God’s Wonder Woman Message

God’s Wonder Woman Message

Patricia King reveals the character and mandate of the Bride of Christ and shares on an angelic visitation she had on Pentecost Sunday last week.

“We have to extract the precious from the worthless and hold fast to that which is good… because God can use anything to speak to you.” — Patricia King

This is so good and an excellent word for all of us as you hear her 5 attributes of God’s Bride. Plus she talks about the SENIORS ON THE FRONT LINE GLOBALLY that connects with a video I posted on my Facebook on August 4th with Paulette Reed who shared about it and what they hope to achieve, saying, “This will help seniors to not pack it in and spiral down out of life but to be empowered to do more, to be mobilized and equipped.. We are building a program  for pastors and leaders with manuals and courses. Together globally it will make so much difference for seniors around the world who will be catapulted into their future Glory which is better than their former Glory! Out of your recliners and run, there is no limitation on the great commission. It’s God Time. There are millions of seniors who will be on the front line making a difference for Jesus”.

I think this would be a great project for your church seniors or form a group of seniors in your home! They are taking this around the world so wherever you are you can be a part. If you are young and have older parents or grand parents, retired pastors or leaders, let them know! I know a pastor who is 71 and he said a couple years ago he wanted to retire and God wouldn’t let him! This is why, you are needed, we all are in this final class of swords between good and evil, love and hate, God and the forces of darkness! We all have a part!

Sharing my heart and the heart of the Father from my Prison of Hope! Be blessed and trust God above all. ~ Charlene