Lana Vawser  February 13, 2017

I have had a word brewing in my spirit regarding a major increase of finances flowing into the body of Christ

There is MAJOR breakthrough upon the people of God in the area of finances. This major increase is going to break many chains of debt and the chains of heaviness that these financial issues have caused.

There are financial miracles upon the people of God right now in ways and increase we have never seen.

God is not only going to break the chains of financial issues, but He is going to begin teaching His people individually in greater ways, greater divine insight on how to steward finances with purity, humility, integrity and wisdom.

The Lord has seen the faithful sowing of those who have been living in these chains of debt and heavy financial strain, yet they have continued to faithfully give to the Lord and move in generosity in the little that they have, even in the lack. They have continued to sow out of their little, and that worship and sacrifice has moved the heart of God.

There is MAJOR breakthrough upon God’s people in the area of finances. It’s about to increase! It’s about to increase and increase!


The horrible battle many have had in the area of finances, the heaviness of the chains and the discouragement, many have lost their hope and ability to dream.

The huge breakthrough in finances beginning to gain momentum now in the body of Christ is going to breathe hope and life into many of God’s people again. The faith, hope and life will not come from the finances, but from the REVELATION of Jesus as WONDERFUL PROVIDER! Not only is He going to provide NEEDS and long-standing NEEDS, but He is going to release blessing after blessing upon SECRET HEARTS DESIRES of God’s people.

The manifestation of a physical blessing in the lives of God’s people, especially in the area of finances and the way the finances will make some of those secret dreams and desires POSSIBLE, will bring a significant healing, breakthrough of lies about the goodness and provision of God, suddenly ALL fall to the ground.

Hope and life and faith will be breathed into many of God’s people again as they see a deeper revelation of HE KNOWS, but not only does He KNOW the needs and desires of His people, HE CARES!!!!!!!!

His LOVE and KINDNESS is going to undo the hearts of many of God’s people.

The word “LAVISH” was booming in my spirit.. there is a LAVISHING of His kindness and blessings like you have never seen before.

Eyes will SUDDENLY be opened to what a GOOD, PERFECT and LOVING Father He is.

It’s time to DREAM AGAIN!

“If you then, imperfect as you are, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in Heaven give good things to those who ask Him!”  Matthew 7:11


In the midst of this financial breakthrough, I saw a strong highlight of the Lord on STEWARDSHIP. In this major increase of finances and breakthrough that is coming into the body of Christ, we must continue to stay close to Jesus, listening to what He is saying, continually seeking Him on how to steward the increase that He has given us.


I kept hearing the words “Waves of wealth requires greater wisdom.”

When I saw the word “wealth” it turned to “abundant breakthrough.” This abundant financial provision that is coming into the Church is not only to release many of God’s people from the captivity of financial issues but also to see the Kingdom extended and Gospel spread further and wider than ever.

I had a vision where I saw finances enabling the homeless to be cared for in greater ways, the widows, orphans and those in need being ABUNDANTLY blessed more than ever. As the finances flooded into the lives of God’s people, there was an increase of the fire being ignited in the core of God’s people to go out and feed the hungry, bless those around them, and rise up as the extravagant givers that we are called to be.

WISDOM is needed more than ever in this increase of finances that is coming into the body of Christ. We must seek the Lord and seek His heart for the wisdom of PURE STEWARDSHIP of this increase of finances.

This INCREASE of finances is coming with an urgency to seek the heart of God for the STRATEGY of heaven in the overflow.

I watched in the spirit as SCROLLS OF STRATEGY were falling from heaven upon God’s people that were crying out for His wisdom and strategy in the overflow. As they stewarded what God had given them, there was an increase in momentum happening releasing CHANGE!!!!!! I watched as CHANGE manifested all around!!!! The finances were putting ‘wheels on the vision’ and empowering the vision to be extended further than ever.


I then saw a tidal wave of finances crashing into the lives of the Pioneers, the dreamers. Those who have been pondering in their hearts like Mary, the promise given to them by the Lord, the dream, and are waiting for its manifestation in provision, the Lord is bringing FAVOUR to your finances to bring the dream to life in the natural. To bring the promise into being and it will be bigger and more amazing than you could ever hope, imagine or dream.

I saw the Pioneers who have been stewarding the ground the Lord has given them and breaking ground but have suddenly come up against what looks like a “block” or a “delay” because of finances.

The Lord is going to shatter that block and delay with the extravagant provision of heaven, to see the NEXT LEVEL of the vision be activated and released into forward movement and acceleration.

I kept hearing the Lord saying to the Pioneers over and over “Finances will not be an issue! There will be favour in finances! Finances will not be an issue!”

The land, the dream, the vision the Lord has given the Pioneers will not be hindered by finances in the perfect timing of the Lord. There will be breakthrough upon breakthrough, releasing you into a land of increase, and the vision the Lord has given you, extended further than you could ever imagine, for HIS namesake and HIS Glory!


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