You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet! I’m Saving the Best for Last

In our own journey, we had begun to grit our teeth and anticipate loss because of so many disappointments over the last five years. So when the Lord told us our personal word for 2017 was “Anticipation,” we started to overcome the subtle negativity we had fallen into. This was a personal word, but it has a corporate application.

The Lord told us what to anticipate: “How refreshing is it to be reminded of the good things I have in store for you! Consider that if I AM storing good things for you, they are already yours and I AM saving them to present to you for the right time. Now your task is to trust Me to know when that is.”

Then He said, “The more people look forward to the good things that are coming, the more they will engage in them. Who would want to be left out?”

The land, when healthy, does not grudgingly produce fruit; it glories in its fertility. It was made to be productive; and when it is free from curses, it is joyful in its abundance.

What is happening in front of our house reminds us to anticipate the good – our street is being torn up to replace the storm sewer pipe. Part of the road surface, plus the curb and gutter were removed, creating a big trench that blocked our driveway. Workers had to lower large steel plates to form a bridge so guests could get in and out, like a red carpet, to honor the arrival of our friends.

Work begins early each morning. We awake to the sound of “beep-beep-beep” of big construction equipment and the loud “clunk-clunk-clunk” of dump trucks. The men in white hard hats remind us of the angels God sends to help and to protect us.

Water, electricity, cable TV, internet and phone service are interrupted at different times. Rather than being annoyed, we rejoice despite the inconvenience; anticipating a beautiful, newly paved road with a much larger capacity for handling storm runoff so our property will not flood again as it did five years ago. After tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, we are still recovering from that flood damage.

Saving the Best for Last

We are learning to be grateful for the training which accompanies adversities. As God teaches us about anticipation, He is getting us all ready for the good things to come. He told us:

“I AM saving the best for last. Ahead is not just a season but a dispensation of grace equal to the price Jesus paid to purchase it. This will justify His taking the punishment for the sin of the whole world. It will signal the time has arrived to choose whom you will serve. The season of being double-minded will end. Men will either be for Me or against Me.

“The fear which the enemy uses to keep men from Me will backfire on him as people flock into My Kingdom. No one in his right mind will want to be left out. Fishers of men will multiply as they are needed. The nets will not break, but it will take many strong backs to bring them in. Faint-of-heart Christians will get excited and become like Gideon. (Photo via Randy and Barbara Walter)

“As awe of Me spreads, people will take My name seriously. Men will want their doorposts covered by the Blood of Jesus. Times and seasons will no longer produce fear in My people, but the enemy will be anxious because he knows his time is short.

“My people will become unified as they work together in the harvest, shoulder to shoulder, pulling in the nets and discipling the nations.

“Does all this sound too glorious? Show Me where it disagrees with My Word. Is it too much to hope for? Then remember that the eye has not seen, nor the ear heard, nor has it entered into the imagination of men what I will do to glorify My name for their benefit (see Isaiah 64:4, 1 Corinthians 2:9).

The Unexpected

“Anticipate the unexpected. When the 120 gathered in the Upper Room, do you think they prayed with anticipation, even if they didn’t know what to expect? Imagine what they were praying for. Yes, it could have been for some personal needs. But don’t you think it was for more than that?

“They were in the waiting room while the Church was being birthed. Can you hear the Kingdom prayers? Can you imagine the world vision? Can you agree with the worship? Can you relate to their having a sense of bringing salvation to all men?

I came in and brought what they didn’t expect. Then they went out and did what no one expected. That very day, they saw the beginning of the Church. The call to repentance was given. The conviction of My Spirit fell. Men who had been smug in their religion were undone and cried, ‘What must we do?’ It was the forerunner of things to come.

“So anticipate the unexpected if you believe My thoughts and plans are higher than yours.”

Anticipating Revival

“The Body of Christ needs to know that revival is not to vindicate them so they can look down on sinners. Revival is, ‘Start with me so I can show the way to sinners.’

Jesus will come with more power and authority than the concept of ‘revival’ can contain.

“It is My people who have to repent first. As they humble themselves and seek Me, I will awaken the land. While a land is cursed, it will not yield its increase. It is dormant. It is not guarding its own borders. It is not celebrating My goodness. It is not conforming to its designed purpose because it is weighed down with curses from sin.

I will awaken the land to reestablish itself. I will heal it from the stain of iniquity, and I will bring it back to its bounty. A land, when healthy, does not grudgingly produce fruit; it glories in its fertility. It was made to be productive; and when it is free from curses, it is joyful in its abundance.

“And as I do to the land, so I will do to the people. It takes those who know Me to first humble themselves and begin the process. This is repentance, which brings revival not only to men but to all Creation.

“I pronounced a blessing on the land when I formed it. Men strayed and robbed the land of its blessing. But because their words have the power of life and death, men can also cause the land to be restored by their repentance.

“Men see ‘revival’ as breathing life into the lukewarm Church. Jesus will come with more power and authority than the concept of ‘revival’ can contain. He will come first into men’s hearts, because He won’t bring My Kingdom until He establishes sovereignty over its subjects. (Photo via Randy and Barbara Walter)

“The whole earth will shift, almost as if the planet itself wobbled. Revival can only prepare the way for what Jesus is coming to do. In the same way, you cannot be fully prepared for the things to come. You also cannot be fully prepared for the extent of My glory which is about to be revealed. You thought you would have to program yourselves to see what I was doing in the midst of terrible things you may witness. I say you are already programmed, and seeing My hand and My glory will not be difficult for you.”

We may see things disrupted in days ahead, just like our street. But we can anticipate that God has the master plan to bring them about for His glorious good because He loves the world and has never stopped loving us.

Randy and Barbara Walter
Shiloh Ministries | Salisbury Revival Prayer Network


Randy and Barbara Walter conduct Shiloh Ministries on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, emphasizing intercession and the prophetic, and facilitating seminars and workshops. They have interceded on-site and led prayer journeys at hundreds of locations through their Chesapeake Revival Prayer Network. The Lord has assigned them to pray for awakening, outpouring and cultural transformation. For 25 years, Randy edited a regional Christian newspaper called The Manna. Randy and Barbara have ministered together throughout their 34 years of marriage, and have just published their seventh book, Name Your Gates & Take Back Your Cities.

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