Lana Vawser

This morning I felt the Lord say “Lift up your praise to Me, for praise will clear the haze and unlock greater revelation and realms of destiny.”

I saw such a HAZE around many of God’s people because of the turbulent, intense warfare and crazy situations occurring in the crossover and first few days of 2017.

As I mentioned in the word I released yesterday, the enemy is doing his best to “get into the mind” of believers and the lie I heard was “This is how 2017 is going to be”. This is a LIE!!!!

I felt the Lord speak to me that as God’s people lift up their praise to Him, the HAZE is going to clear. What is going on around you, is simply the enemy bringing up ‘smoke and mirrors’ to bring about this ‘haze’ to bring FEAR and attempt to get you to align with what his predictions for 2017 – which are all filthy lies.

The TRUTH IS, there is GREATER REVELATION of your DESTINY upon you! There are greater REALMS of your destiny that are going to open up in 2017, and the enemy is TERRIFIED.

As you praise, your MIND will be RENEWED! As you take the Word and decree the Word, your MIND will be RENEWED! As you take all thoughts captive, anything that raises itself against the knowledge of God, (2 Corinthians 10:5) you will move deeper into the revelation and manifestation of having the MIND OF CHRIST. (1 Corinthians 2:16)

As Bill Johnsons says “I cannot afford to have a thought in my head that is not in His.”


Dig your HEELS into the WORD! Get the promises of Scripture out! Get out your prophetic words! Dig in your heels, remind yourself of His faithfulness and promises over your life. What you are walking through now is NOT an INDICATION of how the rest of the year is going to turn out. What you are walking through is an INDICATOR of HOW SCARED the enemy is of what God is about to do IN, THROUGH and FOR you in 2017.


I saw many of God’s people positioning themselves more and more in the Word. As they sat in the Word of God and meditated upon the truth of Scripture I instantly saw the Word come ALIVE. The Glory of God EXPLODED out of the Word and I saw Jesus standing before them in His Glory. He had a scroll in His hands and He unravelled the scroll and it was a ROAD MAP. Each ROAD MAP was different, but the sense surrounded me that there are encounters with Jesus in this season as you meditate on the Word, where you are going to SEE Him in His Glory. These will be LIFE CHANGING encounters, that will not only bring instant transformation and healing, but ROAD MAPS to move through this season from BREAKTHROUGH to BREAKTHROUGH! Things that are needed for HEAVEN’S DIRECTION in this season.

Right now, in this turbulent ‘landing’ into 2017, it is IMPERATIVE that you keep your eyes on Jesus and you keep LIFTING UP YOUR PRAISE!!! Lift up a SACRIFICE of PRAISE!!!!!


The HAZE is going to CLEAR and you are going to gain GREAT CLARITY for the DESTINY MANIFESTATIONS that He has for you in 2017.

2017 is a year where you will see “YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS!!!!”

from One Blue Horse — I put these warnings and encouragement from God in as now is a critical time for us. We always tend to relax when things happen and we get used to them … like every year we make New Year’s Resolutions and then how quickly we forget them and keep on doing what we resolved we would not do! To go way back to 9-11 when the worst terrorist attack came to America everyone ran to their church, started praying to God and He did gave us peace and comfort and hope as He always will. But as the months went on and then years how many forgot that fervent time of fear when they pledged to be closer to God, go to church more, pray more? Just the same we got into prayer and trust mode with God over the election and then we all praised God for moving in it. And now the enemy of God and our soul is not going to just give up his desire to kill and destroy American and God’s people with his manipulation and lies. We need to keep aware of what is happening in the spiritual realm, yes it does exist, and stay alert to how the enemy is messing with our minds from little whispers to loud negative media talk. It is easy to hear him say “nothing has changed, this will be the same as 2016.” I’ve heard his words myself so I know what I speak of. Now is the time to stay in the Word, stay in Prayer, Listen for God’s Words to you, keep Fellowship with others of like minds to help you pray and stay strong. God is with us and He will keep us safe and on track if we continue to praise and worship, pray and listen for His words wherever He may put them through Prophets, Pastors, Friends and confirmation in many ways. Be encouraged and keep your mind on God and all His promises, recall your past where He was there for you. I have a friend who always says, “God has never let me down and He won’t now.” Good advice.

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