Prophetic word of the Lord for President Trump

One Blue Horse says: This prophetic word was given by God before President Trump was sworn in and made his speech to America and the World. I believe God helped write the speech for our new president … I heard God’s voice as I listened to the speech just now and then I read this prophetic word and knew I was right!

by Stephen Powell, Fort Mill, SC

Prophetic word of the Lord for President Trump:

I hear the Lord say, “I have chosen you Mr. Trump, and you will be a leader to many, not just of your people, but of the world. You will not just be seen Mr. Trump, but you will be heard, for I have released a sound in you, and that sound shall be heard around the world. It will ring true and loud, and be like a shock-wave in many countries where tyranny has reigned, and they will not be able to keep it out,” says the Lord.

“For I will raise up this sound in others, even as I have raised it up in you. It’s the sound of the Trumpet of the Lord, a sound of victory, a sound of freedom, a sound of faith.

Hearts will rise to meet world problems based on the sound I’ve released,” says the Lord. “Fear will be replaced with faith, doubt with optimism, for tomorrow will be greater than the former days,” says the Lord. “My people will hear the sound and they will believe it.

I see this man’s anointing being sent out like an electrical shock wave which will awaken the heart of freedom in nations that have not beat with it in generations,” says the Lord. “The earth will see, and hear, and seek refuge in Me. This is the hour of My refuge,” says the Lord.

“Stand Tall America, and Honor Israel”

America, America, I have called you in this hour,” says the Lord. “To stand tall, to stand free, to stand independent and sovereign, in the light of My glory. You will lead the world into a new day, My day, My vision, My heart,” says the Lord.

As you honor Israel, I will honor you. As you remember the poor once again I will remember you. As you feed the hungry, I will feed you. And nothing will stop you. You are an unstoppable nation, a moving force for good and greatness, in the sight of the nations,” says the Lord.

I have chosen Donald Trump to forerunner a new model of national leader; yea, even a new form of world leader,” says the Lord. “This man will batter through demonic barriers, even on the world stage, which no man or woman in world history, has been able to have the breakthrough in before. But I have anointed him for this time, and his strength is not his own. I have assigned My angels to assist him in the breakthrough, to remove every stumbling block, to extract every demonic levy.

“His sound will be heard and felt, and I will put My fear on entire nations who see, and fear, and do not understand My working in this man,” says the Lord. “For he will demonstrate something that I have chosen him for, a unique office, a unique position, a unique role. And many will follow after him, not just in America, but in the nations,” says the Lord.

“Is My arm shortened, has My heart grown dim in the dark places of the world? Have I forgotten My people whom I love, whom I died for, whom I shed the innocent Blood for, even of My only begotten Son, to save them?” says the Lord.

“Trump Will Bear My Heart—Fearless in the Face of the Demonic”

“No, I have not forgotten you, I have not forsaken you. In this hour of awakening, you will know My heart, and you will know My strength, and you will know My plan,” says the Lord. “Every child I see, every child I hear, and this man, whom I have chosen, will bear the weight of the world on his shoulders, and in doing so he will bear My heart. I will move his heart while he’s in office, and he will continue to sacrifice much, for My people,” says the Lord.

He will continue to give much of his fortune, and much of his life, for this cause which I have yoked his heart to. And this cause, which he has not yet fully understood himself, shall continue to take hold of him and consume his heart. I will make him a compassionate leader, a loving leader, but a strong leader, fearless in the face of the demonic,” says the Lord.

Let the spirit of breakthrough flow through this man’s administration, as the breakthrough of Heaven’s armies continue to invade the earth, even Africa, even the Sudan, even the far east, parts of the world broken, uncontended, I will contend for your heart,” says the Lord.

“I will release in the valleys of darkness, in the places of captivity, in the strongholds of religion and men. For it is time for the piercing light of My Word to go deeper and deeper. I will continue to go deeper into India, deeper into the Sudan, deeper into Saudi Arabia, deeper into Iran. I will break apart your foundations, and build new ones in the apostolic, new ones in love, new ones in Me,” says the Lord.

“And My Kingdom will advance, My Kingdom will wage war, for the battle is Mine,” says the Lord!

Stephen Powell
Lion of Light Ministries


(Sourced from the Elijah List go here.)

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