One Blue Horse says: I’m finally settling into my new house. It took a lot longer than expected with troubles along the way but God has blessed me so much with this new home that I cannot complain! Hope to write about it soon. For now another word from Lana Vawser in Australia that is good news for all of us as we have all prayed for something that hasn’t come yet and God has not forgotten.


Lana Vawser  December 7, 2016

The past month or so I have really felt the highlight of the Lord upon His RESURRECTION POWER. Many places I have ministered recently the Lord has had me decreeing the season of His RESURRECTION POWER manifesting. He has really been highlighting to me the dreams that have been given up on, the dreams and desires that have died, the prayers that were prayed for so long in and through so many seasons and seemed to go unanswered, a seeming reality of impossibility screaming all around, hearts got tired and stopped praying about it.

I had an encounter with Jesus many months ago where He took me into a room that was very dusty, and there were all these different symbols on a bookshelf. They were different things that represented the dreams, desires and promises to God’s people. There was SO MUCH DUST on these objects, like they had been sitting there A LONG TIME and it was VERY CLEAR that these things were “dead and buried”. Forgotten and given up on. There was no physical way in the natural of bringing these things back to life. I then saw Jesus pick up the objects one by one and He blew upon them and blew the dust off. Resurrection life EXPLODED ALL around and all of these things SUDDENLY came to life. Out of these testimonies of the breakthrough resurrection power I saw a TIDAL WAVE of JOY flooding into the body of Christ and CRASHING all around. JOY was SPLASHING EVERYWHERE!!! The things long forgotten, the dreams given up on SUDDENLY REVIVED and RESTORED by the resurrection power of Jesus Christ and ALL THE GLORY goes to Jesus!!!! (Zephaniah 4:6)

I have carried this word for months, and yesterday I was watching and at the end of a worship set, Bill Johnson spoke of the story of John the Baptist in Luke 1:13 where the angel spoke to Zechariah and said “Do not be afraid; Zechariah; your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you are to call him John.” Bill referred to studying this story and coming across an interpretation of that verse by William Barclay (Scholar of New Testament language) what the angel is really saying there is “The prayer you no longer pray has been heard.”

As I heard this, my spirit leapt and the Lord spoke to me to release this word that I have been carrying for months.

God is going after the prayers that you NO LONGER pray. The things that are dead and buried. The things that have been on the “shelf so long” because you gave up on them. You stopped praying because it looked like they could never come to pass. For whatever reason the dreams and promises were given up on, and you determined to settle for “It’s not going to happen”.

As Bill said “Prayers have this lifespan that is longer than we think. We are through praying it, but it is still happening….The things there is NOTHING you can do about, God is going to resurrect things you gave up on” (Bill Johnson) to bring them back to life, in this NEW DAY, God is releasing RESURRECTION POWER and they are going to COME TO LIFE!!! Those dreams are going to come back to life!!!!

As they come back to life, as these dreams begin to rattle with LIFE again, they may look DIFFERENT to what you expect, but do not be dismayed or confused, but KNOW that not only is God breathing life on those dreams and promises again, but He is EXTENDING THEM so that as the RESURRECTION POWER of Jesus FLOODS them and brings them back to life, they come back to you with DOUBLE INCREASE and BREAKTHROUGH than what you may have seen manifest when you were actually praying for them long ago.


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