Let the Different Streams, New and Old, Flow Together!


by Clay Nash, Olive Branch, MS

On Friday night, March 24th, after a significant time of ministry with Dutch Sheets in Camden, AR, a thunderstorm rolled in. Heavy rains poured down while strong winds blew. After rehearsing the Lord’s agenda from that night’s powerful ministry and the level in which God had spoken to Arkansas’ destiny, I settled down to grab a few hours of sleep. I was scheduled to speak the next morning so I pondered what God would have me share after such a powerful night of ministry.

Well, sleep came, and I could settle into that deep place of rest in which I experience my dream life—”Older men dream dreams.” In my dream, the Lord caught me up above the USA, and I heard His voice say, “Look and consider well what you see.”

From Weary Efforts to a New Day Dawning

As I began to gaze upon the land below, I saw many revival movements blazing trails through uncharted territory cutting trees, clearing land, and establishing centers. They were naming the moves of God and establishing their cultures in the centers. I could hear the voices of the leaders speaking of accomplishments, and how they were going a way no one had ever been. They spoke of how they had been misunderstood and had to pull away from all that was already established.

As I watched their efforts, many became weary and dropped out of the process of establishing. Some centers that had once blazed with bright light began to dim. Soon, I heard painful moans of how they were misunderstood. They hurt severely, anguished by being misunderstood. At this, my heart was troubled.

From my position in this dream, facing east, I could see the rising of the sun and a new day beginning. The sun was rich, bright and drawing since I love a good daybreak. For me, it represents another day to accomplish great things for Father God.

Different Streams and the Generations Co-Laboring Together

The Lord then spoke and said, “Come higher.”

I was immediately taken up to an even higher position and could see that within 200 yards of every new revival trail there was a developed, well-maintained road upon which were located “Freedom Outposts and Apostolic Centers”. I saw the mantles of some of the pioneers that are now a part of the great cloud of witnesses resting at the centers and freedom outposts. I also saw many present-day fathers and mothers of the faith at the outposts and centers.

As I looked and considered what Father God was showing me, my heart began to weep because I knew that, presently, we were missing the potential of the synergy of the ages by “working separately” rather than “co-laboring together” in God’s purposes.

After I awoke and remembered my dream, I was keenly aware that the son’s decision to take his inheritance to a far country (removed from his father’s wisdom and influence), is what caused the son to lose his inheritance, and eventually lose his way.

This prayer rose in my heart: “Please Lord, give the seasoned fathers and mothers favor and influence—those who have paid a great price to build what You had them build and gained the wisdom on (in how to bridge this gap between what we are currently doing and what we need to do). Give these leaders ‘position and authority’ who can unite us into what can become the movement of movements in our nation!

Then revelation reminded of a sight I have seen many times flying over the area where the Mississippi and Missouri rivers flows into one another. For nearly forty miles these two rivers flow side-by-side before becoming one river because of different temperatures, current speeds and soil content in water.

“Lord, let the different streams flow together, new and old, established works and fresh start-ups, combining the various foci—making us all become one!”

Clay Nash
Clay Nash Ministries

Email: ClayNash@claynash.org
Website: www.claynash.org

(Sourced from the Elijah List go here.)

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