Wisdom Is Needed and Will Bring Great Influence and Favor!


(Photo from God’s Breath Publications)

Randy Walter, Berlin, MD

Heaven is poised and ready to respond to the needs of the humble and the questions of the wise,” the Lord declared during our devotions one morning. We were asking Him what we need as we look ahead to this year. He continued, “Do you hear more questions about more complicated issues? Every question can be answered through humility and wisdom. Do you see more insecurity and fear, and more need for what only I can fulfill? I give grace to the humble and wisdom cries out to the simple, ‘Turn in here.‘”

As we’ve just ventured into 2017, we will need much wisdom because, of course, we have never been this way before. Years ago the Lord told us, “Wisdom, influence and favor can accomplish more than hard work if you trust Me.” And it has changed our lives!

We were embarrassed to think of ourselves as influential, until a prophet said he would rather see us than unbelievers influencing others. We thought of all the ungodly people who are influential, realized our thinking was actually false humility, and repented. After we started praying for wisdom, influence and favor, we were recognized and honored in churches we visited. Invitations to speak increased. People sought our advice. God was waiting for that prayer to grant it.

Influence and favor come with wisdom. They are a responsibility, not given to make us feel good about ourselves. God invests them in us to generate a return by advancing His Kingdom. The Lord gives us favor for the sake of our assignments; and when we don’t have favor, it’s because we don’t ask for it (see James 4:2). Asking for favor demonstrates humility and wisdom.

As a couple, we seek the Lord for wisdom and instruction every morning and night, and have filled 34 notebooks with the insights He has shared with us. He teaches us practical principles for life – not only for our benefit but to share with everyone who will receive them. It’s our favorite thing to do. He gave us wisdom to save our marriage of 34 years in its early days of selfishness and conflict. He has taught us how to prosper, He’s healed us over and over again, and brought us out of depression and negativity, and into joy.

In addition to journaling what God imparts to us, we transcribe every personal prophecy we receive. We review them often, pray into them, and act on them. Jehoshaphat instructed, “Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper” (2 Chronicles 20:20).

Here are a few examples of how His words have changed our lives:


Last year, we were in great fear over our finances. Although we are frugal and tightened up even more, we still lacked enough income for our basic bills. The Lord taught us, “Gratitude creates an atmosphere for increase.” We started declaring this many times a day. We became thankful for everything. He told us to pray “peace to our finances.” As our peace and joy grew, so did our income.

We believe the prophets about the great wealth transfer. But the Lord cautioned us, “Be very careful that greed and envy don’t color your interpretation of ‘The wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.’ Greed is when you want what belongs to someone else. Envy says, ‘I deserve it.’ Don’t look at what other people have; ask Me for what I have. I’ve already promised it to you. If you lust for the wealth of the sinner, you will not be the righteous who receives it.

“Every man who becomes excited over this promise must ask himself, ‘Is my excitement because I expect my life to become more comfortable, or is it because the Church will have more resources to share the Gospel? Am I excited at the prospect of gaining personal wealth, or because I believe God will make me a steward over more in order to advance His Kingdom?’

“I do not answer prayer in response to lust and greed, but I will loose the riches of Heaven to the man who will use them to win souls.


Wisdom is why our marriage works. In everything we do, the wisdom of agreement is huge. One day the Lord said to us, “Don’t you know that I see you as one flesh? So if you disagree, you are like the double-minded man who will receive nothing from Me” (see James 1:7-8).

When we were first married, we disagreed a lot. But surprisingly, we always prayed together even in the middle of an argument. And the Lord told us, “Your relationship with your spouse is a mirror image of your relationship with Me. If you’re having problems, don’t look at your spouse, look at yourself. Get your relationship right with Me and I’ll take care of your spouse.


Many times, the Lord has healed each of us of all sorts of issues. Some we still suffer from. But He even has a wonderful purpose in suffering (God does not cause our suffering but He can use it for the good). He told us, “Trials and suffering are where I perfect you. I cannot perfect you in comfort and convenience because you’re not desperate for Me. But when you cling to Me in desperation, two things happen: You’re willing to let Me change you and your situation becomes a testimony of My faithfulness. Then you know I have used your suffering not only to perfect you but to draw others closer to Me.

“That was why Paul and the early disciples found joy in their suffering. They were a spectacle for the sake of the Gospel, and look at how I used them. Where would you and millions of others be without their suffering? No man ever suffered more than Jesus; and no man was more perfect or drew more people to Me. His suffering was the greatest witness of all time, and the greatest blessing for mankind.

Suffering can be physical or circumstantial. When it seemed like all was going wrong, God comforted us by saying, “Everything satan brings against you will make you stronger, if you trust Me and let Me provide your needs. All things truly do work together for the good of those who love and trust Me, and who are appointed for My purpose. When you are panicky, overwhelmed, sorry for yourself or your spirit is lonely, remember that you don’t have to feel that way.

“Statements of trust in Me are empty words unless everything you think and do stems from that trust. Take charge of your emotions and look to Me for your fulfillment, and I will come in like the flood that you’ve waited for all your life. You’ve let Me in the outer door. Now I stand and knock at the inner door to your heart. The communion I seek with you will set you free from every hindrance, and the joy that awaits you is beyond anything you can imagine.”


Wisdom has the answer to every question and the solution to every problem. In Proverbs, wisdom is described as standing in the public square, begging us to come to her and learn.

We will need greater wisdom for the days ahead, not just for the decisions we make but for the words we speak and the things we believe. We all need to see ourselves as missionaries, wherever we are planted. The Lord explained, “The things you have read about and watched on television in the past, you will see with your own eyes and experience with your heart in times to come. The world does not know it is in a place of decision. That is why My missionaries need not to lose heart. The job of spreading the Gospel has more souls depending on it now than at any time before.

“No corner of earth will remain unaffected. People gripped by fear will have only one hope – the light and the peace of those who know Christ. Delusions will grow stronger as your enemy the devil brings more convincing counterfeits to deceive people. The time will come when people seeking the truth must ask Christians, and all Christians will need to see themselves as missionaries.

“It’s not enough to pray that your own family be saved. Picture yourself boarding a train to Paradise while your unredeemed neighbors plead to go along, and you just wave goodbye to them. That is how selfish My people are when they do not see themselves as missionaries. This is the beginning of preparation. If I AM not willing that any should perish, then My people must not be willing either.

‘Justified By Her Children’

Luke 7:35 says, “Wisdom is justified by all her children,” by the lifestyle, moral character and good deeds of her followers.”

The Lord once said to us, “I wish more people would use their gifts, their resources and time – not to promote Me because there is enough of that out there and that is ineffectual – but to demonstrate My Kingdom, which requires generosity and sacrifice which come from love.”

We followers of Jesus need to recognize our gifts as not given to us for our own advancement, but to make known the love of God and draw people to Him. Proverbs 11:30 says, “He who wins souls is wise.

To be selfish with these gifts is what the Lord calls “willfulness.” He said to us, “All Creation has no choice but to respond to Me. That’s why I also give you wisdom – to help guide your intelligence. Without wisdom, intelligence becomes willfulness. Do you see a world of willful disobedience around you? Do you see the need for wisdom to help men humble themselves before Me? Wisdom leads to obedience, while willfulness leads astray.

God’s Word says if we follow it, He will be our God and we will have life. What more can we ask? That’s why the Word says to seek wisdom, not riches, fame or other worldly lusts. All those things will burn up, but wisdom is eternal and is available to all. The book of James says when we ask God for wisdom, He gives it to us bountifully without reproaching us for asking (see James 1:5).

As we look ahead into 2017, the Spirit of Wisdom says to us all: “Be joyful! For the season of God’s favor upon you is beginning. The grace you have already enjoyed is being multiplied. God is filling you as never before to send you out to represent His Kingdom so His banqueting hall will be full. This is the time He will reveal Himself through His children. They will bear His likeness, speak in His name, and produce much fruit of righteousness. Everyone will be drawn to them, from the mighty to the meek. His children’s words will be His words, and they will walk in His authority. They will be bright, shining stars of light and love.”

Randy and Barbara Walter
Shiloh Ministries | Salisbury Revival Prayer Network

Email: shilohministries@comcast.net

Randy and Barbara Walter conduct Shiloh Ministries on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, emphasizing intercession and the prophetic, and facilitating seminars and workshops. They have interceded on-site and led prayer journeys at hundreds of locations through their Chesapeake Revival Prayer Network. The Lord has assigned them to pray for awakening, outpouring and cultural transformation. For 25 years, Randy edited a regional Christian newspaper called The Manna. Randy and Barbara have ministered together throughout their 34 years of marriage. They have published their sixth book, Where Do You Hurt? Where Do You Hide?

(Sourced from the Elijah List go here.)

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