The Onslaught of the Enemy’s Smoke Will Turn Into a Glory Cloud!


“God has spoken so many words to you because He knew you would need to hold on to them. He knew it would be hard, but the words are yours and the breakthrough is yours. All the promises He’s given you are yours. Hold on to them. Use your promises. They were given to you for now.”

by Jodie Hughes, Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia

Enemy Onslaught!

There have been so many hits in the Body lately with such assault against the Bride. I asked God for strategy to use in the onslaught and the answer came in a dream. I pray this word and dream encourages you to see what God IS doing in the midst of heavy battles!

The Dream: The Smoke Turned into a Glory Cloud

I was standing in my church with some people I know from there and also others I know from around Australia. The air was heavy from intense warfare and it was obvious people were battle-weary, but they were also determined and all standing. This was significant as I knew even in the dream God was honoring faithfulness in His people despite the cost.

I looked with great respect at them and noted that all those standing were people with great strength formed in the fire and had perseverance that set them apart. I also felt a sense of knowing they were on the cusp of what they were standing for. I sensed the honor the Lord had for those who had been through an onslaught and had enduring faithfulness.

In the dream, there was a smoky haze hanging in the air from the roof that looked like smoke from the battlefield (similar to an old war movie after a battle). It made the atmosphere hazy and it was hard to see anything clearly and subsequently created confusion. Many were struggling to see with clarity or see into the distance.

I understood immediately that many in the Body were struggling to gain clear direction. Confusion had hindered many and vision had been affected as the intense warfare had taken all their strength to survive and consumed their vision, making it difficult to see beyond what was immediately in front of them. My heart was filled with compassion for those on the front-line.

As I looked intently however, the smoke transformed to what looked more like the beginnings of a glory cloud. The longer I looked, the more misty and glorious the cloud appeared. This was indeed the beginning of a glory cloud from the smoke of the battle; and I knew it was growing and filling His house. I was amazed that the beginnings of the glory cloud had been there the whole time, but it had been hidden by the smoke of the battle.

The Strategy from Heaven: He Gave You His Word Ahead of Time

As I stared at the glory cloud I heard a clear voice speak from beside me:

“God has spoken so many words to you because He knew you would need to hold on to them. He knew it would be hard, but the words are yours and the breakthrough is yours. All the promises He’s given you are yours. Hold on to them. Use your promises. They were given to you for now.”

The voice carried hope,and I knew it was the strategy for now! I understood it was crucial to hold onto the promises we have and decree them right now!

I understood in my spirit that the season the Body was in, required them pulling out their promises from wherever they had put them down and hold on to what God said! These words were given to use as weapons right now. I understood it was God’s great grace that He had given His people these weapons ahead of time for the specific battle they are in now, and knew they would need to be used! Many people thanked God for their word at the time of receiving it but have had them stored away and have forgotten them. It is time to pull your prophetic words out and use them! They will get you through this time of enemy onslaught.

Instantly the Scripture, “I am giving you this command in keeping with the prophecies once made about you, so that by recalling them you may fight the battle well…” (1 Tim 1:18) came to my mind. I saw the Bride taking out her weapons and waging warfare with renewed vigor and hope.

The Atmosphere Begins to Shift as the Promises are Decreed

There is great breakthrough available now from the glory realm, which is empowered by your partnering in faith. I saw the smoke begin to shift over the Church as weary faithful ones took out their words and began to decree to the atmosphere. These weary ones suddenly looked more like a feared and fierce battalion! Their fighting was aimed in the same direction as vision was restored. I sensed a shout of unified victory as the Bride waged war from a place of promise, decreeing God’s word to the season.

I watched and knew the smoke of the battle has been a distraction and diversion of the enemy to keep us from seeing God’s glory realm already manifesting in our midst. The enemy has infiltrated our vision with smoke and mirrors to divert the Body from imminent victory. Yet, as we focus on God’s goodness and decree His words, the glory will increase and neutralize even the effects of the past season still hanging over many.

The heaviness of the warfare will dissipate as the truth of His promises are launched as missiles at the smoke. As promise after promise is decreed, remembered and recalled, an energized army will “fight the battle well.” Your breakthrough isn’t further away than ever, it’s closer than ever. Speak truth to the lies! Look beyond the smoke of the enemy. Speak forth what God has said. The glory realm is in your midst and so is your breakthrough. Speak forth your promises!

Breakthroughs Are Imminent!

In the dream I knew God was promising His promises! The manifestation of many long-held promises is upon His people and marked for now. The glory cloud is heavy with manifest promises. There is an urgent invitation to partner with God and call “out of the glory realm” what His word has already promised, into the now.

Many breakthroughs are imminent as the glory increases. I sensed literal glory clouds would increasingly appear in hubs of His presence as a sign. As I looked intently at the glory cloud in my dream, I saw the sanctuary being filled with His manifest presence. There was a pregnant anticipation of manifest promise birthing suddenly across the wider Body! I knew the season is shifting suddenly from the battle zone to the glory zone. The promises literally shifted the season from one of great battle to great glory. It was then I woke up!

Take Out Your Weapons and Empower the Glory Realm

As I awoke I was gripped with urgency to take out my weapons and decree His promises. Get out your promises and use them as the weapons they are! Speak them out. Pray them out. Dream and re-envision them. Recall and remember. Decree them. Imagine them manifest. See them fulfilled. Stir up faith in your own heart by remembering them. Let them inspire you, move you, fire you up afresh.

Ask God for strategy, ideas and creative blueprints. Ask for wisdom and revelation. Find your words God has spoken and pray over them again. Decree them and fight the battle well! They are yours to fight with in this very season.

I went to bed asking for strategy, this was the answer: Take out your promises and use them as effective weapons against the enemy onslaught. Breakthrough is in the glory realm. Let’s empower the glory realm by decreeing what God has already said. Start now. Pull out your promises and speak forth breakthrough.

Be blessed and know you are loved.

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries
Pour It Out Church | Sunshine Coast

Jodie Hughes and her husband Ben live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, along with their daughter Keely. They are Revivalists and Founders of Pour It Out Ministries. They are also Senior Leaders of Pour It Out Church and Pour It Out School of Revival. Jodie and Ben have ministered revival extensively throughout Australia, the United States and the nations. Her heart is marked by Revival and Pour It Out has been experiencing extended revival meetings known as the Pineapple Revival on the Sunshine Coast. She is a strong communicator, known for her prophetic voice sharing the heart of God in a real and disarming fashion, releasing healing, breakthrough, signs and wonders, and freedom.

(Sourced from the Elijah List go here.)

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