Lana Vawser

This afternoon I had a vision which I felt that the Lord wanted me to release to call people to specific prayer. I know I released a word today regarding Donald Trump, but after this vision, I felt that the Lord wanted me to release it for a specific targeted direction to pray.

A little while before the election I had a vision where I was taken into what looked like a ‘commissioning room’ and I saw the enemy gathering hordes of demonic figures and he unraveled scrolls that had strategies on them. This particular strategy was to release blindfolds to the body of Christ and bring deception. To hinder people from seeing what God was saying and doing leading up to the election and in the nation of the USA.

This afternoon I saw the same ‘commissioning room’ and I saw the enemy and the hordes of demons and he unraveled a new set of scrolls. These were new plans and new strategies. As I looked closely on these scrolls I saw the word “ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS”. I knew instantly that these were plans to attempt to assassinate Donald Trump.

Straight away I felt the Lord say “My people, you need to increase your intercession over Donald Trump. Pray for increased angelic protection over him and around him. Pray for angels of ascension to be stationed around him.”

Instantly I saw a HUGE WORD in RED appear OVER the words “ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS” and it said “ASCENT”.

ASCENT DEFINITION: An instance of rising or moving up through the air; to rise up; upward movement; take off, lift off, blast off, launch, soar, climb. (

I then felt the Lord speak again “As My people pray and pray for Donald Trump’s protection, as they call on the angels of ASCENT, Donald Trump will be lifted high above these assassination attempts and NOT be touched or harmed. He will be lifted up by My Spirit to a place where he will SOAR above the enemy’s attempts and roar.”

As the vision ended I had such a strong sense from the Lord that the people of God whether you agree with Trump or not, we need to unite together and pray for his protection. He is now elected and the Bible commands us to pray for our leaders in 1 Timothy 2:1-2 and he needs our covering right now. There is a war happening in the spirit and I felt an urgency to pray for his protection.

We need to be speaking LIFE over him and assignments of the enemy cancelled as angels of ascension come ministering to him with the Spirit of God to lift him high above the storm and assignments of the evil one.

Let’s stand together Church!

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