Resurrector and Reviver

 Song from CentricWorship on YouTube

By Lana Vawser

This morning I have been hearing the Lord say “I am coming as the RESURRECTOR and REVIVER!!” – The Lord by His Spirit is moving in your life, circumstances, heart and soul to bring all the places of death, dryness and destruction to LIFE!

This truly is a John 10:10 moment! Where the enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy from the lives, hearts and souls of God’s people, Jesus is coming as the RESURRECTOR and REVIVER to bring all those places TO LIFE!!! God’s people are going to know in such a deeper way the true meaning of the abundant life and all it contains that Jesus purchased for us and is already ours! God’s people are going to know the resurrection power of Jesus in this season like never before!

I could hear the song in my spirit over and over today “We call out to dry bones come alive; come alive, we call out to dead hearts come alive; come alive.”

God’s people are walking out of the chains of death that have held their hearts, souls and life at ransom for many reasons. Where lies and strongholds have taken root, they are being shattered by the revelation of the TRUTH of Jesus IS and BRINGS LIFE coming alive.

God’s people are now beginning to walk deeper into the manifestation of LIFE and VICTORY that is and always has been ours, in Christ.

One Blue Horse says: God is calling us all to come alive and walk out of the chains that have held us at ransom … Jesus is coming to bring life … reach out to Him and He will take you higher.

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