Infowars Seeks to Overthrow the Globalist Paradigm, Not Become It

The point is not if you like Trump or Info Wars – the point is that as a Christian it is worth considering who is controlling the Globalist? If you want to consider the headlines in Christian News or news from sources telling the truth, not fake news like main stream media; there are several people causing riots and unrest, x-president Obama has an army of 30,000 anti-Trump activists to sabotage the new government, who are supported financed by George Soros. There are many other players but the question is who controls them all and is really running the show? “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour” – I Peter 5:8  You can go through the Bible and find hundreds of accounts that prove who is out to destroy all of God’s people and plans and rule. He has been up to that from the beginning so it is no mystery or conspiracy theory! As born again, spirit filled believers we are in God’s Army and it is our place to stand in prayer against the devil and his army. I saw an ad for a t-shirt that said, “Thank God it’s over” but the truth is that it is “Just Beginning”. The political news of Trump winning the election and then being inaugurated only stirred up the devil and every demon in hell and they aren’t going to just back off and quit fighting so we can’t either. So I’m taking my calling as a writer, scribe of God, and Watchman a big step up and opening a new website with news of truth in an attempt to get the information I find from reliable resources one more place to be seen.  Will have a link here for it real soon.

My goal is not to try to make anyone think like me but to give you alternative news and views that I call “from God’s point of view”

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