The Devil’s Evil can be God’s Good

I read a lot of “stuff” in my time of study as a prisoner of hope in God. I’ve found 223ffd11619b04ab6471ee7a4e2fe606 many good things and some bad things and some just plain weird things but I think what really bothers me is the negativity I read out there and amongst Christian people. We hold the hope of the world, we are called to be light and salt to the nations yet so much negativity over the simplest things!

It is as though we have totally forgotten God is in control and able to use anything in our lives for good by turning it into something He can use for His Glory and our benefit and the saving of others in this world. Someone writes about something that God has shown them or blessed them with and immediately someone has to put their take on it and turn it to an evil thing. If you feel so strongly why not write a personal note to the writer and tell them how you feel? You could be wrong and you have tainted what might have been a blessing to many with your judgmental words. Know what you are talking about before you put it out there on the world wide net. So much condemnation and anger is being vented there and we as Christians have the chance to give love and comfort to the world through the love of God, Christ in us the hope of Glory.

Calling people false prophets and teachers based on what we read and think is as evil as what we accuse the writers of. If you feel so strongly “speak to the writer in private and learn where their heart is and consider God may be using what you find offensive and you could be wrong yourself! God is moving in a special way now to reach people before the end comes and who are you to say how God will talk and what He will use to show people what He wants them to see?

But as for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant if for GoodGenesis 50:20


2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Evil can be God’s Good

  1. Just love your thoughts, Zephyr. ♥ May I add this scripture, too? I’m hearing it as a song. Just a minute here, have to Google the reference. I’m so spoiled that way, now… ♪ All things work together for good to them that love the Lord… ref. Romans 8:28 …to them that are THE called according to His promises. ♥

    1. Thanks Kitti. That is one of my favorites and very appropriate for my thoughts here. I like you hearing it as a song. Songs are coming into this season as expression of God’s love more than ever in personal songs He is giving people for worship. My good friend has been anointed to sing a new song in her church in the last few months and sometimes it is in tongues and people are being healed and blessed! God is good!

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