Australians Rally Against Lockdowns, Vaccines & 5G

I was so glad to find this news feed on Australian people protesting against what is going on here over the COVID-19 that they find unjust and pretty much fueled with untruth! As a dual citizen to Australia/America and finding myself trapped here by closure of all state borders and all airlines domestic and inter-national for an indefinite time period which rumor says could be year(s) I was glad to see the people coming against all of this. As an American born and raised and living there most of my life I admit I am a bit stressed over the thought of not being able to go “home” if I want to! So happy to share this news!

Thousands of protesters have rallied across Australia today to object ongoing COVID-19 measures, including pushes for mandatory vaccination.

The following is highlights from major rallies. Further content will be added to this list.

A show of unity in Brisbane. Photo: Cheyenne
Australians are fed up and they are taking action against draconian laws and increasing losses of freedoms. This includes the rollout of 5G and pushes for vaccines through means of coercion.


Today in Sydney, a large group of protesters (reports of over 2,000) marched against ongoing measures, including a strong focus on fluoride and large pharmaceutical corporations.

The group convened at Hyde Park in the CBD before holding a singalong of pro-choice vaccination songs and walking to NSW Parliament House.

They chanted “freedom of choice” and “my body, my choice” on the march, with some attempting to raise the spectre of the ongoing Brave New World Order plan.


In Brisbane, over 1,500 people gathered at King George Square to hear a variety of speakers discuss a wide range of issues, including loss of medical freedom, constitutional rights and COVID-19 lockdowns.

They chanted “when there’s risk, there must be choice” and “no, no for mandatory, yes, yes for voluntary” when marching to Parliament House soon after, before rounding out the day with further speakers.

Photos from TOTT News who was live at the Brisbane rally:




In Melbourne, their placards claimed5G = communism, “COVID 1984” and “our ignorance is their strength”.

They booed police who warned the crowd that they were breaching social distancing rules designed to slow the spread of coronavirus.

In a statement, police said those found in breach of COVID-19 directions faced fines of $1,652 each.

The walk passed without incident or police intervention.


Similarly, up to a thousand protesters also gathered in Adelaide as a sign of unity with national protests taking place, following previous successful rallies in the area.


Hundreds of protesters also gathered in Western Australia to oppose ongoing lockdown measures, peacefully marching through the city.

During the event, a 90 year old man stood up against police saying poetry, a man with an Australian flag was arrested and more.

We have received reports that up to 5 people were arrested, including a lady who was knocked down by the police.

A small, but passionate group of protesters also rallied in Albury WA with specific focus on vaccine pushes:


A noble group of around 30 protesters gathered in Hobart today.

We are hearing reports that suggest 2 cops showed up and quoted state COVID-19 rules of no more than 10 people, threatening to arrest if protesters did not move on.

Some people with plackards walked to Elizabeth street mall, where police were waiting with a paddy wagon.

Well done and please get in contact with us or the #WakeUpAustralia team if you are in the area and are looking to try and get the word out in future.


Similar protests were held in Canberra and a few other locations. We haven’t heard much from both, but will be adding footage/coverage shortly!


2 thoughts on “Australians Rally Against Lockdowns, Vaccines & 5G

    1. Thank you for your comments! I did read your blog as suggested on how to overcome herd mentality and I find as I have know for life I have no herd mentality. I’ve been a loner, never really fit in and for the most part didn’t want to. I’ve always been a thinker, explorer, researcher and followed my own beliefs. I’m open to suggestion but generally don’t follow it if it means conforming to the world and things I don’t believe in. It leads to a lonely life in some ways but it is better to me than being a sheeple! But I am friendly and like people in small doses!

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