The Word of Our Testimony

Revelation 12:11 They defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony; for they did not love their lives but laid them down for him. (TLB)

In Revelation we read … he accused them day and night before our God. The devil is called the Accuser of the brethren, which is us.

We call it attacks on our mind and bodies and our very words. Sometimes he whispers in our ears and other times he uses people in various ways. The thing that gives us great hope is the Word says we win by the word of our testimony when we share what God has done in our lives. They are God’s truth about what He has done and we write those words of truth in blogs, on Facebook, in books and speak them every day in so many ways in our lives.

So today I have a testimony about how God brought me through an attack in Facebook and how it strengthened me in my walk and taught me a valuable lesson.

I’ve been blogging for quite a while and recently I’ve changed my style a little as you who follow me know. I put up a lot of prophetic words and testimonies from other writers plus my own writings. I’ve been on a 2-year fast track teaching from the Lord to equip me for what He has called me to do. In this time of research and study I’ve been directed by Him to many good teachers, prophets and Christian News sites.

When I would share them with friends I found that not everyone knew where to find these words from God. I give them to the Pastor, the prayer team and other people in my church. Then I decided to put them up on my blog site where more people could see them and have had great response.

I recently decided I’d take a big leap of faith and post my blogs over to my Facebook to try to get God’s word out further. I was hesitant as I wasn’t sure it was where I should be trying to reach people. Then after prayer I felt God was directing me to use it as a good tool for His Word and I see all the good teachers and prophets I follow now have Facebook. After a couple weeks I looked at my “friends” and realized I only had six and only 67 “followers!” I decided that was not going to create much progress so I started trying to get more friends and followers.

Yes I tried to be discerning about who I confirmed to be a friend but sometimes you just don’t know and someone slips in that you later regret!

Two nights ago I was on Facebook meeting and chatting with some new friends and suddenly a man popped up on messages and as soon as I saw the words he was saying I felt a check in my spirit so I ignored him to continue the chats with the others. Suddenly he started putting up pictures of his naked “junk”, as they call it, along with words as to what he would like to do with it. I was shocked that something like that would happen on a social media where families and kids are and that it would happen to me. So I’m sitting in a brief panic with about 4 other people trying to continue our chats and this guy putting up more pictures and the others saying, “where are you?” I started scrambling for the block button. As one lady told me that block button is your friend!

I was shocked and that is hard to do to me as I’ve been alive for many years and I’ve seen a lot but it just wasn’t something I expected on Facebook. And yes I turned him in when I saw they had a place to do that. I felt I didn’t want to stay on Facebook another minute and I went into a spiritual meltdown trying to hear from God what I should do and if I was wrong to be there. And then I heard back from Facebook and found that they didn’t even block this man but gave him a slap on the wrist and said “don’t do that again” more or less. I wrote back to them even though they had closed my report and told them what I felt about their acceptance of what was the same as pornography on there and asked them what about the kids that come on here? Is it ok for them to be subject to that kind of abuse? When you have something like that put in front of you it is abuse and it makes you feel violated.

So I spent a few hours praying about it and stewing with what I was going to do. By then I had over 400 friends and was getting good comments about God’s words I was putting up. After all that is what it is about, giving people hope and the truth that God loves them and someone is willing to pray for them and meeting good people around the world. And by the comments I’d gotten so far it was working …. But I wanted to just quit, to make sure I never saw anything like that again. I looked at my site and I saw those words, “What’s on your mind?” And I thought OK, I’ll tell you what’s on my mind and I wrote my thoughts and felt better for saying it.

I went to bed hours later, still not sure what I was going to do. I woke up after just a couple of hours of restless sleep and looked at my email and saw notices of people who had read my post and sent me messages of support and encouragement. It did give me a certain amount of peace and I was able to get back to sleep.

When I got up in the morning and looked at my Facebook page I found even more messages, all sympathetic and caring and sharing their thoughts. And then I realized that this is what sharing God is about. It isn’t all easy going with no opposition. It doesn’t matter how you share God you are going to have the enemy there using people to offend you and try to make you stop and give up. On the street, in bars or anywhere you minister you are going to come up against the hatred of the enemy in some shape or form. We are basically promised that in the Bible!

And God reminded me of that scripture in Revelation. When they were attacked or accused by the devil they didn’t quit and stop talking or writing … they won their battle against evil, they spoke the truth and brought people to the Lord, they beat the accuser by the blood of Christ and the word of their testimony and they didn’t care what it did to them as long as they had the victory.

God reminded me what He has called me to do and that the accuser is the one who uses people like that man to discourage and stop the truth of God from being given out for those who are looking for hope, acceptance and friendship. What I had experienced was only words and ugly pictures and no comparison to what our brothers and sisters in some countries go through to share the gospel. I decided that I would stay the course God set before me.

Then as He always does because God uses words, stories, prophecies and things like that to teach and bless me, He put a prophetic word in front of me that was so perfect. I’ll be posting it after this. I Am Removing Hobbles From Your Feet! A New Level of Freedom and Peace! You can read it in full but here are a few lines he says that speaks to all of us and where we want to be:

“I am removing hobbles from your feet. What has been restraining you will now be removed because you have come to understand My heart. You will begin to move unhindered in a new level of freedom. Peace will be your way and peace will make your way.”

We have been given the command to carry His peace into the conflicts of life. We prepare for spiritual conflict by making peace the goal of our warfare. Our battles are won by responding in the opposite spirit to the spirits of hatred, jealousy, and division.

“Don’t remain hobbled this year because you have not yet made the commitment to peace. Peace is not the absence of conflict. In fact, peace can produce conflict, but that conflict is the result of a choice made by those who reject its promise. God removes the hobbles when He can trust someone to leave behind hoof prints of love in the soil of culture (social media) as evidence that a Spirit-directed stampede of peace has taken place.” by Garris Elkins

I knew that was what had happened to me through this thing that seemed so offensive and disgusting. God had used it to teach me valuable truths and to remind me of what I am called to do. I had heard His voice on it and said YES. I prayed for the man and gave him to the Lord and asked that he would have an encounter with Jesus where he could learn the truth and have the accuser removed from his life.

hobbles-offAfter my decision was when I found the prophetic word and it was as though God had written it for me. Since I’ve had a life with horses in it I totally knew why horses are hobbled and I could relate it to what God had been doing with me. I also knew that He has removed my hobbles and I feel a freedom to move out with more boldness and accuracy to get His Word to the world. That situation brought me closer to God and once again what the devil meant for evil the Lord used for my good and now He can trust me enough to remove the hobbles. Praise God!

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