2017 – Strategic Year on God’s Prophetic Time Clock


Nathan Shaw, Dunedin, New Zealand

2017 is a pivotal year in the timing of God. There will be significant and dramatic changes, but this will be a beginning, not an end. Transitions usually cause things to shake. These shakings should not faze us. Rather we need to understand the big picture. When Israel was delivered from Egypt three realities converged:

1.) God’s prophetic time clock.
2.) A full measure of iniquity.
3.) A cry for freedom.

Israel’s deliverance from Egypt and her conquering of the Promised Land were dependent on the convergence of these three realities. These same realities will converge in 2017.

God’s Prophetic Time Clock

God has a prophetic time clock for the nations. He is a forward thinking God. He establishes the time frames for the future and then strategizes to bring His purposes to fruition. If you think of a chess board, not only is God moving His pieces, He owns the chess board! The enemy cannot outstrategize God!

In Genesis 15, Abraham had a profound encounter with God. During this encounter Abraham was given a glimpse of God’s prophetic time clock. Firstly, God informed Abraham that the Israelites would eventually become slaves in Egypt. But then He added a curious detail: In 400 years time God would deliver the Israelites from the Egyptians (Genesis 15:13-14, Exodus 12:40-41, Acts 7:6). Once delivered, they would inherit the Promised Land.

Abraham had the assurance that that which God had planned would indeed come to pass. During the 400 years in Egypt the Israelites multiplied greatly in number. This was part of God’s strategic maneuvering. Israel became a sleeping giant that awoke from its sleep, unable to remain quiet any longer. 2017 is a strategic year on God’s prophetic time clock.

The Full Measure of Iniquity

A second fascinating piece of information revealed to Abraham in his Genesis 15 encounter with God was this: The iniquity of the Amorites was not yet full. God does not judge indiscriminately. Despite the wickedness of the Amorites and the other inhabitants of Canaan, God would not judge them until their iniquity had reached a certain level (Genesis 15:16, Leviticus 18:24-25).

When Israel finally conquered the Promised Land, the iniquity of the occupants had reached its full measure. This principle also applied to God’s judgment against the Egyptians. When iniquity reaches a certain level, God halts it.

2017 is a year during which many mountains of iniquity will be halted.

The Cry for Freedom

A third strategic element for God’s purposes to be fulfilled was the cry for freedom that came from the Israelites themselves (Exodus 2:23-25, 3:7-9, Numbers 20:16, Deuteronomy 26:7). Israel was subjected to cruel oppression from the Egyptians. With desperate longing they cried out for freedom. Israel was confined in a prison of slavery.

As God’s covenant people, they were destined for freedom not confinement. Many in the Church today are confined by slavery to condemnation, guilt, fear and poverty. The cry of these captives has been heard by God. There comes a time when God’s people can no longer tolerate the small place of confinement in which they find themselves.

2017 is a year when the cry for freedom from God’s people will become unstoppable.

Two Levels of Freedom

The deliverance from Egypt and the conquering of the Promised Land reveal two different levels of freedom. The first level involves freedom from slavery. The second level involves possessing our inheritance. Both levels involve intense desire for freedom.

The deliverance from Egypt gave the Israelite’s freedom from outward slavery. The journey through the wilderness was intended to give them freedom from inward slavery. The mindsets of slavery and poverty persisted even after they were delivered from Egypt. Only those who cry out for freedom from these mindsets are then able to conquer and possess their full inheritance. Two strategic questions to ask at this time are:

  • Do I want to be free?
  • How much do I want to be free?

2017 is a year when many will, “Come out of Egypt.” There will be a dramatic increase of evangelism, healing and deliverance.

2017 is also a year when many will, “Enter the Promised Land” and begin to possess their inheritance. God’s government of righteousness, peace and joy will be established in places where mountains of iniquity have dominated for many years.

Nathan Shaw
Heart of David Ministries

Email: fireanddestiny@slingshot.co.nz
Website: www.heartofdavidministries.org

Nathan Shaw helps bring individuals and churches into dynamic encounters with God’s indescribable love. Over the last twenty years he has been instrumental in ushering in significant moves of the Spirit in over ten different nations. Many have experienced life-changing prophetic encounters and dramatic visitations from God. Nathan is the author of two books: Passion and Fire and Unto the Least of These. Nathan is senior pastor at Fire and Destiny Centre, Dunedin (www.fireanddestiny.org) and Celebration Church, Mosgiel (www.celebrationchurch.xyz).

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