Your Jericho Is Falling!


A Word by Dana Jarvis

What kind of walled city are you facing right now? Does it appear to be unconquerable? Does it look too high and appear too thick? Does it seem that victory is absolutely impossible in your case?  Let me remind you that if your walls haven’t already fallen flat, they can! They can fall right now!   Let’s handle your Jericho God’s way!

Israel had finally crossed the Jordan. They had prepared themselves spiritually and were following God’s orders to the letter. They are ready to claim the land that was theirs, however it wouldn’t come cheap. It was at Jericho they would begin to flex their spiritual muscles and conquer. They had come upon massive walls of Jericho that made their victory stop right in their tracks. However, our God is greater than the massive walls of Jericho and his people would be unstoppable!

Israel Had A Problem:

Here they stood with extremely large walls and a city to conquer. They must have thought they had reached a dead-end, but that gave the Lord the opportunity to show up and show off!  God wanted them to see this Jericho victory was all Him!  Are you facing obstacles much like this Jericho wall that is hindering you from that deeper relationship with God? It could be family trouble tearing at your heart, financial difficulties that stresses you to the limit of your patience and faith, or you have just become weary in your journey.  You must come to realize that through this the power of God is being revealed in and through you.  He is more clearly visible when we put ourselves out of the equation and realize your battle is the Lord’s and victory will come.

Israel Had A Promise:

Joshua and all the men of war stood looking at these walls ready to take what was theirs. They believed the Lord, they took him at his Word, and trusted him for the victory that lay ahead. They had his promise and these walls would not stop them for God was on their side. As you face your obstacles, remember you have the Lord’s promises as banners to march under.

  • His promise that your weapons are powerful through God.
  • His promise that our battles have all been arranged by the Lord.
  • His promise that our ability is limited only by our Faith.
  • His promise of power in the day of battle.
  • His promise of ongoing victory.
  • His promise that we will never fight alone.
  • His promise that when the battles are ended, we will celebrate the Victory in his Presence.

Jesus did not save you for you to be defeated! He saved you for the victory and he will be with you all the way to help you secure it for his glory!

Israel Had A Partner:

Israel’s partner was none other than God himself! He was in absolute control of this battle and guaranteed their victory! He did not come to take sides with them, but he came to take over!   These Jericho’s that stand in your life right now, you do not have to face them alone. No obstacle is insurmountable as long as you face it in the Lord! He has given you the weapons to fight. He has given you the Word of God which is infallible! It is your sword and you need to find your way around your armory to choose the right sword for the battle you are in! He gave you the power of prayer! Prayer is more than just a grocery list that you take and read off to him. You are entering a conversation with the God of the universe. You speak to him and he speaks to you! You can pour your heart out before him and he will share his heart with you.  Prayer has the ability to get things done!

Israel Prevailed:

After Israel marched around these walls as instructed by God to do. It was then on that seventh day and that seventh lap around, the priests gave a loud blast on the trumpets and the people shouted with a great shout! That wall fell down flat and the victory was theirs just as God had promised. Their shout was not one of defeat or even the shout of an attacking army, it was a shout raised in praise to their God who was faithful! Whatever situation you are in, God has promised you the victory! This wall before you must come down in the name of the Lord! Bring that need to Jesus right now!  You are his and you will prevail! He is greater than any obstacle, able to move that mountain, and to give you complete and total victory. God is still leveling Jericho’s, so let him bring down the walls in your life that you be hindered no more.

You have a PROBLEM, you have the PROMISES, and you will PREVAIL!



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