How Does Jesus See Your Current Situation?

By Graham Cooke

(This is the first session in the new weekly mentoring class & the only one that will be available for free. To get access to additional classes, watch here!)

If Jesus were looking out through your eyes, how would He see the situation that you are currently in?

Asking this question gives us the opportunity to understand who God wants to be for us. This means we get to experience what He is really like, and then bring that specific part of His nature into our situations. In other words, our situations in life bring us into alignment with who God really is.

When we walk with the Lord, we must learn to always connect our life situation, whatever problem, difficulty or circumstance, with the nature of God. We need to know who He is going to be for us in those specific situations or we may get stuck and become overwhelmed.

For more on this, enjoy the short video above.

PS) As mentioned above, I have recently launched a weekly mentoring class on Brilliant TV, where I will be releasing a new teaching every weekend to encourage, equip and empower you in your connection to and lifestyle in God. If interested in watching these new teachings, be sure to sign up for your free month here

If you haven’t seen the details on this, here’s more…

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