Lana Vawser 20-1-17 3pm Australian time

This morning while watching the Inauguration concert, amongst the tears for this new day upon the nation of the United States of America, I also felt the urgency and call from the Lord to increase intercession to cover President-Elect Donald Trump, his family and all events and the inauguration tomorrow. I then saw Jennifer LeClaire’s call to urgent prayer and felt the spirit of intercession come even stronger.

While praying I had a vision where I saw Jesus saying to His people “Pray, Pray and Keep Praying”. As God’s people prayed I saw Jesus walk up to men in dark black hoods and He grabbed their hoods and uncovered them. They were completely exposed and disarmed.

I then kept hearing Proverbs 24:2 over and over and open my bible to see the verse “For their minds devise violence and their lips talk of trouble.”

Kevin also reminded me of a dream that I had last night which we believe the Lord is encouraging us to not only cover all the events and President-Elect Donald Trump, but also HIS FAMILY.

I want to encourage you to continue to pray over President-Elect Donald Trump and his family. Please continue to pray over all events in Washington DC and the inauguration tomorrow. Cancel all assignments of the enemy in Jesus name and decree an uncovering of any hidden agendas of violence or trouble in Jesus name. Let’s decree that Washington DC will be MARKED with celebration for this new day of victory in Jesus name.

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