Update on Pray for Trump

One Blue Horse says: I hope you will take time to watch this and consider what he is saying. I’ve known and written and talked to L.A. Marzulli for a long time and he is the real deal and a true Christian who hears from God. I know a lot of Christians scoff and laugh at what he says but if you consider the scriptures he quotes and ask God to confirm his words you might want to reconsider. We know there is a devil and demons and that they control all of the evil in the world and their plans were stirred up badly by Trump winning the election. So all I’m doing it putting the information I find out here for you to “think about”. And while your are here check out the short video below on some interesting provable news on what is happening right now.

PPS Report – Shadow Government? L. A. Marzulli and Pastor Paul Bagley weigh in.

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