Passover — Why Christians Should Care

I had mixed feelings about writing what was on my heart after reading Paul Wilbur’s newsletter this morning, which I shared on my Facebook page,  I had to agree with his words and reasoning and write something up here about my own experiences with Passover and the other Celebrations of God. Then God reminded me of the article I put up last week from Lance Wallnau where he taught on the drives that control us being needs driven or spirit led. One was significance, being more concerned about what man thinks than what God is directing you to do! So here goes!

Matthew 26:17 ” … the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Where shall we plan to eat the Passover?” Jesus celebrated Passover before He was crucified in the New Testament so why can we not celebrate too? If it was a choice my Lord made then it is one I choose to make too!

I believe that the celebrations did not end with the Old Testament and the Jewish people, just as other things like healing, prophecy, miracles, blessings and mercy from God and speaking in tongues to name a few. I want to say clearly, that I’m not here to dispute doctrine, just stating a point where I agree with Wilbur.

I’ve been attending the House of David in Grove, Oklahoma, USA for over two years now through live streaming. It was one of the first places God directed me to when I became a prisoner of hope researching His Word, prophecies and teachings through various medias, books, blogs, videos and live streaming of teachings, seminars and worship. It has been a long journey that isn’t over where I have learned so much about God, received healing from many emotional hurts and learned to trust God in a way I didn’t know before, but that is another story.

What I want to express here is what I have learned through being part of all their regular services and all the ceremonies. I’ve seen a group of Christians made up of all sorts of people from a Rabbi to corn farmer Pastor Tim, American Indians, Chinese intercessors, an African Bishop, other Australians and many other people from all walks of life and religious backgrounds, who have joined together to celebrate Jesus in a beautiful way. They have an area for live chat where we pray for each other and celebrate victories and healing and blessings all around the world. It is family to me and thousands of people all over the world. It is really bringing the body together, even churches live stream their services.

People from around the world celebrated Passover on the 10th or 11th depending on their country but it was live at any time of day or night and beautiful. People were sharing with families and friends in their homes and churches. God is using the internet and social media to get His Word out to bring His Bride together and reach souls for the kingdom.

I’ve put a portion of Wilbur’s message here and the whole word can be seen on my Facebook page. I’d just like to say that God is doing a new thing, we are in the end times that we’ve read about all our lives. It is coming down to a remnant of believers who will take a stand for God, join with other members of  the body of Christ who may think a little differently but are willing to hear His voice of change and alignment that is coming. If we will stand still and listen we will feel the change in our spirit like a gentle wind in the trees. It is time to put aside our thoughts and old ways and listen to the directing of the captain of the hosts as He directs us to this last battle for souls!

It isn’t going to take place just within the walls of a building but out in the streets of our countries and cities and we need a new plan and willingness to be a covenant people and accept that we are part of the older covenant people, the people who have gone before us, the cloud of witnesses … we are all one family and to me being part of the celebrations of God like Passover have given me a deeper feeling of relation and kinship to all of God’s people past and present. This is kingdom living to me.

Quote: “This week we have the honor and privilege of celebrating Passover. But if today is such a glorious day, why does it feel like an ordinary time to most people? 

Can it be that much of the world doesn’t understand the importance of celebrating this great point in history and what it truly means? Perhaps they think it’s just a Jewish celebration. 

But the truth is, God has established a yearly calendar of celebrations. He invites us to set time aside from our busy lives to celebrate His victories over His enemies—who attempted to destroy His Kingdom and our families.

Many Kingdom people today, especially if they are not Jewish, do not see the Passover as part of their own history. Therefore, they don’t identify with the covenant people who came thousands of years before them. 

Here’s the thing, if there is truly only one Kingdom with only one King, then we also have only one history (His story) as a people who belong to His Kingdom.

Think about it, the story in Matthew 26:17-30 is the story of the Last Supper. In this Scripture, we find Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew) celebrating Passover with his disciples. So if Jesus celebrated Passover, why don’t we think it’s important for all of us, as believers, to celebrate it? Is this a crazy question or did I just miss something?

Jesus of Nazareth Himself became the Passover Lamb when He sacrificed Himself, for you and me, on the cross. He removed the final barrier between Himself and the world, even the sin of mankind. This is the perfect stage for the event itself, a time when a lamb was offered for the sins of Israel.

I have a dream…that one day a group of highly respected pastors, teachers, and prophets will stand up and say, “Enough! After much prayer and deliberation, it seems good to us and the Holy Spirit that we embrace the celebrations of the Lord’s Feasts, as He intended all along, and we will begin this year with Passover.” May I live to see the day!” (Quote from Paul Wilbur) ~ I share his dream – Charlene

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