1 – 2 – 3


by One Blue Horse

I want to tell you that I will be moving house between the 24th and 27th Nov and my internet service will be switched over so if I’m not here I haven’t left, just relocating to a much better place that God has provided for me!!

What I’m writing today has to do with God’s blessings, promises, protection, way of teaching and His timing which have very much to do with my move over the next few days.

I have to go back to the time when God gave me a beautiful promise that would alter the entire course of my life and give me my heart’s desire. It was a promise that seemed to have an obvious deadline according to man’s timing. It should have come to me in 3-4 weeks tops but here I am still waiting 1 year and 8 months later!!

The point for now is 8 months ago I decided, I would move to a house that came up for rent suddenly. I was so sure the house I had found was the key to releasing the promise. I didn’t realize that I was running ahead of God and been fooled by the enemy into thinking it was just what God wanted! Don’t laugh; you’ve all done things like this … we all try to go ahead of God because His timing is just too slow … by our standards! And it always seems right in our own eyes – Proverbs 21:2 “Every man’s ways are right in his own eyes, But …”

I was really trying to do God’s will. I watched for “signs”, went one step at a time to be sure it was right. Yes I got the house and it seemed nearly a miracle and I moved with great excitement, sure my promise would come at any moment. But it didn’t. As the months wore on my health seemed to be going downhill. Nothing that took me to the doctor but just tired all the time, mood swings, anger and trouble with trust. I had no peace and joy wasn’t on the cards at all. With all I had learned in my time of waiting with things God had taught me, I knew there was a problem. I should be doing better.

I have to say that so much good has come out of these 8 months here. I needed this time in this situation. I won’t say God put me here to learn but He allowed me to be here, knowing full well what I needed to learn could only happen in this situation. He does that to us if we aren’t ‘getting it’. I admit I am stubborn and have ended up in the woodshed more than once. I needed to be alone and in great need of hearing from God.

It went along for a while pretty good and then things started going wrong with the house and the yard. Soon the list of negatives far outweighed the positives and I started asking God what went wrong, did I miss it and what do I do now?

Then the rains came. During the first hard rain I went in the kitchen to find it flooded! My house sits up 3 steps off the ground so where did it come from? I didn’t have a clue. Ceiling was dry. I called the owner who came and couldn’t figure either. I mopped it up with towels.

A week later it rained again. I stood in the kitchen and watched for water. I wasn’t disappointed. Suddenly a wave of water came gushing out from under my cook stove! I went outside and found a seam of water leaking from the overhanging eve. I figured the water ran to the house wall and somehow got into the wall and ran between inner and outer to the floor and gushed out from under the kick boards behind my stove. And I was proven totally right later on.

I showed the owner and he saw the problem but chose not to fix it. He had a little work done on the gutter and let it go. There was also a problem with the electric he let go.

At that point I decided, enough, and went to the realtor to see if I could break my lease and she contacted the owner who agreed but I would have to pay 28 days from when I gave notice. I started looking for a house.

A few weeks went by and then two weeks ago we had a terrible storm with hail and hard rain. And at first there was no water in the kitchen but lots of flooding outside and 10 inches of mud in my carport. I relaxed and was watching TV. Then I went to the kitchen for a glass of water and stepped into inches of water! It had flooded the entire kitchen this time and was running down the hall to the laundry and bathroom. It took 3 of us nearly 2 hours sweeping to clear it and thank God the storm quit or the entire house would have flooded.

I had applied for a house and was waiting on the answer at that time. The next morning I went out to the kitchen and was hit with a strong smell of mold! And then God told me that was why my health had been going downhill. Those 3 times in a space of 6 weeks weren’t the first times this house has flooded. I realized I had smelled faint orders of mold from the beginning and didn’t realize it. When He said that I knew He was right and why hadn’t I thought of it myself? Everything in my health was getting worse from mold.

I waited day by day praying for no rain and for the answer on the house I’d applied for. I was tempted to keep looking and then I heard a teaching where the pastor said they had a prophetic word from God and had declared it out loud and they were not going to have a plan B just in case God didn’t come through! I decided I wouldn’t do that either and realized that was what I’d done to get this house. God showed me it is a pattern I’ve had for years, to make alternate plans “just in case”. I knew that this house had been my plan B to hurry the promise along. I prayed and promised God “NO Plan B” and stopped looking for houses.

The day before my birthday the realtor sent me an email saying the owner of the house I applied for promised a decision by the next day!  I told her it was my birthday so I prayed he would choose me! And he did! The next day, late in the afternoon, I got the call and it was the best birthday ever. Our Father God knows how to give good presents.

But the favor didn’t stop there. When I went to turn in my intent to vacate this house they told me I was not going to have to pay the 28 days, in fact I owed them nothing. They said it set a precedent for breaking a lease! It was because of the mold!

When I started looking for a house to rent a couple weeks ago, I called the shippers that had moved me here to see if I could get them again. They had said they were booked weeks ahead but when I called this time the owner answered and said no problem, when do you want us? … And we are giving you a price break due to a 2nd time using us. Then I found out the owners of the house are taking special care cleaning and sprucing up the yard and the whole place even though it was immaculate when I saw it! And just today the pastor called me to say he had a crew ready to help me move my boxes! I had not expected that but what a blessing. When I moved here it took 8 trips in my Prado to move all the small stuff to save on the cost of the shippers. Favor, favor from God.

An interesting thing happened before my birthday. On the 15th I got a deposit in my bank that I had been waiting for a month to get. I had actually just about given up on it. And then suddenly it was just there and late in the day which is unusual. I was thinking about it and I heard God say, like He was standing right beside me, “1-2-3!” I almost looked around it was so audible and I said out loud, “What do you mean by that?” And He said, “1 the money, 2 the house and 3 the PROMISE!” I was blown away! What? Then that night my Daily Prophetic Word from Doug Addison came in by email and it said: A major shifting and turning point is taking place that will result in a positive outcome. That word comes from America so was dated on the morning of the 15th so was written before I got the money in the bank! So then on the 17th I got notice of getting the house! So I’m pretty excited about Number 3!


Well my word for today just came in and it is: Have faith and expect God to move and do what would seem impossible. Doug Addison, a well-known prophetic speaker, sends out one line prophetic words by email each day. At the beginning of each month God gives him words for each day. Doug says the word may not fit you every day but some days it does and if not you it fits someone else. That is how it is with all of God’s prophetic words unless specific over a group of people, a country or a single person, they can fit many people. God knows every situation we are in and many of us are in similar situations so a word might fit hundreds.

I wanted to share this just to say, “Don’t ever give up on God”. Mine is a simple story compared to some but it still shows God’s faithfulness to us. And He will do what it takes to teach us what we need to know but He doesn’t leave us out there alone either. One of my favorite teachers, Graham Cooke says, “You might as well learn to enjoy the trial” and that is true. It will take the time it takes and if you fight it along the way it is harder and I think takes longer! My promise, Number 3 may take a little longer yet but I have more confidence than ever in God bringing it to me … in HIS Time!






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