angels over


Lana Vawser

Sometimes when God shows me a specific dream or prophetic experience, it does not necessarily mean the person in the experience had the encounter or if they did, remembers what I saw. It means this is what God IS DOING in this person’s life

I had a vision where I saw Jesus leading President Donald Trump to a door. This door was labelled “INCREASE”. When Jesus opened the door in the middle of the table was a drawing board. Instantly I knew where I was. It was the strategy room of heaven. The Lord grabbed a scroll off the shelf and He turned to President Trump and said “It is now time for this new scroll to be applied.”

Jesus unravelled the scroll across the drawing board table and instantly I knew in my spirit that this scroll was a new strategy for the ‘next steps’. Jesus turned to Mr Trump and said “Things are about to radically change, the United States of America is about to move onto a completely new page, I am now beginning to set the stage.”

The sense surrounded me that the manifestation of restoration, freedom and increase was upon the United States of America in great increase. It wasn’t to say that the uprooting, the cleansing and the shaking was over, but there is coming a time where there will be an “adding onto”, the increase of greater visible signs of restoration, healing and freedom in the nation. The sense surrounded me that the list of things that the Lord wanted to see accomplished in this season in the United States of America, a few of those things had been checked off and completed.

Instantly I remembered a vision I had of President Trump before he was elected where he stood before Jesus and Jesus placed a purple robe over him and a crown on his head. The heart of that encounter was the Lord saying that in Donald Trump’s Presidential Term, that the Lord would make him like King David, a man after His own heart.

I saw a softness in President Trump’s heart to Jesus, a willingness and longing to hear from Him and to hear His strategy and to walk the journey before him uprightly, and I had a strong sense of the Lord’s delight and favour.

I felt the Lord highlighting the encounter from months before President Trump got elected, because the Lord wanted to show me something else in this encounter. As I looked back into that encounter, what stood out to me was the crown on President Trump’s head. The crown at the time of the encounter, I believe the Lord was highlighting President Trump’s kingship/authority upon the earth, but this time when I looked back into that encounter, I felt another highlight of the Lord.

As I pressed in to ask the Lord what He wanted to say, I heard the words “There will now be an increase of the crown of wisdom upon President Trump.” I saw Jesus breathe upon the crown and as He did, it was like the whole room was filled with the tangible presence of the wisdom and strategy of God. The sense surrounded me that there is about to be a major increase of discernment and strategy upon the life of Donald Trump, that he is going to begin to see things he has never seen before, he is going to begin to see in ways he has never seen before, and he is about to move in ways he has never moved before and as he does, partnered with Jesus, there is going to be a great ushering of increase, abundance, favour, healing and restoration into the nation of the United States of America BUT the people of God MUST join and agree with the Lord and PRAY IT IN!

In this increase of wisdom and insight and leading of God that he will receive, if he continues to partner with God, there will be an even greater exposure of hidden things and a revealing of twisted truths, suddenly being seen for what they are. This wisdom and discernment, this heavenly insight that the Lord will reveal to Donald Trump, is going to carve pathways of breakthrough in the United States that have not been carved before and in areas that have not been carved.

I also saw that the Lord has showers and showers of blessings to be poured out on the United States of America, the rains of blessing, if President Trump takes heed of the wisdom, insight and discernment of God that will be released into his life in this season for the greater breakthrough and move of the Spirit of God in the United States of America.


As Jesus spoke with Donald Trump in this strategy room of heaven, I saw prophetic dreams opening up over President Trump and the Lord releasing keys to him as he sleeps. These keys are keys to unlock in a moment through the divine strategy of heaven, what has been locked away for generations. Each of these keys had the same inscription on them “Tipping Point”. They were the very keys to activate the tipping points where the ground has been ploughed and prepared by the intercession of the saints, things held back for generations, that is FOR the United States of America, released and breaking through and out SUDDENLY.

I saw as Donald Trump put these “tipping point keys of strategy” into action, I saw people firing at him with accusation and offense, but he stood firm, full of resolve and burning conviction of what he had seen and heard and was unmovable. Even though these ‘tipping point keys of strategy’ had seemingly put him in the firing line more than ever, the protection of God over him through the prayers of the saints was greater than ever. I saw many with tongues like vipers and they were spitting poison at him because the ‘way of strategy’ was not what ‘has been done, what is to be done or what should be done’. The atmosphere surrounded me so powerfully ringing 1 Corinthians 1:27 “But God chose the things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful.”

These very “tipping point keys of strategy” that the Lord was going to give to President Trump, many in the world would consider “foolish” but it was going to bring a great demonstration to the power of God and the wisdom of heaven. The power and breakthrough of God was going to be demonstrated loudly, and the most unexpected of strategies and plans would bear the greatest fruit of breakthrough and jaws would be left on the floor and the hand of God again clearly demonstrated upon President Trump.

I saw all of this taking place, and I am suddenly back into the strategy room of heaven, watching what is taking place. Jesus looks at President Trump and says “We are now moving into the next phase, where I am bringing restoration, increase and making greater space for the greatest move of My Spirit upon this earth and that is why the battle continues to rage and increase to seven times hotter than it was. The enemy is scared, but as he has come at you and the United States of America in seven directions, I will now send him scattered in seven directions.”

The vision then changed and I saw the White House. I see huge warrior angels standing at the door of the White House. One of the warrior angels reminded me of Michael the Arch Angel and they had swords of fire in their hands. I looked over the White House and I saw a HUGE NET made of fire.

I then heard the Lord say “Many traps have been set to trip up, hinder, catch and trap President Trump and what I am doing in the United States of America. I have sounded the alarm, I have released the clarion call for My people to increase their intercession. I am opening eyes to see the results of intercession. There is a net of fire upon the White House, a net of My protection that is established through the prayers of the saints that is protecting all that I am doing.”

I wondered why the Lord used the imagery of a “net” and then the understanding came to me. Where the enemy has set up “nets” and “traps” to try and stop and catch what God is doing in and through the White House and in the United States of America, the NET of the Lord’s protection is swallowing up the nets of the enemy.

The Lord spoke again:

“My people continue to pray for President Trump’s heart, that he will remain open to Me and My leading, that the enemy would not trap and hinder his heart and lead him in different directions. Pray for his heart, to continue to seek after Me, to be sensitive to me as I move him into this new realm of transition of strategy.”


The Lord then said to me:

“Where the enemy is attempting to create nets to TRAP, where the enemy is creating nets to STEAL, I am decreeing to the body of Christ, get ready to CAST OUT YOUR NETS in a whole new way, for the HARVEST is about to explode in a whole new way. What I am about to do in the United States of America, the fish are about to jump into the boat in a whole new way. As I am transitioning President Trump into a new realm of divine strategy, so I am transitioning my church into a whole new realm of divine strategy for the harvest and move of My Spirit upon this earth. In this season, just like I will begin to teach President Trump new strategies of “casting his net on the other side of the boat”, so it will also be with you My people.”

There was so much excitement in the atmosphere. These new strategies were going to bring a level of increase, breakthrough, freedom and restoration into the United States of America that was going to see the Glory of God displayed in powerful ways. It is not that the current and previous strategies were wrong, or to replace these strategies, but the sense was that a completion had taken place in the spirit of some things, increase added to some strategies and completely new strategies were being birthed.

The darkness and turbulence that surrounds is just an indicator of the transition, change and increase of breakthrough upon the United States of America.

There are winds of change about to blow across the United States and they will be blowing in from different directions and in different ways than have been seen before, but they are going to blow in by the Spirit of God a level of increase, restoration, revelation of truth, and rebuilding that is part of the “divine set up” and “setting of the stage” for the greatest move of the Spirit of God that is about to shift gears in the United States to release the sound of reformation and awakening and perfect positioning for further movement into the destiny of God for the nation.

I saw the Lord using a branding iron and the branding iron was on fire. As the Lord came down with His hand upon the nation of the United States with the branding iron at the same time I saw a mantle of fire falling upon President Trump, burning with the same fire on the branding iron. It was the Lord’s fire.

As the branding iron stamped into the middle of the United States it burnt into the nation a word that was burning on fire and the word said “PURITY”.

The Lord is moving, shaking, burning away, cleansing, refining and purging in many ways and through President Trump to bring the United States to its destined place – a place MARKED by the PURITY of God, and that is why there has been such an attack on the nation to bring anything but purity. But the Lord is calling His people to continue to cry out and contend for PURITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS in the nation. It will not come by the effort of mans hands, but by the cleansing fire of God.

The Lord wants the United States to move into the words He is decreeing over the nation. “A nation marked by PURITY!!!! His PURITY!!!!” A city on a hill that shines with the righteousness and Glory of the Lord and His ways, as an example to other nations of purity and holiness.

Keep decreeing and interceding people of God for President Trump, his heart and ears to hear the strategy of heaven, and that the nation of the United States would align with the Lord’s decree over it.