Lana Vawser 18-1-1016

Today I kept hearing the words over and over “LOOK AT GOD!!! LOOK AT GOD!!!!” in the spirit. It was the CRY of EXCLAMATION of this season. It wasn’t a cry of despair, but it was a cry of JOY and ASTONISHMENT at what He has done and is doing!!!!

I could hear this heart cry beginning to bubble up inside the hearts of believers all across the body of Christ. In this season many have been continually reminding their heart and soul to look to God in the darkness and pressure that is now shifting. The breakthrough momentum increasing in such velocity that the hearts cry was moving from that place of desperation to “make it through” to a cry of absolute AWE AND JOY!

As I pondered this with the Lord I kept being reminded of Joseph. When he was betrayed and thrown into a pit, things looked bleak, things looked OPPOSITE to what the Lord had shown him. Joseph went through many, many years of trial, but eventually was promoted to his place of destiny and favour. As I meditated upon the life of Joseph, I kept thinking about when Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers in Genesis 45, the shock they must have felt, but also the AWE they would have been in at what God had done!

I felt the Lord saying that many have been in a “Joseph season” for a long time, the pits and the hardships but have continued to seek the heart of God, continued to steward, continued to live with integrity and humility and have been waiting for their breakthrough.

It’s happening now in this season! Your places of God ordained favour and destiny are opening up. The lands of breakthrough marked with your name upon them are being entered into.

There will be SUCH JOY in what God is revealing in this season that your heart will explode with joy and praise “LOOK AT GOD”, “LOOK AT GOD”, and others will stand in awe, looking at your life and what God has done and proclaim “WOW, LOOK AT GOD!!!!!!”

Like Joseph, the Lord is not only going to restore, but He is going to add MORE THAN YOU have EVER HAD before.

Doors that many of you have knocked on and have closed in previous seasons, not only are doors going to open again in those areas, but with more favour and opportunity than what was placed before you originally.

You have been set up for INCREASE, FAVOUR and OPPORTUNITY. Those who stood around you and laughed, those who mocked, those who thought it was impossible, those who tried to clip your wings or tread on your dreams, keep praying for them and blessing them. But know this, the Lord is about to STUN THEM with His GOODNESS and FAVOUR over your life. The hand of the Lord’s favour will be SO BRIGHT over you. Vindication will explode all around.

Such JOY will fill your heart as God begins to reveal more and more what He has been doing behind the scenes and preparing for you. Your heart will declare in praise “LOOK AT GOD!!!! LOOK AT GOD!!!”

One Blue Horse says: Good news and encouraging to our spirit for sure! Hang in their friends God is not done with us yet! I think He is just beginning! Praise God always.

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