I Am Setting Fire to My Millennials! Miracle Workings On a Level You Haven’t Seen Before!


One Blue Horse says: The Millennials is a new name we are hearing and many people don’t understand what it means. This word may help you better to understand what God is doing with the generation now called, Millennials. You may know some, they may be your sons and daughters or strangers or you may be one yourself. God is doing a new thing in this season and it won’t look like what we think is “normal” church or Christians but radical to some of us but we have a radical God who will use what works best for His plan. Read this and ask God to show you how you can be a part of this generation and help them to move into this new season with God.

— Word by Andy Sanders, Syracuse, NY

Millennials are the one group that carries an “all-in and all-out” attitude. If they believe in something, they are all in, and if they don’t then they are completely (and quickly) out. It’s easy to look at this generation and immediately judge them because they’re not like other generations, yet Millennial Christians are just as pure toward the heart of God. My generation came out of the prayer movement, while millennials were birthed through the worship movement. Both are beautiful in God’s eyes.

Years ago, when I was a youth pastor, it was common to go to Sunday school, Sunday morning service, Sunday night, and also Wednesday night youth group. For many in the adult services, it was frustrating to see my youth group arrive wearing shorts on a Wednesday night or blue jeans on a Sunday morning. More than once, the older generation equated their clothing to their spirituality. Some would go as far as suggesting they must not have any morals at all if they are wearing shorts to church. We sometimes look, quickly judge, and then label this group as the “most misfit of us all.” In reality, they are not much different than we were at that age.

The older generation was attempting to pass the glory of God down to the next generation through their traditions and that which was “well and common to them” for their own time. It didn’t work. There are some things we do in our modern churches that really aren’t geared toward the next generation. We can either ignore them or we can pass the glory of God on to the next generation in a way that they can receive and embrace like we did years ago.

We can start by asking two questions that every church/ministry should ask:

  1. How do we meet the needs of the Millennials?
  2. How do we pass the glory of God on to this generation in a way that they can understand and receive?

The Millennials Are Coming Out of Their Hiding Places

The Lord hides some of His most valued treasures within the fields of our everyday lives. He does this in order for us to discover the deepest intimacies of His Kingdom—willingly placing His gems within the dirt of our lives. He chooses our dark places to reveal His light.

For a generation that has been labeled so dark, God is choosing to reveal His brightest light through Millennials. “He reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him” (Daniel 2:22 NIV).

While talking to a pastor years ago he said to me, “Andy, we have seen it all, man. We have just seen it all in our church.” Then he started dropping big names (many who have passed since then). He said, “These are the types of people who come into our church.” What he was really saying was, “Andy, what do you think you can offer to us, a church group that has already arrived?” Let’s face it; don’t we do the same thing to the Millennials sometimes? Unfortunately, yes!

Get ready—we are about to be stunned by what this generation will bring to the table. The Millennials are going to school the earth with some Kingdom thinking that we are not used to.

A Word for Millennials

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord (Psalm 27:13-14 NIV).

“I Am bringing something new to the establishments of your time, the established tables of the Kingdom—those who carry a ‘we have seen it all’ attitude. I hear many saying, ‘What can this generation possibly bring to our table?’ Many established places have become accustomed to success, as if they have personally arrived. Many are still relishing the ‘glory days’ of their time. My glory isn’t to be hoarded.

“I am using the Millennials, the unknowns of your time, to fill key seats of every sector of this globe. From pulpits to politics, they will become My hands and feet, My voice. There are many unexpected doors about to open to My Millennials—a sign of My doing, My hand upon this generation. I Am going to show the world My power through a generation that has been deemed powerless.

“With My mighty hand I Am bringing this generation up out of their darkness and into My light. I Am breaking the spirit of rejection and abandonment off. They will know Me like no other. I have set them aside for this moment. I Am breaking the generational curses off of their lives. Many within this generation have watched many sins and how they affected their families drastically.

Generational poverty will bow its knee to Me. I will do miracle workings within the streams of My Millennials at a level you haven’t seen before. The one generation so many have tried to stop—I will remain the Father of light and Author of meaning to them. I Am setting fire to My Millennials, and I will show them what has been hidden from prior generations.”

Seriously—it is time to wake up and realize that the next generation is stepping up, and if we don’t guide their hearts someone or something else will. Believe me, this rattles my religious cage sometimes, and it is going to rattle yours as well.

Andy Sanders
5 Fold Media, LLC

Email: andy@5foldmedia.com
Website: www.5foldmedia.com

(Sourced from the Elijah List go here.)

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