Hear the Sound of Heavenly Armies!



by Deborah Waldron Fry

Beloved.  Hear the sound of the armies of heaven going before you.  You are not alone in this battle, My Child.

The devil goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  But he has nothing in you, My Child.

You are Mine by the Blood of the Lamb.  I AM the God of Angel Armies.  Behold, I AM sending My angel before you to guard you along the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared.

My Name is in him.  Nothing is greater than My name, Dear One.  It is the Name above every name.  My angels hearken to the Voice of My Word in your mouth.  They are encamped around you to guard you in all your ways.

Though the devil comes to you, speak My word and My name and the heavenly helpers rush to your aid.  I dispatch My mighty warriors to minister to you.

I AM removing the veil from your eyes and by faith, you shall see and know that all around you there are horses and chariots of fire.

I AM the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.  Take comfort, Beloved.  The God whom you worship and to Whom you belong is for you, never against you.

I AM sending angels from heaven to strengthen you.  They shall fight for you and WIN and shut the lion’s mouth.

“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared,”   Exodus 23:20.

“Then the LORD opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw.  And behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha,”  2 Kings 6:17.

“For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways,”  Psalm 91:11.

“For this very night there stood before me an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I worship,”  Acts 27:23.

“The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and delivers them,”   Psalm 34:7.

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unaware,”   Hebrews 13:2.

“Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?”   Hebrews 1:14.

“The LORD has established His throne in the heavens, and His sovereignty rules over all. Bless the LORD, you His angels, mighty in strength, who perform His word, Obeying the voice of His word!”   Psalm 103:19-20.

“Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and were ministering to Him,”   Matthew 4:11.

~Deborah Waldron Fry

One Blue Horse says: This makes me happy and gives me encouragement and love and comfort from God when I need it most! Thanks Deborah ~

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