I’m Still Alive & Able

the plank

It was so cold today and thick clouds filled the sky. I decided I’d go anyway. I couldn’t stay in the house any longer. I didn’t want to wear my usual warm flannel shirt so I dressed up, even though I was going down to the river to walk, where I hoped to see no one. I wasn’t in the mood to meet up with anyone. I just wanted to meet up with God and try to work through the default I fell into and wrote about yesterday. I put on a nice top that was long, stylish and black and white, black pants and tall black boots and my black leather jacket. I put a colourful scarf around my neck and got in my Prado and drove to the river.

I listened to Paul Wilbur worship on the way there. I sat in the car for a while and cried over everything in my heart until I couldn’t cry anymore. I got out and boy it was cold! Brrrr. But I didn’t care. I was there for a purpose. I walked along the river for a while and saw a pair of black swans, the first I’ve seen this year. They were swimming together like lovers. As I approached, the one got a little skittish, I’m sure the female swan, and she got away from the shore and caught in the current which sent her further out and the male watched her. As she floated toward the other side he began carefully paddling at an angle toward her. I watched him until he made it to the other side where the female was and then they took up swimming side by side.

I thought of my own plight of being on the other side of a “river” from my promise and how I would swim a current like that river if I could get to the end of this trial and to my promise.

I drove to my favorite area of the river and walked some more, feeling a little better. I walked to the end of a road I had never been on, behind the large power plant where they pump the water from the river for the vineyards that fill the valley. I looked down (the picture above) at a large cement pipe coming out of the ground from the direction of the power plant and in front of it was an old weathered wooden dock. I thought how any water flowing out of that pipe would dump right onto that dock. It looked pretty rickety so maybe it did, but not lately I didn’t think.

There were no warning signs so I walked down to the opening of the pipe and decided I was going to climb down to the dock. There was a party boat up the river that I wanted to see and I could if I got out on the dock. I carefully negotiated down to the opening of the pipe and gingerly stepped onto the wooden dock. Testing each board I walked half way out looking at the water below me and thinking, this was no time to drop my keys! I saw the boat, took a picture and then a picture of the big pipe; which was filled with beer bottles back a ways so no water comes through there now! I clambered back up next to the pipe and back to the road and looked back with satisfaction.

As I walked down the road toward my car I said out loud: I am alive, I am still me and still able to climb around in places where other women my age could not!! Yeah for me! And I felt good about the world and life and God and I thanked Him for showing me I was still on track, alive and moving forward. Sometimes you just need to get out and do something daring to prove you are still alive and well and able to get around and have fun and be thankful that you can.

Below is the proof I was on the dock! That is looking into the mouth of the pipe.

on the plank

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