The Chronicles of Revival – A Book of the Future

by Jeff Jansen, Murfreesboro, TN

Recently as I was praying and sitting before the Lord, I was taken into the spirit and shown a beautiful book of the future. The Lord said, “This futuristic book will be read by generations to come about the great exploits of what I am releasing in individuals, churches, cities, regions and nations now – and will be known as ‘The Chronicles of Revival.'”

Untold thousands will look back to our time with great hunger and expectation, wishing to have been there and play a part of the great revival that shook the world. In our time, God is preparing the Church to be a generation of burning ones that will release His Kingdom of power and glory to the masses.

Now is the time that decisions are being made and forged in the fires of affliction to bring about an absolute resolve for the mission and mandate being offered to us. We must choose to accept, relinquish and submit to the purposes of God so we can be molded into the vessels of the Lord’s choosing.

Lately my prayer has been like this:

“Lord, shake me to wake me,
Wake me to break me,
Break me to make me…a vessel of pure love.”

Character and Purity

Before the Lord will trust us as stewards of His glory, we must be emptied of all selfish ambition and self-reliance, and be completely submitted to His purposes and will. I can already hear some say: “But we are the beneficiaries of the finished work of the Cross and Jesus did it all for us on Calvary; it’s all by grace, brother!”

Well that’s true…it is by grace, but there’s a working ability and cooperation with the Holy Spirit that qualifies us not just to become the recipients of His promises for salvation, but to be entrusted with true riches, power and glory that will enable us to manifest revival and harvest in the nations of the earth with a incredible power not yet seen.

In this book “The Chronicles of Revival” I saw revival fires spread to various places on a spiritual map across America and the nations that changed the climate across the globe. I watched as people turned the pages of the book and read about the incredible exploits of miracles that manifested upon the masses and how countless people came to Christ. As they read they wept and asked the Lord for the same glory, and much greater for their time.

Something New is Being Forged – Now

It’s true, something new is being forged now! We are being prepared for a fresh outpouring in our day. If you are going through the fires of affliction, count it all joy as you are being tempered to carry the glory of God as in Isaiah 41:15 as a new, sharp, harvesting machine: “See, I will make you into a threshing sledge, new and sharp, with many teeth. You will thresh the mountains and crush them, and reduce the hills to chaff.”

Don’t try to bypass the process or short circuit the circumstances as you will only have to repeat it again. Accept, relinquish and submit to the process of God, and you will emerge from the flames as a burning one with renewed strength and power. 

Remember, future generations will read about us.

I want to be a man that you would write about
Oh that a hundred years from now they would read about
Your servant of choice…a man who found favor
A man who heard your Voice!
(Lyrics “A Man You Would Write About” by 4Him)

Jeff Jansen, Senior Leader
Global Fire Church & Global Connect
Global Fire Ministries International

(Shared from the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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