A Time of Divine Collisions

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Anytime you begin to push back the adversary, there is a collision that takes place.

By Jacob Biswell

The Lord began to speak to me about the collisions that are taking place in the spirit. I kept hearing the term “The Collision Theory”. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I began to research this phrase and I found the following: The Collision Theory.

“The collision theory assumes that for a reaction to occur it is necessary for the reacting species (atoms or molecules) to come together or collide with one another. Not all collisions, however, bring about chemical change. A collision will be effective in producing chemical change only if the species brought together possess a certain minimum value of internal energy, equal to the activation energy of the reaction” (Britannica).

Okay, that’s a lot of scientific wording, but what does that mean for us?

Collisions are seldom simple affairs and are usually messy. Understand you are a holy collision of natural and supernatural matter, and this collision is going to be all the more real this year! Jesus came to restore the natural back to right relationship with the supernatural. God who is supernatural spoke the natural realm into existence. When the will of God is fulfilled in the natural realm, the supernatural and the natural become one as God intended. You cannot be part of a supernatural Kingdom and live naturally. The supernatural Kingdom of God will always be in conflict with the kingdom of darkness, but understand that when the collision of the two takes place, God reorders the natural, bringing His will to fulfill His nature! The Kingdom of God will come to the earth as it is revealed through us.

The Lord showed me four collisions:

  1. A Collision of Activation

The first collision is one of activation. This will be a year of great activation, as what is inside of you collides with the Father, a collision between two realities. The Father is looking for those who have made themselves ready for these collisions – who are ready to collide with what He is releasing. There is a release of activation taking place this year. I believe the Lord is going to cause “activators” to rise in this hour to activate the Body of Christ in their callings. Ephesians 4:11-12 is going to be fulfilled in this hour as the 5-fold collides with the Church model. Many local churches will begin to shift into fulfilling the mandate to equip the saints to do the work of ministry.

Part of activation is the chemical reaction that must take place for the collision to actually have an effect (as mentioned in the collision theory above). Some of you will go through a chemical change – you are going to experience tangible change, as the Lord changes your chemical make-up to receive the activations of His Spirit. Without this change, you would remain the same and never feel the effects of the collision.

  1. A Collision of Psalm 44:5

The second collision that will take place is Psalm 44:5. The Hebrew word for collide is found in this verse – it is the word nagach. It means to push, thrust, gore, collide. Psalm 44:5 declares, “Through You we will push back our adversaries; Through Your name we will trample down those who revolt against us.”

Anytime you begin to push back the adversary, there is a collision that takes place. But, did you catch it? You’re going to push back AND trample the enemy! It’s a Psalm 44:5 time for the Body of Christ!

With the word collision, the Lord gave me contending! Jude 3, “I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.”

I heard the Lord say, “Many have been under a spirit of delusion, but I am causing a dividing line to take place in this hour. I am once again releasing a spirit of truth over My people; not all will receive the truth. There will be a clear distinction of those who stand with Me in truth and those who have been given over to delusion.”

Truth is about to collide with delusion and vain imaginations!

  1. A Collision of Prophetic Streams

The third collision is a collision of prophetic streams. I was sitting at my desk in the upstairs portion of my house, and as I was sitting there, I was taken into an open vision/trance-like state. I began to see many streams flowing through the valley that we live in. I saw the Nabi (the proclaimers and prophesiers) prophetic stream and the Ecstatic (seer and visionary) prophetic stream collide.

I heard the Lord say, “I am about to make My prophets come together.” As I saw this happen, I was taken into another vision. I saw a company of power prophets. I had a vision of Ezekiel 37 – it was so vivid it was like I was standing there with Ezekiel. I asked the Lord, “What am I seeing?”

He said that it is a company of power prophets that are being awakened: “I am causing a remnant of prophets who walk in power to arise and stand arm-in-arm. They will begin to shift nations and awaken a generation.”

I saw this mighty army of prophets standing on the tectonic plates of the earth. I saw one by one that they began to shove long poles into the earth; and one by one they began to move the tectonic plates. I heard the Lord say, “These are the ones who will shift the Church at its very foundations. I am unearthing the true Ekklesia in this hour!”

As they began to shift the plates…up from the depths came floods of glory. This glory was an unprecedented glory! The Lord is causing an unprecedented glory to invade the Church.

  1. A Collision of Mainline Denominations and the Holy Spirit

The fourth collision I saw was of the mainline denominations and the Holy Spirit. I heard the Lord say, “I’m visiting the mainline with My power. There are going to be outbreaks of power within traditional denominational churches. Spontaneity is visiting the Church again. I am about to flip them on their head with My power!”

Jacob Biswell is a prophet, revivalist, and father with signs and wonders following his ministry. Dynamic shifts and powerful un-lockings are commonplace around him. As a prophetic voice, he is a highly sought-after speaker, both nationally and internationally. He speaks at conferences, churches, and other events, activating and empowering people to enter their destiny, grab hold of their dreams, and receive their healing. Jacob is apostolically aligned with TRIBE Network under Apostle Ryan LeStrange. He serves as a Zone Leader for Tribe. In addition, he has an accountability board consisting of Apostle Brent Douglas of New Zealand. He leads a local Revival Hub in Texas called the Equipping Center, where his focus is raising up healthy prophets and a prophetic culture. Jacob is married to Anna Katheryn, is a daddy to two children, and resides in Texas.

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene

What ‘TIME’ (KAIROS) Is It?!

by Bob Blase

Many are now asking, “What time (kairos) is it on God’s timetable?” Some have said that what the Lord is bringing us into is too big to be called merely a season, visitation, revival, or even an awakening. That it is God coming to “inhabit” and “abide”. The angels are vibrant, and stirred with excitement for what Heaven is releasing in the earth! The angelic presence in the earth has increased to numbers greater perhaps, than ever in the history of the world. And they continue to arrive. But why? Why now?


I believe we are seeing a fulfillment of our Lord’s prayer given to us in Matthew 6:9-13 in this kairos time we have entered. His Kingdom has come in earth, and will continue to increase in the intensity of His presence, power, and influence. “For the Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Romans 14:17). Righteousness, peace, and joy have come! (Intercessors, be assured we are to continue to fervently ask of the Father in alignment with this prayer. And, that He remains poised to continue to answer in an ever-increasing way. Cry out day and night!)


I believe I was shown this “time” as a “realm” in the spirit. An angel took me in the spirit and set me on the threshold of our entry into this realm. It is so vast, I was dwarfed in its presence. It seems larger than the natural universe itself. The awe of its vastness took my breath away. After pondering this for a season, I am comfortable now suggesting that this realm is the “realm of His will being done in earth”. This realm and this time is saturated with the mysteries of God. They are there for us to discover, as we engage the Father, and ally and align ourselves to Him.

Our hearts are crying out for wisdom and revelation that we might align with this movement of His will, that we might be close to our heavenly Father. Even to the point where we hope to say, “I only do what I see the Father doing”. That is the gold-standard set by our Lord. Imagine the cures for cancer, aids, and influenza being revealed. Impossible, you say. Yes. But, what it impossible with men is possible with God!

This is the realm where we stand in the authority Christ has given us. Where we heal the sick in His name, cast out devils, raise the dead, etc. There is room enough here for every son and daughter to walk in our Kingdom authority, and without even stepping on each others feet! We all sense the calling-up, to walk in the stature of Christ. This is the realm where the sons and daughters of God rise up individually and corporately in the image of Christ within, to rule as kings and priests in the earth. It is the realm where the Bride of Christ displays His glory in the earth. It is a realm our hearts have yearned and groaned for (Romans 8:20-23). It is God’s next corporate installment in the earth of His great redemption plan. This is the “time” and the “realm” we have now entered!


It is a time of mercy, where the fires of purging must try the peoples, that we might humble ourselves to receive Christ’s dying in our place, that we be saved. This is why things are being shaken. This is why evil is being brought into the daylight of the public eye; that iniquity may be purged. Many of us who have served God faithfully even for many, many years are experiencing monumental shake ups in our lives, and especially in our assignments from the Lord. Some are through, and beyond the shake up and are entering into or walking in the massive upgrade of the blessings of God in their assignment from the Lord. There is a deeper sense of connection with Him.

This is why intimacy with the Lord now seems like “everything”. It is the “He in us, and us in Him”. His will coming down now is the over-arching mission of what the angels are up to, even as they go about their specific assignments. As followers of Christ, we have always asked Him to show us His will, that we might more perfectly follow Him, serve Him, love Him. This “kairos” that is upon us is Him moving to bring His will into the earth. He is causing His will to descend from Heaven and enter our earth, so that His will may be done in earth, as it is in Heaven. This is why there is a realignment going on. It is to take on His interest and do what He wants. “Let Your glory fall, Lord. Cause the knowledge of Your glory to cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea! In the name of Jesus, the name higher than any other name.”

Bob Blase


This is an exciting word but speaks of responsibility so great that many of us have ever had experience with it! Probably not all of us but I for one can’t imagine what it will be like in the coming days, months and years. It puts so many more questions in my mind as to how great the change will be and will we recognize anything in life like we are used to and comfortable with? I guess if God planned for each of us to be here at such a time as this He knew we could do it! I know I’ve been through accelerated training for three years now and it has not let up. Some days I feel so much information is packed into my mind from all my study and reading that I can’t contain it … I guess that is why we need times of rest where we are quiet before the Lord just waiting on Him.

2018 Is Your Year to Discern, Deliver, Restore & Recover

Jennnifer discerningJennifer Eivaz

As I look back over 2017, it definitely proved to be a RESET year as so many prophets foretold. It was also a RECOMPENSE year and what seemed to be an “anything you want” kind of year. I believe this prophetic current is still active as we enter into 2018. For that reason, you will see many diverse prophetic words being released in the coming days. It’s not prophetic disunity, but more like a prophetic bounty being released all in God’s timing and purposes and in response to the hope-filled prayers of His people

One of the strongest directives I personally received for 2017 was to pray this verse over myself and to encourage others to do the same:

“Create in me a clean heart, O God…”Ps. 51:10a

As I prayed into this, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about pride and especially about the spirit of Leviathan. Leviathan is a spirit principality, also known as the king of pride. Job 41 describes it in detail, starting out by asking, “Can you draw out Leviathan with a hook…?” and ending with “He beholds every high thing; he is king over all the children of pride” (v. 1, 34 NKJV). Pride is an attitude, but it is also a spirit. This spirit wants altitude and seeks to invade the high places. It wants to infect people in the high places because it is a glory stealer. It steals the glory that should go to Jesus Christ.

People infected by Leviathan will act higher, better and more superior than you. They will have a high-and-mighty attitude. They will fight unusually hard to be right at your expense. James 4:6 says God resists the proud, but He honors the humble. Luke 14:11 says He actually exalts the humble. God wants His humble people in the high places, not those people who are ruled by pride.

As I watched this spirit emerge in some people around me, He taught me how to “go low” in situations that I much preferred to rise up. He said, “You can’t fight pride with pride. You have to fight pride with humility. You have to fight pride on your knees.” This is much easier said than done as those aligned to Leviathan will exhibit very similar behavior. In a nutshell, once the spirit of pride has surfaced, the person is no longer reasonable, rational, or even reachable. Pride hardens the heart and imprisons the mind with falsely elevated thinking. Pride resists counsel. Pride resists the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Pride causes crazy strife, which is the knife that kills relationships and ministries

We have to get the pride out. The bible shows us that a heart hardened with pride can’t see or discern the Spirit of the Lord. Pride undealt with will render us ineffective in a key prophetic direction from the Lord for 2018.

Over the last three years, I felt a distinct call to train and equip the prophets, especially the seer prophets, and have held several institutes to do that. When I looked into the first half of 2018, however, I felt a distinct change and burden from the Holy Spirit. He impressed my heart with this, “2018 IS A YEAR TO DISCERN, DELIVER, RESTORE, AND RECOVER.” Thus the reason I’m holding an Inner Healing & Deliverance Institute instead of a training institute for prophets this March. I know by the Spirit of the Lord that He is releasing new keys from heaven to heal and deliver His people, something He is cojoining with prophetic ministry in general. He has insisted to my heart that the prophetic ministry must have a strong deliverance edge.

By the anointing and wisdom of the Spirit, we will heal shattered and fragmented souls and shut the open doors that demons use to torment their victims. We will cast out demons with a new authority, in the name of Jesus. I see the domino effect of this. I see the restoration of people, families, cities, and nations. I see that what was stolen for generations being recovered.

You will discern:

The gift of discerning of spirits is coming upon the Body of Christ like never before. He is giving us eyes to see what is in the dark so we won’t stay in the dark. We cannot fight effectively until we know what we are fighting against.

He is also adding dimension to our spiritual discernment. The google dictionary describes dimension as having length, breadth, depth, and height. Basically, we are maturing and will no longer be narrow and one-dimensional in the operation of the gift of discerning of spirits.

For example, if you are suddenly afflicted with back pain, a dimensional discerner recognizes it could be a health issue, a demonic attack, or a word of knowledge for someone else’s physical healing. It could also be a physical sign from God that you are being stabbed in the back by another, or a point of discernment that this is happening to someone else and you are being warned so you can intercede. Dimensional discerners have a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit and can see and sense microscopically and really get to the root of things.

You will deliver:

Because of Jesus, you are saved, delivered, and healed — and usually in that order! Everyone, including Christians, needs deliverance and there is going to be a re-emphasis on deliverance ministry in the Body of Christ. Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit to heal the broken hearted and to set the captives free (Luke 4:18). Too many Christians suffer year after year with lingering demonic entanglements and cannot serve Jesus victoriously even though they are saved and going to heaven when they die. This is a spiritual matter and requires the anointing of the Spirit to break the yoke. This anointing is coming with emphasis once again to the Body of Christ, but will be coupled with tremendous discernment. He is raising the standard in this area because He loves us. Deliverance ministry is a ministry of love.

You will restore and recover:

Discerners are deliverers and discerners are intercessors. You see and sense what is hidden and needs to be dealt with. You won’t relent until the spirit of the matter is set right. The result is restoration. The result is the recovery of losses.

The Holy Spirit spoke this to me last summer, and I believe it’s worth repeating:

“I am restoring, but with an exclamation point!”

Dictionary.com breaks down the word “restore” as being brought back, put back, and given back. You are being brought back into your excellent condition. You are being restored to your rank. You are being given back what was stolen. You are being repaired and renovated in such a way that makes a clear statement to your doubters, mockers, and enemies. You are being reinstated. Honor is being returned to you.
2018 being a year to discern, deliver, restore, and recover is a prophetic directive that requires our cooperation to see it through. Inner healing and deliverance is can be uncomfortable and messy. To step into the directive of the Spirit, we first have lay down our pride and surrender, really surrender, our inner world to the scalpel of the Spirit of God. True deliverers are those who have been delivered themselves. Restorers are those who’ve been restored. Are you ready? Let’s pray:

Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, we repent of pride. We repent of hardness of heart, resisting Godly council, strife, and demanding our own way. Forgive us. We surrender our hearts to You today like we’ve never surrendered before. Be the architect of our heart! Let the scalpel of Your word and the touch of Your Spirit transform us from the inside out. Anoint us to become powerful discerners and a new breed of deliverers. Give us Your grace to bring unprecedented restoration and recovery of losses. We give You all the glory. ~ Amen.

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene

God Is Speaking In Your Dreams-Do You Understand What He Is Saying?

365 Prophetic 15What is God saying in your dreams?

By James Goll

Did you know that God uses a language that is tailor made to speak directly to you? After all, He created you, so that shouldn’t come as too big a surprise. The inventor of language is a master communicator. Not only does He reveal Himself plainly to all of mankind in scripture, He also speaks to us personally in dreams and visions. Do you understand what He is saying?

Dreams and visions are often the language full of emotions and therefore contain much symbolism. We must learn to take our interpretations first from Scripture and then from our own lives. Throughout Scripture God is consistent with His symbolic language. The symbolism He uses in Genesis will be similar to that found in Revelation. In fact, one of the fundamental principles of biblical interpretation is the “law of first use.” This simply means that how a word or image or symbol is used in its first appearance in Scripture is a key to how it should be interpreted throughout the Bible. This consistency in symbolic language runs true in our own lives as well.

The Language of Symbols
Let me explain a little further. In the Bible, the number six often is used as a symbol for mankind. How do we know this? Refer back to the first chapter of Genesis. What happened on the sixth day of creation? Man was created. Day six is the day of man. Now let’s go to the other end of the Bible, to the Book of Revelation. There we find the reference to the number 666, which is plainly identified as “the number of a man” (Rev. 13:18 NKJV). In the Greek there is no definite article preceding the word for “man” in this verse, so it could also be translated simply as “the number of man.” The number 666 represents a false trinity, the exaltation of man—humanism being worshiped as a god. In both Genesis and Revelation, therefore, the number six is associated with mankind.

God Rested Here is another similar example. What happened on the seventh day of creation? God rested because He had finished His creative work. Therefore, the number seven is the number of rest or completion. According to the four Gospels combined, how many statements did Jesus make from the cross? Seven. The last of these was, “It is finished!” (see John 19:30). Jesus had finished His work; He had completed His mission. Now He could rest. Throughout the Bible the number seven is symbolically associated with rest and completion.

Handling Personal Revelation
A similar principle applies when God speaks revelation to you. When He first introduces a word or a symbol or an image to you in a dream, you may not understand it in the beginning. But you will get it eventually, and that word, symbol, or image will become part of a pattern. Once it is introduced into your spiritual alphabet, it will become consistent in it’s meaning for you.

For example, let’s say that you have a dream in which an apple appears and you discern through the Holy Spirit that it symbolizes Israel because Zechariah 2:8 refers to Israel as the “apple” of God’s eye. Once the image of the apple has entered your spiritual alphabet as a symbol for Israel, you can be confident that whenever that image appears in a future dream, the dream has something to do with the nation of Israel. God is consistent with His revelatory symbolism.

Three Realms for Interpretation of Symbols
When seeking interpretation of symbolic dream and vision language, the first place you should look always is in Scripture. The Bible is full of parables and allegories from which to draw types, shadows, and symbols. Here are some examples: the mustard seed as a metaphor for faith (see Matt. 13:31-32); incense representing the prayers of the saints (see Rev. 5:8; 8:3-4); seed as a symbol for the Word of God (see Luke 8:11); and candlesticks symbolizing the church (see Rev. 1:20). If your dream has the same symbolic image as one found in the Bible, chances are it has the same meaning.

After Scripture, a second place to look for interpretation of your revelatory symbols is in colloquial expressions that fill our memory bank. The Holy Spirit turns these into pictorial language. God takes these “sayings” and idioms and uses them to speak spiritual truth. One example of this is found in Judges 7:9-15 where a barley cake appears to Gideon in a dream. Since Gideon had spent much of his life as a thresher of wheat and barley, the barley cake was a symbol from his colloquial spiritual alphabet and had distinct meaning to him.

In the same way, God will speak to you with colloquial expressions that are familiar to you but might not be to someone else. If you are from the northern or northeastern part of the country, your colloquialisms will be different than those of someone from the Deep South, and God will speak to you accordingly.

The third realm for interpreting these prophetic symbols comes from our own personal revelatory alphabet. This is similar to the second realm in that the objects or symbols do not mean the same thing to you as they would to someone else. Even in the Bible the same symbol or image sometimes means something different depending on how it is used or who receives it. These exceptions, however, do not violate the law of first use.

God often works more than one way at a time. And sometimes the symbol or image involved has more than one facet or aspect, which allows for some variations in meaning. Context determines interpretation.

The Bible uses the image of a lamb in several different ways. In Isaiah, the Messiah is presented as a Lamb led to the slaughter. John’s Gospel presents Jesus as the Good Shepherd and His disciples as little lambs. The Book of Revelation reveals Jesus Christ the Lamb as a Conqueror. Spiritually speaking, all three of these images are true to a lamb’s nature: it is led to the slaughter, it follows its shepherd, and it conquers in the end by walking in humility because the meek will inherit the earth.

Actual Versus Visual
Insights, revelations, warnings, and prophecies from the Lord may come in supernatural visual dreams or in actual dreams. Visual symbolic dreams are visual revelations that do not involve as much active participation on the part of the dreamer as with an actual visitation from the Lord. The dreamer simply observes and receives the message. These visual dreams may contain more symbols, mysteries, and obscurities than do other types of revelation.

Actual dreams are those in which God’s tangible presence is evident in some way. To see the Lord in a dream is visual, but for the Lord to manifest Himself to you in a dream is actual. If you dream something angelic and sense that same presence when you wake up, it was more than just a visual symbolic dream. The angels were probably actually present. Quite often this will reveal itself in the form of a riveting awareness all over your body of a divine presence in the room. But if there was no such manifested presence when you awakened, then the dream was simply visual, although it may still contain a wonderful message from God.

A manifestation of blessing, healing, deliverance, or endowment of power requires an actual visitation from the Lord in some form. Such manifestations involve an impartation of God’s anointing, which will manifest in the natural realm. Therefore, an actual impartation occurs and the person actively participates although his or her body is asleep.

DR. JAMES W. GOLL is the President of God Encounters Ministries. With great joy James has shared Jesus in more than 50 nations teaching and imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry, and life in the Spirit.James is the prolific author of numerous books including The Seer, The Lost Art of Intercession, The Coming Israel Awakening, Finding Hope, and the award winning The Lifestyle of a Prophet. He has recorded multiple classes with corresponding study guides and full curriculum kits. In the spirit of revival and reformation, James desires to facilitate unity in body of Christ by relationally networking with leaders of various denominational streams. His passion is to “win for the Lamb the rewards of His suffering.” Praying for Israel is a burden of his heart, as Israel fulfills her role in the consummation of the ages.

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene

A Kingdom minded response to the State of the Union

Trump whitehouseBy Johnny Enlow

Last night President Trump gave a powerful, if not historical State of the Union speech. It resonated in the spirit and released all kinds of shifts in our nations tectonic plates of purpose and destiny. It is only appropriate that following the national address we went on to experience the rarest super, blue moon, blood moon in 150 years. The things we are presently experiencing are truly unprecedented and they are only going to increase in number and intensity. If you are kingdom-minded you could not have picked a better time to be alive. This despite whatever trial or contradiction you are going through.

I will go on the record and say that I do like President Trump and did joyfully vote for him. Furthermore once I saw a vision that showed God had chosen Trump, from then on I have sought to be in agreement with what God has shown me about him and his presidency. Once I discovered that God has chosen him for this incredible moment in history, from that moment forward as a prophetic voice, I am not entitled to my own opinions- but must represent Him as best as I can.

However, I want to report to you from a kingdom perspective and not from a political or personal bias and challenge you to consider that perspective above your political or personal bias. If you are a believer that values “seek first the kingdom of God”, you must put your kingdom identity ahead of your race, sex or political identity. Yes, I am aware that some of the same people today who implore you to support and honor Trump “because God has placed him as President” are the same ones who during the Obama presidency did nothing but bash, curse and circulate lies and half truths about him- and found no place of honor for him, nor were able to pray for him. Remember that two wrongs don’t make a right- and also remember that I was not one of those who bashed the last president. We do lack honor, and we do lack a commitment to pray- regardless of who is President, but today I do not speak to you hypocritically.

President Trump’s God-given assignment is so powerful and exhaustive that we will be known nationally as “before Trump” and “after Trump.” In fact the whole world will be be known as “before Trump” and “after Trump.” As a nation this presidency is being used by God to save us from a systemic “gangrene” of corruption that was so entrenched we would not have survived moving forward. Evil was entrenched in hidden, behind the scene, power positions that were now humanly impossible to overcome. We needed help, we needed rescuing and God has sounded His Trump and come to the rescue. It is not Trump rescuing us. It is God rescuing us.

It is astonishing that in one year our President has been catalytic in causing 8 trillion dollars to be added to the United States economy. For the Dow Jones to rise over 7000 points and set scores of records. For unemployment levels to be at record levels for almost everyone including the lowest EVER for blacks- AND Hispanics. For ISIS to essentially cease to exist as anything other than a terrorist group. For the greatest deregulation measures ever to take place that will positively affect business for decades to come. For making Jerusalem, Israel’s acknowledged capital- as will be the effect of the United States moving our diplomatic headquarters there. For, in an instant, strengthening our military resolve to deal with evil around the globe. For stemming demonic foolishness in governments all over the world. The ripple effect of all he has done in one year is beyond what can be listed at this time- but believe me, we could not realistically be contending for reformation and renaissance in society if God had not disrupted everything status quo through placing Donald J. Trump in power.

Even since- and actually BECAUSE of last nights speech there is another disruptive shift on us. Great angels have been dispatched to remove tares from the tops of the 7 mountains. The #metoo campaign and repercussions has caused hundreds of powerbrokers on the mountains of society to lose their position. Now it is going to another level. These great angels are going to remove the top 10 evildoers on each and every one of the mountains of society (media, government, education, economy, family, arts and entertainment, religion). This is something I was shown and told to declare into- last night when I was awakened in the middle of the night. Additionally the greatest traitor of America is going to soon be removed, as his cup of iniquity is full.

Perhaps not unrelated, today in California 510 individuals in the human trafficking network were arrested including a former government official of significance in the state. There is severe “gangrene” in government in California that is about to be exposed and it is going to be shocking I believe. Widespread government corruption both in moral and financial matters are not going to be able to hide anymore as the angels are removing the dark lids. Every kingdom-minded or kingdom-friendly worker in California government at every level will now begin to carry disruptive anointing- just by showing up. Light is going to do its work. Justice is going to come alive and shine throughout California. Great change is coming to the state.

It is also no coincidence that a 12 year-old boy named Preston Sharp from Redding, California was highlighted and showcased by the President for his patriotism in placing more than 40,000 flags on veterans graves. This is attention to Redding for bringing patriotism and a culture of honor to the nation and they will surely be a “game-changer” towards transformation- both in California and in the nation. Bethel is catalytic for all of this but it is now spreading beyond them.

Finally, (but there is so much more to say), all of what is converging on California, and all that is converging on the United States is because of our Papa’s great love for the nations. He is going to have scores and scores of nations that operate under the glory and light of His sons and daughters – but the United States is lead domino in all this, as well as a catalyst for it spreading among the nations. Its destiny is intricately connected and interwoven with Israel’s destiny- and that will become progressively more evident. May the Lord assist each and everyone of us in properly discerning His amazing work in our time and in our day. A baptism of fire is coming to help us all.

open gates

I like reports like the one I shared here much better than the evening news! I noticed that I never saw a report on the human trafficking network arrests on the news here in Australia yet they are quick to put up any news that criticizes or makes jokes of President Trump. My opinion is they should be praying to God to put someone in their government like Trump to clean out their own swamps! As could be said for other countries around the world and I believe that God will continue to clean up His Kingdom for the time of the harvest until the end of it all is ready for the return of the King!

Difficult Seasons

Difficult Seasons || Bill Johnson || Bethel Church

An excellent teaching Bill Johnson did after a 3-month experience in hospital with life threatening illness. This is a must watch video for everyone going through a difficult season. A time when nothing you are used to doing works; where God is silent and you feel you are on hold with nothing to do; stuck in a bad situation with no way out. Bill teaches how sometimes “God doesn’t need to speak if He has already spoken to you!” Bring up all His past words, promises, prophecies and scriptures you have gotten from God and keep reading them, bring them alive in your spirit again! He also brought up a good point about how God hides us under His wing and it is only dark because He is so near to us. Good, good teaching that brought me great comfort and hope in a time where I feel stuck, out of control and nothing is working to bring hope or breakthrough from my circumstance. Bill’s message gave me hope of having “Bold faith” as he says “that stands on the shoulders of quiet trust!” It made me think of the scripture, “Be still (or quit striving) and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10. And:

I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him. 2 He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.” Psalm 62:1-2

“The Lord will fight for you, and all you have to do is keep still.” Exodus 14:14

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene

Can Physical Ailments Have Spiritual Roots?

Jennifer Eivaz physical ailments

Jennifer Eivaz

“Many a time they have afflicted me from my youth,”
Let Israel now say—
“Many a time they have afflicted me from my youth;
Yet they have not prevailed against me.
The plowers plowed on my back;
They made their furrows long.”
The Lord is righteous;
He has cut in pieces the cords of the wicked.
Ps. 129: 1-4

Almost every physical issue that I’ve ever had to battle had a spiritual root and was more than just a physical problem. At the same time, each issue had a medical diagnosis. A name, a description, and a suggestion for medical treatment. I discovered, however, that physical issues with spiritual roots do not respond well to medical treatment, or they come back, until the root has been dealt with.

For example, I began having issues with my spine in childhood. They had different terms for it back then, but nowadays it would be called scoliosis. There was a curvature in my lower back and I went to chiropractors off and on during my elementary school years. It went fairly unnoticeable until my mid-twenties and then I began struggling to walk. By the end of the day, I couldn’t lift my legs correctly and would shuffle when I walked. I was also losing strength in my back and would fall over sometimes while sitting. The hardest part was the pain I felt at night and only being able to sleep on one side. It took a few doctors to find the right therapy, but I began trying different things to stop the damage and keep it under control without medication. I also prayed and prayed and prayed some more. Healing seemed to come bit by bit, but not fully. That is until one night when I read the passage above.

When I read this, all of a sudden it was like my eyes were opened. I began to make the connection between my back problems and the difficult upbringing that I endured. I also saw that the Lord was now ready to cut the cord of wickedness off of my back. I asked Him to “cut the cord” and when I did that, I felt something snap off my back. My spine began to contort back into place. It was painful and I did need a short time of recovery, but that’s how real it was. My back has been pain free ever since.

I’ve noticed a similar pattern in many others who have scoliosis. Their spines and backs seem to shout the message of their soul that came on them through hardship and affliction in their youth. Young girls and boys had been “bent out of shape” over the things that took place and it showed up in their bodies.

Is this you? If so, it’s time to forgive everyone who hurt you. In addition, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, invite Him to search your heart for beliefs, inner vows, and attitudes you’ve absorbed in response to your upbringing that do not align with the word of God. For example, you might struggle believing anyone loves or cares for you, or you might be over-reactive, angry, and oversensitive. It can go much deeper than that, but invite the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to false beliefs and attitudes and invite Him to heal the wound that is obviously there. Think of these false beliefs and attitudes as being the cords that still bind you. Every time you release it, a cord breaks and you are one step closer to freedom.

I’ve heard multiple testimonies from people who’ve processed this out and experienced freedom in their bodies too.

If this is you, I am praying for you.

The Praying Prophet


This word gave me hope of getting rid of my life long back pain! I know I damaged my back as a child by falling out of a moving car … long story; then later in life I took a bad fall from a bucking horse; to much lifting and so on … But recently I’ve had extreme back pain and hip pain, blamed on Sciatica.  It comes and goes almost “supernaturally” and I’ve thought for some time it was an attack. Now after reading this I’m going to try what she suggests and see if I can rid myself of pain completely!

Stretch Past Your Disappointment – God Is Enlarging You

365 Prophetic 11Hit the refresh button in your mind; you’re no longer in captivity.

By Jermaine Francis

Isaiah 54:2 “Enlarge the place of your tent, and stretch out the curtains of your dwellings spare not; lengthen your cords and strengthen your pegs.

In this chapter, Israel was in Babylonian captivity. They were slaves of another nation. The enemy had them surrounded. There was no place to expand or grow. They were confined, recoiling, shrinking and just holding on for dear life. As far as they knew this could be the end of their nation. Some of you may be feeling this way right now.

I’m sure some were giving up hope of a future or a turnaround. In verse 1 God compares the state of Israel in that moment to a barren woman. During this time in history to be barren was very shameful and carried a lot of disgrace. God knew the perfect example that described how they were feeling.

God knew their pain and where they were as a nation and individually. Just like He knows your current situation and pain. God began to speak hope into their pain. He said Break forth into singing, and cry aloud, you who have not labored with child! For more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married woman,” says the LORD.

Israel was not in a place to give birth. They were in a place of death. God was declaring that they would leave their current state. He was saying they will give birth again and no longer be barren. In verse 2 He instructs them to prepare for increase. “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.” He is telling them to prepare to have many children. Your barrenness is broken!

This was a promise that they would no longer have to carry the shame, disgraced, and humiliation. They would now have abundance. It is like going from living on the street to living in a mansion. A complete turnaround.

They would now be growing more prominent than the thing that held them captive. God was declaring they would stretch out past their disappointment. They would stretch out and grow.

The same word God gave them is for you today! This is your season to stretch out and grow. It’s not a time to pull back its a time to push farther. Grab your tent pegs and rip it out of the place of smallness. Reach beyond the boundaries captivity has given you. If you’re willing to reach beyond your shame, disgrace, humiliation, and barrenness of your last season of captivity, you will break into abundance. It’s your time of abundant fruitfulness.

Hit the refresh button in your mind; you’re no longer in captivity, you are free to be and do what God has declared over you. I challenge you to do something you have never done, to let your mind know that you are in a new season of growth and expansion. You need to expand your tent because you’re about to give birth to a new thing!

Jermaine and Rebecca Francis are an itinerant ministry with a mandate to activate, impart, educate and equip Christians for kingdom demonstration. They travel nationally and internationally, speaking at conferences, schools, and churches. Jermaine and Rebecca have a heart to see people awakened and equipped to impact their world with the power of God. They believe every person has a unique purpose, and they desire for each person to find, embrace, and release that fully in this life. Both Jermaine and Rebecca are instructors of Christian International’s Ministering Spiritual Gifts series. They also serve at their local church on prophetic teams under Prophet Bill Lackie, and in various other capacities at Vision Church @ Christian International, under Apostles Tom & Jane Hamon. They are licensed minister under Christian International Ministries Network, overseen by Bishop Dr. Bill Hamon. https://www.jermaineandrebecca.com


I see God opening doors and setting people free to minister and serve Him that may have been barren all their lives when it comes to ministry. There are so many ways to minister that go beyond standing on a platform before groups of people preaching, teaching or prophesying. Many of us have limited ourselves to serving God in ways that could be very rewarding to us and those we serve. I have helped out in churches in the past but never felt I was in ministry; that only being on the platform speaking in some capacity or in a room with a group teaching was real ministry. Yet even the small things I did were a form of ministry. Even now when I first started doing my Facebook page I didn’t think of it as ministry but just involvement in Social Media, an extended form of my blogs. But suddenly I found myself praying for total strangers around the world. Then I felt the Holy Spirit directing me in what to share and seeing people respond to the words and videos I was putting up on my page. Suddenly the Lord was calling it ministry and now He is directing me in new ways to use my gifts and interests in all things “media” in even greater ways. I read one of my shares the other day and the speaker was saying use what you are passionate about and God will direct you to reach people with it. That is ministry! Whatever you feel most passionate about can be used by God to reach people; writing, blogging, social media, painting, pottery, cooking, child care, anything you excel in and are passionate about can be used for the Kingdom work. Age is no limit either. We can do something for the Lord’s work at any age. No retiring people!

What If We Were Superheros?

Kris Vallotton revisits a previous message and what it looks like to be Christians who transform culture.

Bethel TV exists to export what is happening at Bethel Church to the world. We fuel revival by empowering people to experience an authentic relationship with God wherever they are. Through sermons, worship, conferences, classes, and over a decade of resources, we aim to translate the culture of heaven into daily life.

women of God

If I was a Superhero this is what I would look like! That is what my full armor of God would look like. Superheros have been popular for as long as I can remember. Comic books, then toys and then movies. We dream of being superheros from childhood, maybe not girls so much as boys but I think that desire is in our DNA. We are children of God, we have His DNA in our spirit and with that we can be superheros, using His power through us. We might not be able to push over tall buildings and stop big monsters in their tracks but I bet the angels can and we are only a little below them! If only we believe and trust and raise our faith we can do superhero stuff too! With God’s power through us we can be heroes even in our prayer life!


365 Prophetic 10365Prophetic.com

We know what Satan sends is junk mail meant to steal, kill, and destroy.
By Yerinita T. Curtis-Fuller

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. (2 Cor 10:5)
When we receive negative words and thoughts from the enemy, we must RETURN IT BACK TO THE SENDER! Those thoughts should never be able to gain access against the helmet of salvation. The helmet of salvation is a part of the full armor of God found in Ephesians 6:17. It instructs us to “take the helmet of salvation” so that it can protect the head of the soldier.

If our head (minds) come under, attack the rest of the body is useless. The destruction starts in the thoughts. Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as he thinks the in his heart, so he is.” This means that what we think, we become. The Word of God, which is the Sword of The Spirit, protects, renews, and sustain our minds. Satan comes to attack the mind, but he starts with a thought. When the thought is not taken captive, access is granted.

We know what Satan sends is JUNK MAIL meant to KILL, STEAL, AND DESTROY. The scripture says, “We demolish the argument.” This means when the argument comes, we recognize it by the Spirit of God, and we take action against it! If we know the thought is not of the Lord, we cannot afford to entertain it for one second! Secondly, the verse says that we take it captive. We place it under arrest to keep it from progressing! Then finally, we make it obey Christ.

I want you to think about the debilitating effects of a migraine. A migraine can shut down the entire body and keep a person from being able to function. It is the same when we allow satan access to our mind and thoughts. We must keep the helmet of salvation buckled tight and in place. If we do this daily, how can Satan trespass against it? He may form the weapon, but it won’t prosper. God has already done His part in giving us the full armor, the rest is up to us! We have to take the helmet and put it on DAILY! Are you feeling depressed? Fearful? Full of anxiety? Discouraged? These are attacks on the mind.

When I was in grammar school, I got ridiculed about my appearance. I didn’t look or dress like the popular kids, so there were not many who wanted to befriend me. I was constantly ridiculed. I had no idea how their words would effect me later in life. When we hear such negative words, we start to believe them. Their words got in my thoughts and in my heart. So for many years I suffered with rejection. The rejection was the access point in which Satan used to destroy my self image which led to greater problems.

Eventually I was exposed to the truth that God loved and accepted me. I may not be able to get back the years that I didn’t love myself, but I do now. God turned on the light of truth, and I was able to see my true identity and beauty. I now minister truth to the people of God using my previous pain. True beauty has nothing to do with outer appearance. The next time a negative word or thought comes from the enemy, what will you do? You must TAKE IT CAPTIVE AND DEMOLISH IT!! In other words, when the devil sends his evil junk mail, you will REFUSE IT! MARK IT UNDELIVERABLE! RETURN TO SENDER!


Yerinita Curtis- Fuller is a gifted author and teacher, possessing a true aptness to encourage, empower, and uplift the Body Of Christ. She has mentored others for over a decade. She has an AA Degree in Human Services Management and now pursuing a degree in Psychology. Yerinita ministers healing, hope, courage, and faith through teaching the Word of God. She loves to mentor and empower women to birth out their God -ordained purpose in the earth .Yerinita is known for flowing in the gift of exhortation to those in need. She moves in love, mercy, and compassion and has impacted many as the power of the Holy Spirit enables her. Yerinita and her husband, Larry of 15 years reside in the Chicagoland area where they parent seven beautiful children. Their family is under the spiritual covering of Heritage of Life Covenant Church where Apostle Lancer and Tracy Delashment are her leaders. Her family also has the honor of being spiritually covered/mentored by Pastor Bruce and Sharon Haynes.


Good article to remind us of the battle that seems to rage on non-stop. I never totally understood what the armor of God really meant until the last 3 years when I’ve had to understand to survive. I think often of all the years spent in church yet never learning what I know now. You can’t help but look back over the years and the thousands of sermons, Bible studies and prayer meetings … and wonder, “how did I miss so much?” If you keep looking back you end up blaming all the people who were there to teach you but you have to consider that they didn’t know either and taught, preached and prayed the best they could. I guess you could trace the problem back to the garden where the first humans chose to sin and separate themselves from God because of the lies of the devil as he entered the garden and started his mission of kill, steal and destroy. And here we are nearing the end of his reign of lies and destruction but he has accelerated his attempts even more and now God is making sure we understand what we are up against and how to fight it. The truth has always been there for us but we have been blind to it. God is now opening our eyes wide so we don’t miss it any more. There is no blame of others or ourselves … just grab the truth, your armor and stand against him and help others to know how how he operates and what to do to defeat him.