Announcement is Upon You!

beachgirl_websmOne Blue Horse says: I had a shorter version of this video on Facebook the first of this week, shared from Ryan LeStrange’s Facebook page. In going through my dozens of links that come in daily I found this longer version that Ryan made after his live Facebook page and I had to add some of my thoughts to it and share again for you. This is powerful and so true. I can testify to it because in 1992 I was given a prophetic word over me by my pastor, who rarely gave prophetic words, and neither one of us, nor my friends who heard it had a clue what it meant.

The only thing I could think about it at the time was that it might have to do with writing but I didn’t write! I had kept journals of personal things for a couple of years in the past, that I titled “the dark years”, about my feelings, after I’d suffered a bad horse riding accident and nearly died and in the end my husband of 16 years divorced me. They were actually letters to God where I would pour out my heart, fears, anger and pain to Him and it was what got me through those years.

This prophetic word over me came a couple of years later when I was trying to pull my life back together. I wrote it down but I admit I pretty much put it out of my mind and went on. Later I went back to college to learn how to design websites and one of my classes was “Creative Writing”. I took it mainly for the credits as a preference to math or other boring subjects. And I excelled in it! I added in a Speech class to learn public speaking though I had no plan to ever speak to an audience. The teacher of my writing class was so impressed with my skills that he wrangled me a small award to go on a “Writers Cruise” which I didn’t get to go on due to other circumstances, but it stuck with me, knowing someone thought me worthy of learning more. Turns out he wasn’t the only one.

But then again live intervened and I ended up marrying an Australian and moving to Australia! I did write a short story book retelling a lot of my experiences in life, mostly with horses and trail rides in the mountains, work on a cattle ranch in Montana and so forth. After that I blogged intermittently, designed a few websites for myself and clients and did rough drafts for two more books. Then I moved to the Territory to work with Aboriginal people for six years and all writing stopped.

I’m telling you all this to show the pattern of how God moves in our lives, sometimes for many, many years, headed for a certain time where we can say, “I was born for such a time as this!”

Nearly three years ago my husband died and I was left in a town in Victoria where we had just moved only weeks before. I didn’t know anyone and I was suddenly alone in a country that wasn’t my own. At that point God intervened and set in place His plan. 

Proverbs 16:9 A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.

That was one of the first scriptures that God put in my heart as I sat in my house wondering what had happened to my life and what was I to do. And that was the beginning of what I call my “prisoner of Hope lifestyle“! And that is where I still am. God began pouring out His Word through the Bible but more through teachers, preachers, prophets in books and online. I was bombarded by research and keeping notes and thoughts. I could see God’s hand moving in the way He directed me from one person to the next and He was giving me promises in my spirit through visions and speaking directly and through every way HE could and He still is! That is where I get everything I put up on blogs and Facebook. I do write too but more it is sharing His Word through others.

I was blogging regularly and then He directed me to Facebook which I didn’t want any part of at first. But if you let Him, God gets His way with you! So now I’m working on a website for what He has directed me to do and last night He showed me some books with instructions to hone my skills in use of social media. And yes, I have a book in the future to share my testimony which is really God’s testimony about the last 3 years and what HE has done, all the glory to him.

So all of that to say, what Ryan LeStrange says in the video below is happening my friends. About a year ago I finally realized completely what that prophecy made over me in 1992 meant! And now God is moving me deeper into it, I found my mountain is media and He is honing my skills to meet the challenge He has put before me. He has announced to me what He has anointed me to do and it is daunting but I have learned to trust Him through it. I have come against more demonic attack and resistance in the last 3 years than my whole life before but as you will hear Ryan say, that is to be expected because the demons fear what God has given us to do and they want to stop us. The devil tries to shake your faith out but now is the time to stand on what God has promised us and what He is doing with us. There is a time of waiting and testing but it is all to make us ready for what God has for us! Hang on and don’t ever give up! What God is announcing over you is stronger than any demon. When God is for us who can be against us. NO ONE!!

The announcement is the gateway through which anointing’s will come… announcement is the gateway through which promotion will come; and I say to you announcements are upon you.

God is announcing WHO you are, WHAT you are, WHERE you’re going and WHAT you are called to do. His favor is upon you!

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