Yes, The Warfare Has Increased Significantly This Week


Lana Vawser    24-02-2017

There have been pretty intense demonic assignments of witchcraft sent released against many of God’s people as they are crossing over THRESHOLDS into greater realms and manifestations of DESTINY! These assaults have come with torment and terror – especially over the mind.

In that assault and assignment, the Lord is exposing strongholds of the heart and soul that these witchcraft assignments can come and take root and bring torment and despair.

God is healing hearts and souls and removing the “landing pads” the enemy has found. As this deep healing and deliverance is taking place at deep levels, not only is any torment and despair the enemy has brought, is falling away, but the hand of the Lord is coming down and CRUSHING the witchcraft coming against His people. He is coming with a ROAR and to RESTORE!

This is a very strategic week, the warfare has increased with significant force, but keep your eyes on Jesus, for the Lord your defender is fighting for you and you will be FREED and catapulted into a whole new realm of INCREASE of your DESTINY than you have ever imagined.

God is serving the enemy a double whammy! Deliverance, healing, increase and promotion is breaking through into the lives of God’s people, catapulting them further than they have ever been with greater strength and stability in Jesus.

Don’t believe the lie that breakthrough is further away than ever! That’s a lie!

Nothing has changed! We are moving further into the breakthrough season than we ever have been. The enemy knows that and God is fortifying His people in Him to move forward in strength, boldness and power.

You are standing on the landmine of breakthrough! What you have faced this week is being turned to a glorious explosion of breakthrough!!! The lie has been what you are walking will kill you, but the truth is with the resurrection, reviving power of Jesus, you are coming into life with greater INCREASE, crossing over the threshold into a greater manifestation of your destiny!

One Blue Horse says: I would like to give you a testimony that relates to the word from Lana today. I’ve been experiencing those attacks this week and I’ve been having a lot of victory in healing mind sets and attitudes of the soul. I’ve set my Facebook word to reach more people and of course the devil sees us getting closer to God’s calling and our destiny and hates it. Last night he tried the double whammy on me that God hit him with. First came the spirit of foreboding, which is fear, and I couldn’t shake it. I was about to call for help in prayer from a friend and I got a text message from someone that really hurt my feelings and changed something I’d set up that day. I was in shock and sadness over it so forgot totally the foreboding and replaced it with anger turmoil, sadness and rejected. And then I went to my computer to look at the prophetic words that I get daily and here is what it said:

February 23, 2017:  Exercise your will to discipline your thoughts and emotions.  You have the ability to bring yourself under control–even under the control of My Spirit, says the Lord.  Only from that position will you find peace and a sense of well-being.  Quiet your soul, and let Me lead you out of turmoil and sorrow.  I am your help in times of trouble. Psalms 9:9 The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. ~  Small Straws in a Soft Wind

God read my mail as they say!!! He did hear my heart cry and came with the answer which I already knew but wasn’t applying. I read it twice and then I said out loud, “Yes Lord, I can do that” and I did as He said and quit crying and quieted my soul and turned it over to the Lord – the emotions left and I felt total peace. I got rid of the offense against the ones involved, forgave them and felt my joy return. I slept peacefully all night. Then I found out this morning that it was not as it appeared but a trick of the devil to turn me against the others. But the devil overplayed his game by hitting me with two attacks and they were both destroyed!!! That is a good word to read over and over and I hope you might copy it and keep it for your own word too!


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