This Will Be Your Finest Hour


This Will Be Your Finest Hour – A Word by Robert Hotchkin

It is easy to look around and see what is wrong in our nations and in the world. There is wickedness to our left, and unrighteousness to our right. Good is being called evil and evil good. Even in the church there is division, derision and deception. While this can all be heartbreaking, none of it should take us by surprise. It has all been foretold in scripture – as has the truth that in the darkest of days we are made to shine the brightest (Isaiah 60:2-3)!

A Divine Set-Up

Do not look around and think for one minute that the enemy is winning. No! What often looks and feels like losses or failings are actually opportunities to clearly see what needs to be dealt with by us in God’s power as His dominion stewards in the earth. The wickedness, the unrighteousness, the darkness – it is merely the enemy vividly overplaying his hand and bringing into sharp focus what we need to stand against, speak against, and come against. These are not the darkest of days; this is a divine set-up for the church’s finest hour!

Slay the Giants

God ALWAYS leads us into victory (2 Corinthians 2:14). The promise is not that He will help us avoid challenges or difficulties or battles. Actually it is just the opposite. He leads us into them so that we can enforce the victory that we already have been given in Christ and collect our spoils! Yes there are giants in the land today. But It is time for us to stop being intimidated, hiding on the sidelines, and running away like the army of Israel in 1 Samuel 17:23-24. It is time for us to arise and advance like David – knowing our God (1 Samuel 17:37), declaring our God (1 Samuel 17:46-47), rallying the church (1 Samuel 17:52), slaying the giants (1 Samuel 17:50-51), and collecting the spoils of our victories (1 Samuel 17:53)!

Rebuilding the Wall of Righteousness

In Ezekiel 22 we read of a day much like the one we find ourselves in today. Terrible deeds, confusion, filth and idolatry were everywhere (Ezekiel 22:2-5). The innocent and helpless were wronged and oppressed, holy things were despised, accusations were rampant, and leaders plotted evil instead of standing for good (Ezekiel 22:7-9, 25). The church was in just as bad a state (Ezekiel 22:26, 28). Israel was given over to sin and wickedness. Yet it was still not beyond hope. All God needed was one willing to stand in the gap and “rebuild the wall of righteousness that guards the land” (Ezekiel 22:30 NLT). In that day He did not find one, but it is clear that if He had it could have all been turned around. No matter how dark or wicked things have become, one with God is enough to change everything!

He Only Needs One

Yes darkness is prevalent in the world. Yes nations are given over to wickedness. And yes the church has some issues, as well. But none of it is too far gone for God. He only needs one! One who is willing to “stand in the gap and rebuild the wall of righteousness that guards the land.” One who is willing to partner with Him and watch over the thoughts and feelings they allow, the decisions they make, the words they speak. One who is willing to be overwhelmed by grace to become a person of no-compromise and respond to His invitation of heroic holiness (1 Peter 1:16). Will you be that one? Will you say yes? Will you look beyond the many things that are wrong, and see the One who is Righteous – the One who is well able to turn it all around? Will you offer Him your life anew this day ­– your heart, your voice, your faith? If so, this will be the church’s finest hour, and you will see great wonders in your midst (Joshua 3:5).

I love you all, and believe in you all. Even more importantly – God loves you all, and He wants to remind you that as you believe in Him, no enemy can stand against you (Joshua 1:5). Go out there today and change the world!

Let’s pray and agree that:

[1] The church shall arise and shine ­– we will not be put off by the darkness that is in the earth, but instead we will embrace the fullness of power we have been given in Christ to change the world.

[2] The Lord is leading His people into victory and we are collecting the spoils!

[3] The enemy is not winning. The church is encouraged and empowered. We shall not fear, but instead we are bold in advancing the Kingdom in the earth – realizing we have the victory and enforcing it anywhere and everywhere we see the enemy try to raise up a stronghold.

[4] God has put His words in our mouths so that we declare who He is and all that He has done – tearing down every work of darkness, slaying every giant and seeing righteousness established in the land!

[5] We are a people of no compromise – holy as He is Holy, righteous as He is righteous, pure and powerful as He is Pure and Powerful!

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