The wind of the Spirit is blowing away the chaff!


The wind of the Spirit is blowing away the chaff! The wind of the Spirit is blowing away the chaff! Do not despise the pruning, do not despise the preparation. The Lord is moulding you to take you higher and further than you realise. The Lord is taking you beyond your wildest dreams and expectations. All that has held you back in the past is being burnt away in there fire of His love and presence. What has held you down before, as you praise Him, will be of no significance anymore. You will not be held down any longer. The Lord has come to set the CAPTIVES FREE!! Yield to Him, Yield to His timing and His heart and you will be propelled further forward than you realise, with boldness and confidence in Him in your our step. With peace living in your heart at a level you have been yearning for. With a discernment in your spirit and a sight in your eyes released from heaven. You are being aligned with the greater purposes of God, liked never before. There will be no striving but such deep rest in the love, delight and approval of the Father for you and deep revelation of His heart. You will truly begin to see what it means to be greatly loved by the Father and be His cherished son/daughter.

Lana Vawser 13-3-2017

One thought on “The wind of the Spirit is blowing away the chaff!

  1. Jazzy

    In the natural it looks like I’ve lost it all. I have God.
    I can laugh EVERY day with joy because I know the plans that are for me and that God is standing up from His throne in His courtroom to intercede on my behalf because He LOVES ME. Jesus is standing between the issues and myself, taking the full measure of the enemy’s wrath.
    I am weary, yet I sing to Him because it delights Him.
    I am broken, yet He will put me back together in a way that brings Him glory.
    I am loved because I am His.

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