heaven. I knew immediately in my spirit that God was saying He is dismantling demonic assignments that have held you back.

Destiny is upon us now, and it is time to align ourselves with God’s plan to displace and dismantle the reigning powers of darkness over specific regions. We must take ownership of our callings and run with perseverance to fulfill our destinies. Millions are waiting on us, waiting for hope. And His name is Jesus.

Restoration and Family Inheritance

The Lord also came to me saying, “Daughter, speak this now: I’m establishing borders in the natural and in the spirit realm. I’m removing and destroying the land markers that the enemy laid to keep you behind boundary lines that I never intended for you to be limited by.

“It is time to step over those boundary lines and redeem the inheritances – for your property, your family, your children, your finances, your health, and your divine callings. All that has been taken from you or stolen from you I am now returning it to you sevenfold, and My divine glory shall rest upon you.”

Remember this is the year of 5777: The Year of the Sickle, or Sword, but the 7’s represent spiritual perfection/completion. God is releasing His Kingdom, and His laws are set in place. You will see restoration in family, and all losses will cease in the name of Jesus! God is releasing governmental rods of true authority to the apostle, prophets, and pastors that will bring realignment in the House of God.

Get ready – a shaking is going on, and is by His design, His hand! God comes as a mighty, rushing wind – unstoppable no matter what resistance or strongholds attempt to stand against Him. Let’s allow the rushing winds of the Holy Spirit to rush over us and reset our trajectories, perfectly positioning us to where we are called to be in this next season.

On June 1st, the Father spoke to me and said, “Watch carefully over the next 90 days (the number 90 means FREEDOM!), as there are breaker anointings that will be released upon My people as they operate in the supernatural realms. These breaker anointings will be catalysts for a full turnaround in their lives – a turning away from limitations and hindrances, and into places of freedom and fullness and life!”

In this next season, may our emphasis be to boldly follow the winds of the Spirit, serve the least of these, and stand firm as He restores everything sevenfold just as He promised! Angela T. Greenig
Angela Greenig Ministries International

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steps of a good man6

What peace we can walk in when we know our steps are established by the Lord. As we surrender to Jesus, walk in communion with the Holy Spirit and are obedient to the leading of the Spirit we can know our steps are ordered by the Lord.

When I spent time in the presence of the Lord He highlighted these verses to me

Psalm 37:23 (NASB) – The steps of a man are established by the LORD, and He delights in his way.

Psalm 37:23 (TPT) – The steps of the God-pursuing ones follow firmly in the footsteps of the Lord. And God delights in every step they take to follow him.

Proverbs 16:9 (NASB) – The mind of a man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9 (TPT) – Within your heart you can make plans for your future, but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there.

The Lord gave me a vision of golden footsteps forming a path where a child of God was walking. I knew the Lord was showing me that the footsteps of the person were ordered by Him. They were golden as they were walking in the divine path the Lord had for them. I noticed the footsteps were moving up a mountain, sometimes the steps were going straight up the mountain and at other times they were moving up the mountain by circling the mountain. Sometimes the Lord leads us in a time of rapid acceleration and our path is straight up and other times we are still advancing in our journey but we move more steadily and we can’t always see very far into the distance. The Lord then showed me that at other times the footsteps led to a stream of water. At this time the footsteps stopped for a time and I knew the Lord was showing me that at this time the person was led to rest beside the water. Sometimes in our journey we are led to just rest in Him and be refreshed and renewed before we move on.

The Lord has a path and a destiny for each of us to walk in. Every person’s path is different but every path is important. Jesus has gone before us and knows the path ahead. This gives us comfort and confidence in our journey. Our role is to be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit and follow the path the Lord has planned for us. We are invited to give ourselves fully to the task of following the course appointed to us. When we do this we will be walking in the purpose of God and we will find fulfillment. The Lord is always with us and when we stumble He is there to lift us up.

The Lord doesn’t always show us far into the distance on the path He has for us but leads us step by step. God wants us to be dependent on Him and obedient to the guiding and prompting of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit wants to be in continual communion or fellowship with us. He wants us to be in relationship with Him and to partner with Him. If you are filled with the Spirit and absorb yourself in His presence, you will seek Jesus and glorify Jesus. The Holy Spirit teaches us the Lord’s will and how to discern His truth. He also empowers us to fulfill God’s plans for our lives.

2 Corinthians 13:14 (NASB) – The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.

John 16:13-14 (NASB) – “But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come. He will glorify Me, for He will take of Mine and will disclose it to you.”

Having our steps established by the Lord doesn’t mean we will be without times where we walk through trials but we can walk in peace, joy, power and victory regardless of the circumstances around us. We can be confident that the Lord is working all things for our good and He is a good God. The purpose of God’s plan for us is to change our character and to continue to transform us to be more like Jesus. God sometimes uses trials to refine us. Embedded in trials are valuable lessons to be learned that can strengthen our character and bring about spiritual growth. We learn to draw closer to God for His help and guidance. We learn to depend less on ourselves and more upon Him.

As in the vision the Lord showed me, sometimes He will ‘lead us beside still waters’ so we can be renewed and refreshed. As we draw closer to Him in these times we receive new strength. As we rest in Him and allow His love to wash over us our souls are restored and our spirits are built up.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know which steps to take but we don’t need to look too far down the path. We just need to take the steps that we are led to take before us. If we trust and obey Him, surrender to Him, live in fellowship with the Spirit, spend time in His presence and seek His truth we can be assured that we will experience the abundant life available in Him.

The Lord is orchestrating and aligning things on your path and He wants you to know He is establishing and directing your steps. He will lift you up when you stumble.

Katie Barker Prophetic Ministry

#Authorized: Prophetic Word for June 2017

I heard the Lord say, “I’ve authorized you. You carry an authority that defies every enemy plan in your life. I’ve given you keys to My Kingdom — and the authority to turn the lock on the door that is holding you back from breakthrough.

Understand and know that when I call you to do something, I’ve given you everything you need to carry out the assignment. Your authorization gives you the right to use My name, to plead My blood, to bind, to loose, to decree, to declare, to prophesy, and to occupy until I come.

You are authorized to walk in divine health, to walk in divine wealth, and to walk in the fullness of My spirit. You are authorized to speak My Word and I will confirm it with signs following. You are authorized to command the enemy to bow before the Christ in you. There is no greater authority on the earth than the name of Jesus. I have marked you with that name. You are authorized. Act like it.”

Jennifer LeClaire
News Editor at Charisma Media,
Founder of Jennifer LeClaire Ministries


Jennifer LeClaire is senior editor of Charisma. She is also director of Awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; co-founder of, on the leadership team of the New Breed Revival Network; and author of several books, including The Next Great Move of God: An Appeal to Heaven for Spiritual AwakeningMornings With the Holy Spirit, Listening Daily to the Still, Small Voice of GodThe Making of a Prophet and Satan’s Deadly Trio: Defeating the Deceptions of Jezebel, Religion and Witchcraft.

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Trump-Russia ‘Hoax’ Proven Untrue by Comey’s Own Admission

Video of Tucker Carlson from Fox News where Carlson argued “Comey’s testimony did not further the Trump-Russia conspiracy narrative, which many had hoped would bring the beginning of the end to the Donald Trump presidency.

“Here is what is true – as of 8 p.m. Eastern time tonight, Donald Trump is still the president of the U.S., and that means on the most basic level, Comey’s testimony failed to achieve its goal. Make no mistake, removing Trump from office was the goal. ‘There was collusion, Russia hacked our election, assault to our democracy, imperils our way of life!’ You hear those all the time. You hear them every night on this show but nobody in D.C. actually believes any of that, and that’s why nobody ever explains how exactly it happened or what specifically the effects of it were. Because they have no idea. And in fact, they don’t really care. They just want Trump gone along with anyone who is in the way. Russia is just a means.”

Nonetheless, the ultimate goal of this “hoax” according to the Fox News Channel host was to topple “a democratically elected government” that people in Washington, D.C. did not like.

“Again, this is not about truth or fairness, much less protecting this country from foreign threats,” he added. “It’s about toppling – let’s not lie about it – a democratically elected government that the permanent class in Washington does not like. There is just no evidence it actually happened. This whole story is a hoax. It’s a lie that those who tell it, they are beginning to believe. That is the definition of mass hysteria. It is deeply hurting our country, and yet otherwise smart people press forward as if it is all entirely real despite mounting evidence it is not real at all.” (end quote)

Sourced from article by Jeff Poor THE DAILY BREITBART NEWSLETTER.

Video of Tucker Carlson from Fox News

The reason I am writing about this article and one on Canada passing a “totalitarian” bill that allows the government to take kids from their parents. The bill is a danger for Christian-based homes where parents believe gender is assigned by God. — What happened in Canada is wanting to come to a theater near you! Liberals took over Ontario. It is trying to happen in USA, Australia, UK and other countries.

Christians must get off the fence, out of their complacency and stand and pray for a change. This is what is said by Canada about the Christians: “The lack of spiritual leadership is killing us. Every single time that Liberals, either federally or provincially, roll out the LGBT juggernaut to take away our rights, or to demonize us as bigots, we hear nothing but silence from the Church. This has to stop.”

That is the truth in every issue in a lot of countries now, which is taking our freedom of religion and speech and being pushed through with little or no comment or word from the church. Even the non-Christians are saying, “where are the people of God in these issues? Why don’t we hear from them?”

In WHATS HAPPENING NOW? Lance Wallnau says: “The era of Cyrus Trump from my perspective is a “reset” that blocks the aspirations of world rulers who were on a fast track to build a global Babylon. I think it would have been accelerated by an American economic/social meltdown under the wrong leadership. This explains why the President is such a vilified object in the way he is treated by global elites in media. The Trump era opens up the door to the people of God for globally advancing the kingdom – IF THEY CAN SEIZE the moment. How long will this moment last? (end quote)

We have a window in time where the body of Christ needs to come together and stand against the enemy in corporate prayer. The news from the United States on President Trump is important to the whole world. What happens there will alter the course of the world for better or worse.

It doesn’t matter what country you live in, big or small, rich or poor we are all as one in Christ in His body and all parts of a body must work together or nothing can be achieved. This is a final fight for the souls of man, the world over, a harvest and a spiritual war.

The enemy is pulling out all stops on winning and we must do the same. We need to all be armored up in the full armor of God ready to fight with prayer and worship. Many parts of our body are in areas of the world where there is terrible famine, sickness and terrorist attacks far worse than what we have had in some of the western world. In order to help these weaker nations we must all unite together as one body. No one can say, “I’m not going to get involved,” for any reason. We can all pray alone or with groups. We can send prayers through social media. I get prayer requests from countries I’ve never heard of or been to on my Facebook … the world is calling out to us for prayer and that is something everyone who knows God can do.

In a post I put up today on my Facebook by Gypsy Dallas-Smith called, GET READY FOR THE SHAKING, she says:

“The shift has happened! On June 2nd I released a Word about feeling a sense of urgency, like I was running out of time to get things done and cleaned out. That means between now and fall, expect MAJOR life changes. God is going to require you to, “purge,” purge things that are no longer needed, get rid of bad habits, bad thoughts, wrong ideas. God is going to completely shatter the box of religiosity!! He is going to come through like He did in the temple, and make a mess of things!!

He will no longer be mocked, He will no longer be kept in a pretty little socialite box and He will no longer allow His children to be victims of this Religious/Legalistic Spirit that runs rampant in our perfectly padded pews.” (end quote)

That is what I feel too! It is time to get serious with God and start pressing into Him for direction. Ask Him what you should purge in your life and how you can help and do your part. Prayer is a must, like breathing air and eating food. Pray for our brothers and sisters in other countries who face death daily to keep their faith in God. Pray for unsaved friends and relatives, spouses, children, for your government and those in other countries.

Pray consistently and without ceasing. You can “talk” to the Father all day like you would a friend. It doesn’t have to be on your knees in a closet somewhere. Pray in your car, while cleaning house, at work. I keep a dialog going all the time because things come to mind during the day and I just talk to Him about them. That is prayer too folks. God invites us to contend with Him over issues. Whether our own case or for someone else we feel led to pray for. I think God likes to hear us state what we need and how we feel about it.

Isaiah 43:26 “Put Me in remembrance; Let us contend together; State your case, that you may be acquitted.”

Breakthrough Word: Get Ready for Visitation

The Father says today get ready for visitation. I will not leave you where you are. This is the due season of My visitation in your life. This is the hour in which I will make Myself known to you in a real way that will leave nothing to chance or thinly veiled interpretation.

I will cause your heart to be disclosed to Me in fullness and I will disclose My heart to you in fullness that you might know My mind and My plan and My purpose that will be brought shortly to pass. Get ready for shaking!

Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden
Father’s Heart Ministry


Russ Walden is a prophet and marketplace minister with over 30 years of service in the Kingdom of God. Russ and Kitty founded Father’s Heart Ministry in 2007 and since then have prophesied to thousands in 78 countries and all seven continents. Russ has served as a full-time pastor to several congregations. In the early 90’s he assisted in the oversight of a group of 400 churches before founding an IT business in the Mid-west. Russ and Kitty converted the business to a marketplace ministry model and out of that Father’s Heart Ministry was born. The ministry that Russ moves in is not just talking “about” Jesus but manifesting and activating the demonstration of Spirit and the demonstration of power. Each day Prophet Russ releases a powerful prophetic word that encourages thousands. Russ has written a book “Face to Face with the Father: a Chronicle of the Men and Women who saw the Face of God and Lived”.

When God Roars the Enemy is Destroyed!

lion roars6“Kingdom” Emotions

Heightened Kingdom emotions become channels for the release of the power of the Spirit. Jesus, moved by compassion, healed (Matt. 14:14). The power of the Spirit rode on the deep emotion of compassion. Charles Spurgeon notes that this word “compassion” was a new word form the Gospel writers coined to describe the intensity of the emotion Jesus was feeling (i.e., they changed compassion from a noun to a verb). The Bible tells us to pray and “cry out” to God (Lk. 18:7-8). At one point, Jesus prayed so intensely He sweat drops of Blood (Lk. 22:44).

It is time for the Church to embrace the place and role of intense Kingdom emotions birthed by the Spirit, rather than marginalizing emotions as being only soulish. After all, the Kingdom involves joy, peace, faith, gratitude and compassion. There is such a thing as Spirit-born emotions (Ezek. 3:14; Rom. 14:17; Gal. 5:22; 1 Thess. 5:18).

“Kingdom” emotions are Spirit-born (not soulish), and flow together with Kingdom actions which are directed by the Spirit (not mechanical, religious acts). In such cases, Kingdom emotions are powerful and effective in releasing Kingdom power.

My friend Tim Madden (a YWAM Crossroads Discipleship Training School leader in Kona, Hawaii) shared this story with me in January of 2013. He had suffered with Lyme disease for several years, and the Lord told him in his journaling time that it was okay to get angry at the devil. He was quite surprised because he had grown up in an angry home and had made a point of avoiding anger when raising his children. Anger was not something he felt right about using in everyday life but he decided to take God at His word and obey.

So Tim went for a drive in his car with his windows rolled up so no one could hear him shout at the devil and the Lyme bacteria that was causing his illness. He did this on several different days over a several week period, and sure enough, the Lyme disease left his body and his health was restored!

Tim shares, “Though I didn’t initially know that God had in mind for me to roar, it ended up that I did just that on the top of my lungs and that I was quite surprised by the results.”

Sometimes we simply “tolerate” these situations rather than getting passionate and intense about the fact that they will no longer be allowed in our lives because they are contrary to the Word of God! Instead, let’s obey God’s command to roar at our enemies until they have fled in terror.

Begin by asking God to identify an issue in your life that is contrary to His Word. Then go ahead and join with the Lion of Judah, seeing the two of you roaring in unison at this enemy and scaring the wits out of it until it flees and the situation in your life comes into full alignment with the Word of God.

When God Roars the Enemy is Destroyed

No aspect of Christianity is supposed to be simply a mechanical, outward activity. ALL is to flow from the Spirit within.

“The LORD roars from Zion… and the heavens and the earth tremble.” (Joel 3:16)

“The LORD will go forth like a warrior, He will arouse His zeal like a man of war. He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry. He will prevail against His enemies.” (Isa. 42:13)

“The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.” (1 Jn. 3:8)

“The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force.” (Matt. 11:12)

“The righteous are bold as a lion.” (Prov. 28:1)

Roaring is a part of meditation. We are commanded to meditate (see Josh. 1:8).

The word hâgâh (pronounced haw-gaw’, number H1897 in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance) occurs 24 times in the King James Version of the Bible and is translated six of these times as “meditate.” However, in Isaiah 31:4, the King James Bible translates this word as roaring: “For thus hath the LORD spoken unto me, like as the lion and the young lion roaring on his prey…” So part of meditating on and appropriating the promises of Scripture in our lives involves roaring. Wow! Let’s explore what this looks like so we can begin doing it.

How Do We Roar at Our Enemy?

We start with a situation that has set itself up against the rule and reign of God in our lives. In Isaiah 31:3, the Egyptians looked to the strength of their army as their god. So the true God was going to come and roar at this army, this false “reality” set up by satan, and fight against it and destroy it (see Isa. 31:5).

That is exactly what the Lord wants us to do over the ungodly situations in our lives. These ungodly situations could be a lingering sickness, infirmity, sin, fear, doubt, unbelief, anger, poverty, disunity, etc. Anything in your life that is contrary to the Word of God is an enemy which the Lord of Hosts wants to come down and destroy.

It is time for the Church to embrace the place and role of intense Kingdom emotions birthed by the Spirit, rather than marginalizing emotions as being only soulish.

“…So shall the LORD of hosts come down to fight for mount Zion, and for the hill thereof. As birds flying, so will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also He will deliver it; and passing over He will preserve it.” (Isa. 31:4-5)

As you battle against this problem in your life, why not get really involved and roar at it? Yes, I really mean ROAR at it. Get emotionally passionate! Get loud! Get intense! Get involved! Even get angry! And since it is the Lord of hosts joining with you in doing the battle, you might just as well see this with the eyes of your heart. It is Almighty God standing there with you roaring at this problem, and commanding it to be gone NOW! See Jesus standing there with you, as the Lion of Judah, and roaring with you at the problem, commanding it to be gone now!

Prophetic Gestures Release Kingdom Power and Miracles

Prophetic Gesture – Action you take, in faith and obedience to God’s instruction, which releases a miracle.

Elisha told King Joash: “You must strike the Syrians till you have destroyed them.” Then he said, “Take the arrows”; so he took them. And he said to the king of Israel, “Strike the ground”; so he struck three times, and stopped. And the man of God was angry with him, and said, “You should have struck five or six times; then you would have struck Syria till you had destroyed it! But now you will strike Syria only three times.” (2 Kings 13:17-19 NKJV).

More examples of prophetic gestures which released miracles: Blood over doorposts (see Ex. 12:22), Naaman washed in the Jordan seven times (see 2 Kings 5:9); Lepers, going to show themselves to the priest, are healed while on the way (see Luke 17:14).

Seeing the Miracle Already Completed Engenders Faith For a Miracle

Gazing upon images of God’s promises as already fulfilled produces Spirit-born emotions that unleash healing power – body, soul and spirit.

An example: And He (God) took him (Abram) outside and said, “Now look toward the heavens, and count the stars, if you are able to count them.” And He said to him, “So shall your descendants be.” Then he believed in the LORD; and He reckoned it to him as righteousness. (Gen. 15:5-6)

Decree God’s Purposes and Things Happen

“You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you.” (Job 22:28)

“Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you.” (Mk. 11:24)

“Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand, to execute vengeance on the nations and punishment on the peoples, to bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron, to execute on them the judgment written; this is an honor for all His godly ones. Praise the LORD!” (Ps. 149:6-9)

Let the Holy Spirit Lead!

We walk and live by the Spirit (see Gal. 5:25), so we always stay tuned to His flowing thoughts and pictures within (see John. 7:37-39). No aspect of Christianity is supposed to be simply a mechanical, outward activity. ALL is to flow from the Spirit within. Jesus did nothing on His own initiative, but only what He heard and saw His Father doing (see John. 5:19-20; 30). So let’s not make roaring, crying out, or prophetic gestures an external, mechanical system, but rather something that flows from and is directed by the Spirit.

Dr. Mark Virkler
President, Christian Leadership University (CLU)
Communion With God Ministries

Website: |

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Stretch Forth Your Hand!

Dana Jarvis

The Lord has really been speaking to me a lot lately about the spirit of religion and how it hinders and binds along with many other strongholds in our lives. But right now we come together and are stretching out into the beyond—into the realm of faith.

God has put this word in my spirit for the Body of Christ, and I must prophesy to any one with ears to hear: There are some bound by religion and traditions; bound by the limitations of past experiences and bound by the fear of failure; bound by the fear of man and bound by insecurities and personal doubts. God says you are coming out and up. He is setting you free! You are going to get what the devil said you couldn’t have. You are going to do what people said you could never do.

It is time to get a hold of the horns of the altar and persevere in prayer until the very atmosphere becomes pregnant with the tangible presence of Jesus. When Jesus shows up, miracles happen. He reminded me today of the man with the withered hand and how all the religious crowd watched ever so carefully to see if He would heal on the Sabbath. Many times it is religion itself that is the greatest hindrance to the manifest presence of Jesus. However, when God gets ready to bless you, He is not going to consult with the self-righteous hypocrites, He is not going to ask their opinion, He is just going to do it.

Everywhere Jesus went, the religious Pharisees and hypocrites opposed Him and that religious spirit is still very much alive today. However, He had a prophetic word for them when He said, “O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” (Matthew 12:34).

If you are hungry and thirsty for God, He will climb over the top of a thousand relics of religion to get to you. He will meet you at the point of your need. He will touch your life that it may never be the same again.

Jesus looked at this man, and He saw more than just a withered hand, He saw a withered life. Life is not always fair (and it has withered up your hand of faith), it has withered up your expectation of better days. Now you have quit dreaming, you have quit reaching, you have quit expecting—you have just settled down into only existing. I want you to listen closely to what Jesus said to the man with this withered hand when He said, “Stretch forth thy hand” (see Matthew 12:13).

So I am saying to you: I know it is going to be hard. It will take some effort. I know you’re going to have to push past bad experiences of the past. I know there will be some pain. I know it’s going to make some people mad, but go ahead and stretch forth thy hand. The glory of God is in the cloud, not the crowd. You may feel like gravity is just pulling you down, and you are destined to live this withered life. I want to tell you that even gravity itself can’t hold you down if you have got enough power. It doesn’t matter if all the forces of the universe are waged against you. If God be for you, who can be against you?

I decree that you be loosed from human limitations, from religious limitations, and from demonic limitations, placed on you by the world. I came to tell you today that: It’s yours! You can have it! It is your Father’s good pleasure to give unto you the keys of the Kingdom (see Luke 12:32). I came to tell you today that the devil is a liar and that you can have what he is telling you that you can’t. You can reach it if you’re willing to stretch for it.

Stretch out beyond religion, stretch beyond the comfort zone. Stretch beyond people’s opinions of you. Isaiah 54:2-3 said, “Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them (stretch) forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, (lengthen) thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes;For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities to be inhabited.” In other words: God is saying there is so much power released in your stretching that it will even reach your seed. There are generational blessings that are released when you stretch into the faith realm.

Even as I try to conclude these words, I feel a stretching anointing. A very strong presence of the Lord fills the atmosphere around me. Somebody is breaking out, no longer held back by the disappointments of past defeat, but today you are breaking the barrier. You have been camped out in the same place too long. It is time to pack up your tent and start walking.

Right now, under this anointing, we are creating some sonic booms in hell, we are rattling the walls of hell as we stretch forth into the realm of faith for the promises that God has awaiting us. I don’t know what it is that God has promised you that you have not seen manifested just yet, but I came to tell you: God is not with holding it from you, He is just requiring you to stretch to get it. Take hold of it for God never called you to the withered life, but the abundant life!

Your life may seem withered, but a flower of hope is beginning to bloom!

Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry


gold refined
Elaine Tavolacci

There is a book in the Bible about a man named Job. He was a blameless and upright man who had experienced a great loss in every area of his life. He went through a horrendous trial for nine months. The end of the book tells us that Job was rewarded with double of everything that he lost. Job said at the end of this trying time that “he shall come forth as gold” because he knew that he didn’t do anything to deserve such an injustice. He also understood that Gods plan for his life could not be thwarted or cancelled. When God gives you a promise, it will come to pass no matter how your circumstances appear in the natural.

The Lord says, “I hear your cry and I hear every prayer. As you call out to Me in the fires of affliction, I will respond. Though the trials seem to multiply, I am with you through them all. Just as the refining of gold removes impurities, those things in your life that are unacceptable shall be removed. In the same way that refining gold separates the pure from the less precious metals, I am removing the dross from your life.

“I am releasing you into royalty which comes forth from purity. Trust Me to strengthen you as you are refined in these trying times. Disregard the opinions of those who doubt My word. The opinions of others can not negate nor cancel out My plans. Just as Job, when you are tried you will also come forth as gold. In the same way that gold is symbolic for a covenant in a wedding band, I am establishing My covenant with you.

“Do not focus on your past so that you will not be delayed from moving into your future. I will bring you through those difficult seasons and remove those things that are confining and restricting you from moving forward. Allow Me to free you from all doubts and fears which are imprisoning you. As you trust Me, you will be released from the restraints which are holding you in bondage.

“Shake off the despair and heaviness that tries to attach itself to you. Be careful not to go back to your old ways of living or allow the enemy to intimidate you by trying to steal your identity in Me. The enemy could not terminate anything that I have for you, as long as you do not yield to him. Learn how to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, rather than be critical of them. Bless them that curse you.

“Listen for My voice, so that you will no longer be misled by the voices of unbelief. I Am the God of liberation, and as you refuse to submit to anything contrary to My word, I will deliver you from all the chaos in your life. You will be unchained from those things that are harming you. I am the supplier of all your needs. Trust Me for your healing. Trust Me for your deliverance. Trust Me for your financial needs. Trust Me in your marriage.

“See yourself healed and made whole. See yourself prosperous. See yourself strong and able to stand against any adversity that comes your way. See yourself as more than a conqueror. See yourself as the blessing that I have created you to be. As you acknowledge the glorious future that I have for you, your life will be transformed and you will see My plans come to pass in your life and ministry,” says the Lord.

Job 23:10-12: But He knows the way that I take; When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold. My foot has held fast to His steps; I have kept His way and not turned aside. I have not departed from the commandment of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth More than my necessary food.

Job 42:2: Job replied I know that you can do all things; no plan of Yours can be thwarted.

Job 42:12-17: Now the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning; for he had fourteen thousand sheep, six thousand camels, one thousand yoke of oxen, and one thousand female donkeys. He also had seven sons and three daughters. And he called the name of the first Jemimah, the name of the second Keziah, and the name of the third Keren-Happuch. In all the land were found no women so beautiful as the daughters of Job; and their father gave them an inheritance among their brothers. After this Job lived one hundred and forty years, and saw his children and grandchildren for four generations. So Job died, old and full of days.


God is Sending You Out! This is the Time of Being Commissioned


– A Word by Kathi Pelton

As I awoke this morning I saw the hand of the Lord touching individuals and placing assignments upon their lives. He has been repositioning many and now I saw Him commissioning them.

It reminded me of when God appointed and commissioned Jeremiah as a prophet to nations,

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

Jeremiah’s response to this was to dispute God’s choosing saying that he was too young. God answered Jeremiah by saying,

“The Lord replied, “Don’t say, ‘I’m too young,’ for you must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you. And don’t be afraid of the people, for I will be with you and will protect you. I, the Lord, have spoken!” Then the Lord reached out and touched my mouth and said, “Look, I have put my words in your mouth!” Jeremiah 1:7-9

He is the one who appointed you, even before you were born! This is the time of commissioning. It is He alone that will fill your mouth to stand and speak in the places that He will send you. It is His favor that will make a way for you, not your own strength. He is God and there is no other; therefore, He will be sovereign to accomplish through you that which you could never do yourself.

I remember many years ago being in a worship service and hearing the Lord ask me if I would go wherever He wanted to send me. I wholeheartedly responded with the words, “Here I am, send me.” I had little idea what those five words would release upon my life.

I think that at the time that I spoke them I didn’t truly believe that He’d use me in any significant way. I was a housewife and mother of young children who ministered on a local church staff. But God does not make anyone for insignificance! He put His words in my mouth and now has sent me and given me courage to trust His strength as I have stood before nations.

This was not because I am the most gifted to do this or the most qualified. Actually it is quite the opposite. I am the least qualified but it is God who appoints and commissions, and us who says, “Here am I, send me.”

Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.” Isaiah 6:8

Whether you are called, like Jeremiah, to prophecy to nations or you are called to be His voice in the marketplace, do not fear because He will fill your mouth with His words.

One thing that I have learned in my walk is utter dependency. As a young girl I had terrible stage fright. I remember being asked to sing a solo in a school concert and when it came time to sing it no sound would come out of my mouth. Fear blocked my voice and though my lips moved no sounds came forth. To this very day if I put any dependency upon myself that old fear will return. As I trust Him to fill my mouth then what comes forth is even surprising to me; for it is Him and not me.

Dependency and yielding to His Spirit is key to whatever gift and calling He places upon your life.

Today, my oldest son got behind the wheel of a moving truck to move he and his family from the West Coast of the United States to the East Coast (New York State) to take a key position at a large church. He has been trained and qualified for this position but the anointing will come with dependency upon the Spirit of God. God’s favor has made a way for my son and now God will fill his life with all that is needed to walk in what He appointed him to be even before he was born.

You have been appointed and now many of you have been positioned. Suddenly you will be commissioned! Get ready for the great commission to come upon your life and give you influence to the place and people that He has called you to.

Yesterday a friend posted a photo of her husband plowing their fields and baling hay. As I looked at that photo, each bale became like an individual that had been planted, prepared and now was being sent out. You have been through storms and scorching sun, through winds and waiting but now is the time for you to be sent.

“For many are invited, but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14

Allowing your life to remain in Christ through the waiting and preparation is what positioned you to be chosen. Jeremiah had a choice regarding being a prophet to nations. When God said to him,

“Get up and prepare for action. Go out and tell them everything I tell you to say. Do not be afraid of them, or I will make you look foolish in front of them.” (Jeremiah 1:17)

He had a choice! He was chosen and he obeyed the call and was commissioned. Many are called but few choose to follow. You have stood the test of time and said yes to His call. You will go forth as one of the few and see many saved, changed and then, they too, will become one of the few.

Do not be afraid for He is with you! Do all that He has asked you to do and watch the victories come forth.

Kathi Pelton

Inscribe Ministries




Your Privilege in Christ is a License to Get Unstuck

joshua-earle-234343By Graham Cooke

Feeling Stuck? But what if you’re not?

What if it’s actually a brilliant opportunity to encounter God’s favor instead?

You can completely trust the God who adores you and adores the Christ in you. You already have full access to His favor.

So the question often becomes, “How do you connect with this favor? Quick answer: Ask a good question.

 My starting point in discovering God’s favor is always asking:

Father, what is your highest good for me in this situation?

This question elevates me to a place of looking for how Heaven is going to be attracted to me because Jesus is in me. Not to mention, it reminds me of the favor I have in every situation.

Favor is a growing focus on our privilege in Christ.

It is concentrating on the fact that God wants us to grow up in Christ in all things. This means there is going to be a continuous promotion in the Spirit, from the level where you’re at now to the level where God really sees you.

Favor is God’s divine advantage to provide everything we need for our development and a demonstration of His intentional bias towards us. Each of us is His favorite!

It is where we are esteemed, approved, and accepted by God Himself and we revel in it.

Favor overwhelms us with who God is for us. We feel magnificent, wonderful and a hundred feet tall.

Beloved, in the kindest possible way, many of us could stand to have an upgrade in understanding our Divine advantage.

Perhaps the enemy or life has blurred your focus and you don’t see yourself as God sees you. We can reconnect at any time to the level of favor that God has focused on the Christ in you. That connection brings acceleration, redeeming the time—so nothing is lost.

It’s time for us to move and to run, for us to stand and stake a claim for our own significance and to no longer feel irrelevant. It’s time to stop allowing the negative to stop us and to prosper in our circumstances even if they are against us.

It is our time to upgrade our focus in how we see, think and talk about our circumstances. Whether they are for us or against us, FAVOR is always present.

I’ll always be looking for where God’s favor is present and I invite you to do the same. No matter what your circumstances say, expect God’s favor to be present.

And remember, the real evidence of your favor is that in every situation, you are becoming more like Jesus.