Saints You Must Vote in this Election and Not Sit It Out!

by Denny Cline, Albany, OR

Come Out of the Winepress!

It’s time for Believers to come out of the wine press. Like Gideon we have been silent and hiding from the enemy while our harvest is stolen by the enemy. No more time for fear. God sees us as courageous and ready to rout the enemy from our cities, spiritually speaking.

There has been much prayer, and the angels of God are on the move and visiting you even if you don’t know it yet. Be one of the fearless ones who listen and obey.

We are about to get our voice back, but we have to partner with the Lord. God’s battle plans rarely make sense to the natural mind. Who would think that blowing trumpets and breaking lanterns (pitchers) would confuse the enemy and cause them to turn on each other.

Our angels have already told the enemy they are finished. They are the fearful now, so run to the battle with prayer and feet!

Saints – you must vote in this election and not sit it out. I voted already for Trump and every other candidate that stands for the protection of life, our constitution, the return to a law-abiding and safe nation again. The economy will follow like spoils for making a stand to bring down Baal –worship and stand – speak and act for righteousness and justice, which is the foundation of His throne.

Drop your ballots off if you haven’t already. Get out of the wine press and go advance His Kingdom while we can.

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