He is Giving You Nothing Less Than His Best For You in This New Season!


Lorilei Cooley Ministries

Can you sense the landscape of things has changed? The seasons have changed and so has alignments and connections. There are old things and ways to be done away with so that the new doors of opportunity can begin to start opening up that you never expected to open.

I felt this encouragement strongly from the Lord for what He is doing right now. Do not be discouraged or dismayed. The Lord is working accelerated right now to bring you into a brand new season. He is making all things new, He is restoring your heart, your voice, and your mind. You will not be short changed or left out in what He is doing and what He is bringing you into. The boldness of the Lord will come forth from you unlike you have experienced before as move upon His leading.

The Lord is moving you into His timing of ‘appointed things’ that He has planned for you. This is why the warfare has been so intense and relentless with resistance and opposition. The Lord is removing and breaking all these entanglements, lies, and restraints that have tried to hold you back from moving forward. As He is does He is moving you along a new pathway that He has created for you to bring into places where provision, blessing, increase, favor and breakthrough will be all around you. He has surrounded His angels around you to protect, to lead and navigate you into the land. He has secured your entry and your new is just on the horizon.

Isaiah 57:14 “And it will be said: “Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.”

I also felt the Lord saying He is preparing many for’ grand breakthrough.’ He is preparing you to occupy your promise land. He is making you fully ready so you can handle all that He is releasing. Had the Lord brought it sooner to you, you would not been able to handle the overflow. He had to enlarge your capacity to carry what He is releasing. He is putting your heart back in place where you feel and know that this is your season to prosper. This is your season to flourish, to advance and to move into the greater that He has already prepared for you.


When the ‘finally’ breakthrough happens it will take your breath away as the Lord restores you and floods you with His joy and goodness. For your days of weariness, toiling, and wrestling are coming to a complete close. You are getting ready to move from a time of transition to a time of enjoying the fruit of the land. Your sorrow will be no more and joy is about to hit your household with long awaited breakthrough. You will see the Lord fully and completely in it, as He has been orchestrating this ‘finally’ breakthrough for a long time now. Many things had to happen and take place first before the Lord could move you into it.

I felt the Lord strongly say, “It is time to move into the fullness of what I have promised. This is not a repeat prophetic word but a now declaration of my word as heaven is colliding with the natural to bring about what I have already spoke to you!”

GodTV spiritual attack

If that is you … which it has been me at some point nearly every day for a few weeks now … keep hoping and believing in what God has told you. No matter how long, we must hold onto what God has told us through prophecy, scriptures, in our own hearts and minds … however you got your promise don’t give up. If He said it in any way, He will complete what He has started in you. God is not a man that He can lie and what He has promised He will fulfill. I know that starts sounding like a broken record and I feel like I am being yanked back and forth between God and the devil over and over and you may feel like that too. But God is the only ONE we can trust and He doesn’t lie or take back promises. The enemy will try every way to change our thoughts toward God but we must fight against that and hold on … Pain is temporary … Quitting is permanent! Trails will come and attacks will be relentless with every kind of opposition to our breakthrough, trying to dislodge us from our trust in God and we must fight it daily! God always wins and we will win too if we just hang on to Him. Listen to worship, read scriptures, keep journals of the blessings from God and read them over, print off words you read the uplift you and read them over and over. I have hundreds of pages of words I’ve read and printed off over the last 4 years of waiting during trials and attacks. I was reading one the other day I wrote 2 years ago to myself and at first it made me angry that I was still waiting but then I thought of all the good that has happened and the times God has bailed me out of trouble and bad situations and I felt peace and resolve to keep hanging on. You can do it … we can do it with God!

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene  https://www.facebook.com/zephyrmorning

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