Lana Vawser February 11, 2017

Recently I was driving along and I saw the numbers 202 on number plates a few times in a matter of a minute.

Instantly I felt it was the Lord highlighting something. My sense straight away was that it was referring to a Scripture, particularly Psalms.

Psalm 20:2 May supernatural help be sent from His sanctuary! May He support you from Zion’s fortress.

The Lord has seen the cries of despair. He has seen the suffocation that pressure has put on many people. He has seen the battle weariness of His people. He has seen the intensity of the fiery battle that continues to press on in. He has seen the whisper of the accuser whispering his lies to God’s people in this season.

The Lord has heard the cries of the weary, the discouraged, the confused, the battle weary. He has heard the cries of those who continue to pour out and pour out and pour out, and continue to face pressing on every side without relief.

He has seen the tears, He has seen the heartache and the deep place of anguish many have been in, and He is SENDING SUPERNATURAL HELP!!!!!

He is lifting you up, He is supporting you and holding you and He is going to bring RELIEF.

There is a SUDDEN SHIFT of RELIEF coming in the RELEASES being released through encounters with Him!

There are some very strategic encounters with Jesus upon many right now that is going to bring a SUDDEN SHIFT, it is going to bring the RELIEF and RELEASE that is needed to catapult God’s people into a whole new level of breakthrough.


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