The Harvest is Early

harvest now

The Harvest is Early – by Karen Hardin, Tulsa, OK

My husband walked in the kitchen with his cupped hand extended revealing two ripe berries. “Our tree already has mulberries on it. They usually don’t ripen until sometime in June right?” he said as much a question as a statement. He was right. The mulberries had ripened over a month early. It was yet another reminder of what nature is prophetically stating, “The harvest is coming early. The growing season has been increased and so will the harvest!”

So you’ve been in that waiting mode for what seems like forever, waiting for your harvest. But as we know, this is a different season. It is a Kairos season. We haven’t encountered a season like this before, so it is in nature that we haven’t encountered a spring like this before. It is unique and pregnant with blessing for those that will walk in it, but we have to recognize it.

Blessing Comes When We Recognize and Take Hold of an Opportunity

In the natural I did this in my garden. Typically I don’t plant my vegetable garden until after the last frost. The “marker” for that has usually been Easter. But this year Easter was actually later on the calendar than usual, but all indicators where I live in the mid-west were showing an unusually early spring. The trees all budded about 30 days earlier than normal. Daffodils popped their heads up as early as February!

It was a risk, but I felt impressed to follow the lead of what I saw happening around me. I kept feeling impressed to plant early so that I wouldn’t miss the added days that would lengthen the growing season. And so I gathered my seeds and seedlings and planted and prayed there wouldn’t be a late frost. There wasn’t. The “destroyer” of a late frost, never came. There was no death.

Already I’m starting to show signs of harvest on some of the plants. I’ve never seen anything like it how EARLY things are coming in this year—from the flowers, to the vegetable garden to the mulberries.

Relating the Natural Seasons to the Spiritual Seasons

It is important that we recognize the times and seasons of the Spirit—which are mirrored in the natural times and seasons. This is the marker for you. Your growing season is lengthened in this time, and your harvest is coming early. It may not feel early to some as you feel you have been waiting years. But THIS is the season. This is a different season than we have ever seen, but we have to take advantage of what is happening.

If we treat it as every other year, we will miss the added blessing. To receive an opportunity, we must recognize and take advantage of what has been provided. For each person that will be different. Sit and ask the Lord what that means in your situation and how to walk that out. For the anointing is there and pregnant within this time to bring harvest.

A New Harvest in Oil

I also received a word for Oklahoma. This word applies to the harvest—in oil. The “drought” is broken over the oil industry. The shift has begun and what has been a long season of dryness, is going to begin to gush with new growth and increase. That which has been stifling the growth is being removed. The chains are being removed and the flow will begin to come forth. It will begin to bless not only the oil companies, but will bring unprecedented growth into the entire region as it flows out again from that staple that has been a foundation for this region—it will awaken the entire state.

Do not despair any longer. It is time to rejoice! It was withheld, but that which withheld the flow is being removed resulting in blessing not only in the oil industry, but will release a blessing over the lack that has been over the educational system and families. We call it forth now! Oklahoma call it forth now before it is seen.

I sensed it was important as well that we do not complain over a change in gas prices for they will begin to go back up. Yet, in the past each time we have complained of lack, I encourage you to get God’s perspective on this blessing. As we keep our mouths in line with what He says and what He is blessing, we will experience increase as the oil industry begins to grow again. It will not result in your lack, but increase all across the state.

An Early Harvest

Harvest has begun and I say it is early. With the extended growing season, some will even see a double harvest as you harvest and there will be time for regrowth and another harvest. Watch and see what you are to do to walk in agreement with what is happening around you. This is a time to not only call it into being, but taking steps to walk it into existence.

Let’s pray: Father, we thank You for giving us eyes to see and ears to hear to recognize this lengthened season of growth that will bring lengthened harvest and early harvest. We call forth the blessing of this season into our hands. We declare that lack and drought are a thing of the past! Plentiful is the harvest that is produced and overflows.

Karen Hardin
PriorityPR Group & Literary Agency

Karen Hardin is an author, minister and literary agent. She is called to exhort, encourage and help raise up the remnant. She desires to empower those who have grown weary so they can reposition to walk in identity and destiny. Her work has appeared in “USA Today,” “World Net Daily,” “Outlook Magazine,” “Charisma,” “,” and more. Karen has a passion to help others reach their highest potential and achieve their dreams with the message God has given them. She and her husband, Kevin, make their home in Oklahoma along with their three kids.

(Sourced from the Elijah List go here.)



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