Wow – Haman is About to HANG on His Own Gallows!

One Blue Horse says: There may only be a few hours left to VOTE and pray but it is not over yet! I found this video in my morning emails and I think it is too good to not send on no matter what the outcome of the election is. I want you to hear it because God has a purpose for America and a love for His people here and He won’t let us go! But as this pastor says, it is now up to the body of Christ to rise up and take back what God has given them. We cannot continue to sit back and wait for the rapture. There is a harvest of souls yet to come according to God’s Word and they won’t harvest themselves! It is all about souls. We all have loved ones, children, friends, people we know who need God and they won’t find Him unless we stand up and fight for them and bring this country back to what God intended it to be. Nations around the world are watching us, waiting to see what our God will do for us. God has given us all we need; the power and the authority to take back what the enemy has taken! We are not alone – Our God is with us! There is still time to vote and pray! And there is still time to stand up for God and our Christian heritage!


by Frank Amedia, Canfield, OH

Pastor and prophet Frank Amedia of Ohio has been to many prophetic round tables and also to meetings with other Evangelical Leaders at private meetings with Donald Trump.You MUST listen to what God has told Frank about who the next president is. Notice also his great connection with ALVEDA KING and he is also a close associate with Pastor and Prophetic Darrell Scott.

To watch Pastor Frank Amedia’s video – “Haman Will Hang” click on image below or click here.

Frank Amedia
Touch Heaven Ministries


Frank Amedia, together with his wife, Lorilee, are co-founders of Touch Heaven Ministries (THM). THM is an international ministry with daughter and covering churches, as well as sponsored ministries in several countries in Africa and Asia. They also serve as Senior Pastors of Touch Heaven Church in Canfield, Ohio. Pastor Frank’s call is to “prepare the way for the coming of the Lord.” This involves a three-fold mission: to the nations, to the Body of Christ, and to Israel. Pastor Frank is the host of the Daystar program: “Deep Calls To Deep.” Frank received the Lord in 1980 in an encounter with Jesus while passionately seeking the God of Israel as a practicing Jew. He is an evangelist, teacher, and anointed minister of the Gospel with an apostolic/prophetic mantle. He has been accredited with several incredible prophecies and is a sought after minister and speaker worldwide. Additionally, Pastor Frank moves in the gifts of healing, miracles, deliverance, words of knowledge, teaching, and is also a skilled pianist and psalmist. Pastor Frank and his wife, Pastor Lorilee (married 30 years) have four children and four grandchildren.

If the intended video above does not work go to this link:


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