God Has Perfect Timing


From One Blue Horse: In keeping with the theme I started I got a new prophetic word today about Christmas miracle gifts. I had another short word at the beginning of December that said: I heard the Lord say that there are a number of gifts coming to us starting in December! And now I have one of my own to share.

As some of you know I just moved less than a month ago into a new area, rural among the vineyards. The house is amazing but soon problems arose.

I found it had not been cleaned and despite the rules I got stuck with massive cleaning and I had hurt my back while moving!

Then the garage door stuck closed and it is a very old hand opening thing! I had help to open it and it seemed to work and then stuck again half way up. So the owner had a garage door man come and have a look and he declared it unfit for use or fixing so a new one was ordered which will be put in some time after the first of the year! First gift! It will be a real automatic door so instead of using all my power to pry it up rattling and scraping I will just push a button!

Then last week my air conditioner just quit suddenly with no notice. Which wouldn’t be to bad except for two things; all of Australia takes off work for 4-6 weeks around Christmas and you cannot get anything done; And a heat wave of great proportions is on the way! I was sure it would never be fixed in time; but God!

I got a call that they were coming out to have a look at the end of the week! Wow! but after 3 trips and another week they declared it totally dead and in need of a new one! That was yesterday, the 21st of December, 4 days away from Christmas with only 2 working days left!

The owner was notified and if he would give his consent an air conditioning company “might” have one that would work and “might” put it in on Saturday! Then I got a call today that they wanted to come by and see if the new air conditioner they had would fit and if so they would try to put it in before Christmas! They came, they looked and it fit and they put it in TODAY! The electrician comes tomorrow to connect the power!!

They had ordered the air conditioner for someone else who didn’t need it just yet and it was the only one in the area that would fit my house! So I got it and that is a huge miracle gift from God! So it will be working on the 23rd and the heat wave is due on the 24th! God has perfect timing: never early, never late. God is never in a hurry, but he is always on time.

And some of your gifts, like my garage door may come in the start of the new year! God loves to give good gifts all year long, all of our lives but He knows the best time so don’t fret if if doesn’t arrive on Christmas day but expect it at just the right time!

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