A Word from Papa God: I’ve Prepared This Hour For YOU!


“You Are Powerful and Fearless!”

The Father says to you, “If you shine your light, you will get the world’s attention. The cruelty of the masses will turn its attention on you. Those who say they are Christians, but are not, will try to destroy you and dim your light. All the darkness in the world will suddenly be exposed as My beloved rises in the radiance of My Son, Jesus the Christ!

“Beloved, you’ve been told countless things that have made it difficult for you to understand your purpose or how you are to fulfill your mission. You’ve been told how small you are, how wicked and evil your heart is. You’ve been wounded by accusation and slander. Yet, you are not what they say you are. You are powerful, fruitful, kind and self-sacrificing.

“You have been lied to – but you are not who they say you are. You are much more powerful and fearless than you could ever imagine.

“I Need You to Know Who You Are in Me”

“Though the darkness rages against you, DO NOT FEAR!”

“Beloved, you’ve lost your way and the woundedness you’ve suffered has caused your heart to grow bitter. You tried to endure and be who you were told you should be, but now you are afraid and discouraged. The bitterness of your heart has opened you up to danger and made you vulnerable to the designs of the enemy. Your vulnerability has caused the enemy to rise up in presumptive aggression against you and they’ve been made fearless in their boldness to ruin you – they really think they can destroy you, My friend.

“However, they do no realize that I’ve caused them to war against you, because I needed you to know who you are in Me. I needed you to realize your power and understand your purpose. You are not alive in this hour to be trampled and see the destruction of My Body. No. You are here in this hour because I knew that when you realized who you are, you would walk with Me in the authority I’ve given to you. You will become the light I knew you would become.

“My Church is the most powerful force on the earth, but they do not know it yet. There are voices on the earth trying desperately to restore the heart of My Beloved, but they are being viciously attacked. They are declaring the power of My Kingdom, My favor and My love, but the wolves have tried to gobble them up with slander and accusation.

“Ambassadors of Heaven”

As your enemies rage against you, you need to know who you are. Why do you allow the darkness to lead you? YOU ARE THE LIGHT!!!

“Did you think that having begun to live by My Spirit you could switch to slinging mud? Yes, truly the world is dark – that is why I sent you here! Fear is covering the earth: hatred is oppressing the hearts and minds of men – that is why I’ve breathed My breath and power in you! 

“Darkness and despair have overtaken the people of the earth, yet MY GLORY has risen up in YOU! You are here to shine! You are the light of the world – like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise [and LOVE] your heavenly Father.” Matthew 5:14-16 NLT

“Truly, you are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. I’ve called you to be My ambassadors of HEAVEN! I’ve called you to administrate the power of the heavens. Your light comes from Me, from My home. As you live in ME, your light will be unquenchable and piercingly bright, penetrating the darkness of earth. Yes, you are, indeed, a city set high up on a hill, shining the light of MY HOPE AND GLORY to the world! You were created for this hour, to declare MY GOODNESS and radiate My LIKENESS into the darkness!

“As My children, you are the reigning power of the universe and have authority to administrate MY JUSTICE! I’ve prepared this hour for you!

“Declare Boldly My Love for Mankind!”

“As you decree and declare My miraculous power, do NOT shy away from declaring the Gospel of My Son to the nations! Declare BOLDLY My love for MANKIND! Though darkness rages against you, DO NOT FEAR! As you stand for My love, you may feel small and vulnerable, but I will give you the words to speak that will disarm the hostility of darkness. For they are truly hungry and will be moved by your persistence to win them. Your steps will be sure and certain for you have only My strength to save you from their wrath.

“If you shine your light, you will get the world’s attention.”

“Every step they take toward you with the intent to destroy you will cool the hatred that possesses them. Do not respond to their anger, but reveal to them who they truly are as I give you the words to speak. They think they are coming after you because they hate you, but really I am sending them to you because they are so lost in the emptiness of their stolen heart and the wounds created from living in darkness.

“Remember they have been lied to and they, too, have been told they are someone they are not. They’ve felt noble in their hatred of you. It’s become their dark purpose and has even come to define what they believe is their existence.

As you begin to tell them who they really are and the purposes they were created for, you will begin to see for yourself the purposes for which I’ve destined you to fulfill. You will discover the answers you were looking for. I will make it obvious to you; you will not miss it.

“I’ve given you My love for them and this love is your armor to defend against the hostility that holds them captive. You can trust My love; it will melt their defensiveness. As their heart is restored to them, the hunger for the light that is hidden inside them will emerge and the darkness that has encased them will fall away. Even you will be surprised by what you will see in them, their humanity will come forth and take your breath away.

“This is Your Hour to Invade the Darkness!”

“Like a mother, you will feel a supernatural connection to them and want to care for them. As they grow in My strength and their purpose is revealed, you will stand back in awe at what you have done for My Kingdom. The light of My Son will produce great fruitfulness in them and they will transform the world around them. The water of My Word and the light of My Spirit will become their best friends – they will literally become completely brand-new! 

“As though they have been awakened from a deep slumber, they will, in turn, administrate My power to those around them and will consume the darkness that’s encased those with them. Their fruitfulness will spread as the LIFE OF MY LOVE renews their humanity, overwhelming the darkness.

Beloved, you were created for this. This is NOT the hour of your destruction, but the hour you invade the darkness! The heated anger of darkness is seeking the cooling, healing of the power of My presence and you, My friend, are the carrier of My presence!

“Shine your light now! Let the love of MY HEART flow through you and destroy the kingdoms of darkness. I’ve given you the NATIONS as YOUR INHERITANCE – they are YOUR TREASURE! This treasure will last for eternity and you will no longer be rejected, but overwhelmed by acceptance.

“This is YOUR HOUR!” 

Victoria Boyson
Speaking Life Ministries

Email: victoria@boyson.org
Website: www.boyson.org

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