God’s Promises

I’ve written some on this subject before but I need to go into it again. I’ve known “about” God since birth, maybe while in my mother’s womb since she was in church every time there was an open door. So I’ve known who God was forever and I professed Christ as my savior and was baptised at 15. I’ve been baptised 3 times because as I changed churches, denominations, they required being baptised in their doctrine. So maybe I had the feeling I was really covered and needed no more. How many Christians grow up and even grow old thinking that there isn’t any more for them, that they have all they need? And then suddenly they come to a crossroad and find there is more and they take a step onto a new path with God.

That is the crossroad I’ve hit several times in my maturing as a Christian and I’m not there yet. When the Charismatic movement came in the 80’s I learned about the gifts of the spirit, something denied me in the denominations I’d been in. That was a big step and explained a lot to me about healing and miracles which I’d already had in my life at that point but didn’t recognize. In the 90’s I learned about prophecy still being alive and relevant to our lives and had my first prophetic words spoken over me. I pondered over a word I was given for years only just learning the full meaning a couple of months ago. But I don’t think I have the full implications of it yet.

Then two years ago this month my whole life changed once again but I wasn’t too upset as I was sure I could bring things back into line like turning the rudder on a boat to redirect it back into the slipstream of life. Eight months later I was still struggling with becoming the captain of my own ship (something a counselor once told me I could become with simple easy steps). And then along came God. He gave me a promise from out of the blue that I could not deny. He was to be the “true” captain of my ship but oh what a process that was to involve … my favorite study on God’s promise and what it means is from *Graham Cooke and I share a small portion below:

“God gives you a promise so you can experience the best while going through the worst. It is life in the spirit, as Jesus knows it. We are learning how to possess what God has spoken. Promises are given to teach us possession. To possess means to obtain something, to inhabit something. It’s not just about obtaining, getting hold of that promise. It is about taking it into yourself, it’s about inhabiting that, and it’s about stepping into the very thing because that is now your space.

It’s about making that promise your new prayer closet. Your new place where you are standing and you are going to pray from that space and check out your life. We can’t be passive about our promises or the words God has spoken over us. Not when you look at WHO GOD IS and whenever He speaks He creates something. What is the life that should be coming to you through the promise God has given you? You need to inhabit that promise. A promise gives you a different place to stand. God puts you in the promise and says, “Let’s look at your life in this promise and see what needs to change from this point of reference. Let’s have a conversation from here. What does your life look like from here? In relation to what I’m saying to you what is your life experience giving you for this place.”

A promise gives you a different place to stand and view your life and have a different conversation with God. It shows you what you need to change. It teaches you how to pray differently and see differently and actually excitement comes into our life because of it.

When life is under threat that whole ability to take possession of something is absolutely critical because when the enemy comes calling that is the moment when you need to seize your promise and occupy it. You know the enemy is going to take you straight back across Jordon because he wants you back in Egypt where he can control you. The more you whine the more it helps him do that. Whining and complaining is the worship language of hell. You need to be occupying your promise and taking possession of it because it is currency.”

That promise God gave me is what started my confinement as a Prisoner of Hope with Him. I didn’t know it as that for a while but gradually God brought revelation to me over so many things and I learned I was not getting out of prison until I learned the lessons God had for me, always with the promise before me of what had always been the desire of my heart. Yes I could go AWOL but I know I have to stay and learn. That promise was an anchor for my soul and I cannot let it go. My past life has to do with mistrust and running from problems and God knew how to stop me. He tricked me into getting in a place where my promise could come to light, by using my own attempt to prove He couldn’t do something … LOL. The laugh was on me. God is good at moving us into a position where He can talk to us and show us what we need to change for our own betterment.



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