Liberal Protestors Lose It When Town Hall Chaplain Prays in Jesus’ Name Bob Eschliman (Feb 27, 2017)

They also booed a local veteran who recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

(Metairie, LA)—[CBN News] Liberal protesters jeered and mocked a Louisiana State chaplain when he opened a town hall meeting with prayer, last week.

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy scheduled the town hall meeting in Metairie, Louisiana to discuss issues like immigration, healthcare, and the economy, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

However, when Dr. Michael Sprague announced that he would open with a prayer, protesters from a local anti-Trump group called Indivisible, erupted in anger.

Some shouted “Pray on your own time!” while others yelled “Separation of church and state!”

Video of the event records one woman shouting the name “Lucifer” when the chaplain said God’s name.

The yelling did quiet down as the prayer continued, but when Sprague said, “We pray in Jesus’ name,” protesters shouted again for the separation of church and state.

They didn’t stop there.

As a local veteran took the microphone to say the Pledge of Allegiance, the disruptive group booed him also.

Not only did they refuse to stand for the pledge, they yelled “Do your job” and “Get on with it.”

One man shouted, “Your words run hollow. Your words run hollow.”

One Blue Horse says: What has happened to our country? Where did all these angry, screeching people come from? I was going to put the video here but it made me sick to listen to them screeching like demons, just screams like obsessed wild animals not people at a civilized meeting and I decided I would give them no notice on my blog. We need to pray for the removal of the demons over people like that as nothing could cause that much hatred and screaming over a simple town meeting but the devil’s total hatred for God and anyone trying to do good. It was way beyond freedom of speech but lack of discipline, decency, feeling of entitlement to  act like animals and absolute lawlessness. If I’d been in charge I would have thrown them all out.

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