Get Ready! A Great Shift is Happening


Danny Steyne, Tolland, CT

In November 1989 the Lord told me, “If unity will come to the Church, someone has to be willing to be offended first.” Through the years I’ve watched and waited. I’ve seen little “cross-pollination” that does more than create the awkward experience of “almost unity”, but not quite. Then I received three things that would shift my focus in a huge way!

The intensity in the Spirit of this hour requires a peace inside of us. We must not divert from the call of God on our lives, but be very aware of the times in which we are living.

First, I saw a shifter in a car – a speed shifter – no clutch needed! We were about to enter the next phase without the usual protocol. We were going from 2nd to 4th gear! (That feeling of needing to shift gears out of second and the engine begging for a shift is how most of the Church has been feeling…but here is the answer!)

The initial shift would seem slow, but as we move through it, we would realize 3rd gear wasn’t working, and so it was bypassed to get us to Highway Speed. We were going to be driving on the Highway of Holiness: “A highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness” (Isaiah 35:8).

Secondly, I also saw many streams rushing down the hillsides in a torrential river and watched as they crashed and exploded into that river and realized we had only seen minimal trickles entering The River, but what we were about to see was going to challenge the torrents of the rivers and streams coming. It was tumultuous. It raged with a passion and produced a speed in The River not previously experienced.

I realized that He was about to cause a shift in the earth that would break open the dams that have locked the free flow of the “Spirit Way” upstream in all the streams that existed. This shift was going to cause a tumultuous and disruptive release to The River to flow as God had intended it to!

The streams aren’t going to flow together, they are going to crash into one another and stir up the passionate heart of God rather than forcing ideologies and opinions across denominational and stream lines. This was the Body of Christ on the earth about to arise. This was the expression of The Giant waking up to the intended call of the earliest disciples not to “a” way but to “The Way” of following Jesus. “All nations will stream to the Mountain of the Lord.” Isaiah 2:2

The Season of Deborah

The third thing I heard was: “You are entering the season of Deborah.” (Read Judges 4-5 for context.) As I began reflecting and meditating on this, my first response was the rise of women in the Church, but I realized that women are already rising in the Church.

Women are standing in places that previous generations would have never allowed. They have risen as being as gifted (or more so) than men in some areas. One quick glance through the Church and you will realize far more women are involved than men, and some have indicated this to be a problem; but Jesus ended His days as a man on the earth with women at the Cross by His side, except for one man, John. I realized the Lord was saying more than what I thought He was saying.

What He was declaring was further, deeper, than the surface meaning that can only be interpreted as “natural” thinking. God was speaking about a generational issue, a leadership issue, and not a gender issue.

Breakthrough for the Church in this hour is coming, but it’s not coming from those whom we have perceived it’s supposed to come. Breakthrough is coming not through known and the notable, not from the visible and the viable, not from the crowned and the cream, not from the professional and the polished. It’s not coming through whom you think it will come and you must look in a different direction. It’s coming through the willing. You must now look at yourselves!

I realized that He was about to cause a shift in the earth that would break open the dams that have locked the free flow of the “Spirit Way” upstream in all the streams that existed.”

Breakthrough is Coming in Surprising Ways

This breakthrough will cause those who should have done it already to become perplexed because they believed it would happen through them. It was their fear of losing what they had grown to enjoy in victories of the past and recognition for past battles that has held them back.

They were already carrying public honor and recognition and believed it had brought them to the place where they would have the honor of continuing to carry it, but it will be just like when the Lord pushed the “rightful heir” Shebna aside to lay the inheritance of the Key of David on a humble servant, Eliakim (see Isaiah 22:15-24).

They believed the battle and victory would be “brought” to them, rather than running to the battle as they once did. The generation of Deborah will be those who won’t shrink back. Barak was the appropriate victor for this battle, but his insecurity to believe what God had spoken caused him to carry a fearful spirit. Fearful that God wouldn’t do through him what God could do through Deborah.

This breakthrough will not be small and it will encourage those who have actually not been walking in the alliances of the Lord to reconsider their ways and do what the Lord wants. The courage of Deborah will evoke righteousness in a Jael company.

Exposing the Politically Correct Spirit

Political and religious correct speaking will be exposed and true discernment will be seen. As a result, the Jael company will take a sharp instrument and rightly divide “truth” and pierce the schemes and ways of the enemy that have kept the Church powerless by intimidation. It will be as a hammer drives a nail into the mind and schemes of the enemy. He will not rise from this blow.

The name Deborah means “bee” – like a hornet. God says He will drive out the enemy with hornets. In Joshua 24:12 the Lord gives a promise of “how” the enemy will be defeated in every situation and circumstance. The enemy will be “stung.” He will be sent running. Deborah represents the hornet of the prophetic, and it will send the enemy running while the Lord raises up a voice and a standard through His Bride, the Church.

On Schedule

The intensity in the Spirit of this hour requires a peace inside of us. We must not divert from the call of God on our lives, but be very aware of the times in which we are living. This is the time where the Church rises in glorious power and freedom and joy and where the miraculous and healings are evidenced all around us. It is here that the lost will rally and allow the salvation of Jesus inside to find them. It’s the season of “Go-Go-Go.” It’s the season of Highways and Byways to beg the lost to come in! Don’t stop. Don’t be intimidated.

Danny Steyne
Mountain Of Worship
Email: ClickHere

Danny Steyne has been a church planter, pastor, teacher, author, and worship leader for over thirty years. His heart is to release ministry that is full of the power of God and demonstrated through the authentic miraculous works of Jesus. Danny and his wife Karen lead the apostolic team of Mountain Of Worship (MOW aka The Mountain). The expression of Mountain Of Worship transpires regionally through various gatherings that draw the Body of Christ together in regions, nationally through MOWTeams and MOWConferences, and internationally through Ministry Trips and International Conferences.

(Sourced from the Elijah List go here.)

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