by One Blue Horse

Hope is something you have to battle for in your life. You almost have to practice and train to make yourself remain hopeful.

Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulations, be consistent in prayer.

Once you lose hope you lose patience and start speaking out things that aren’t in agreement with God, even if you don’t want to. Once you lose hope then next comes the bad confession and in a season where we are grumbling our prayer life is going down.

When hope comes we pull the rejoice button so instead of getting hopeless go get your praise tapes and start listening to something uplifting.

Test your patience and ask God if you are over reacting to the trouble you are experiencing. Pray for patience telling God you are frustrated with the way you feel. He already knows your thoughts and heart so it won’t come as a surprise to Him.

If your prayer life goes down check your hope button and see if that isn’t the problem. And remember our Hope is in God. (Sourced from Power Point by Curt Landry)

This is something I’ve found so elusive, hanging onto hope. You can have it so strong in you from good news or an encouraging word that you are sure you will never lose it, yet you can awake the next morning with all hope washed from your soul. It is like drinking water. It goes down so smoothly and you fill up and feel you will never need a drink again … but the thirst comes back and you feel a need for the comfort it brought to your body. You must continually drink more water or you dehydrate and die.

When we get a promise from God it becomes even harder to hang onto hope. Everything in God is according to His timing which is not like ours. That is where we lose patience because we are losing our hope for the promise when it delays.

Proverbs 13:12 12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.

Hope delayed makes the heart sick,…. If the object hoped for is not enjoyed so soon as expected, if it is delayed any length of time, the mind becomes uneasy, the heart sinks and fails, we become dispirited and ready to give up all hope of enjoying the desired blessing.

In another teaching on Hope, Landry says hope is the bridge over the troubles that come to steal our promise. If we stay on the bridge and keep moving forward we will reach our promise in due time because that bridge only goes one place, to our promise. But if we step off of the bridge of hope we fall into all sorts of troubles, sorrow and pain and the further we fall the harder it is to get back on the bridge. Prayer will give us the outstretched hand of God to pull us back up onto the bridge. Our hope is in God.

There are many warnings out now for this time we are in because the enemy has taken some real defeats lately and he is coming back with a vengeance. So prophets and pastors are warning us to watch for spirits of delay and disappointment, doubt and unbelief coming into your mind to steal your hope and to disorganize, distract and discourage you so you will become unable to embrace what God is doing. Those spirits are trying to hold you in bondage to the distractions and steal your inheritance or promise. That is why I felt I needed to start writing about HOPE! I have felt those spirits very strongly in the last couple of weeks because I’ve been waiting for nearly 2 years for a promise from God and I believe it is close. I’ll end with a short word from Lana Vawser just a couple of days ago.

Many of you are facing an assignment against you sent from the enemy that feels like the greatest battle thus far. But take heart; as you hold onto Him, you are about to burst through unharmed into the greatest assignment of DESTINY and BREAKTHROUGH from the Lord is UPON YOU!Lana Vawser 6-1-17


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