God is speaking in every way – Please listen

I got up this morning and let the dog out and then, out of character when it is so cold, I walked out on my sun porch and looked at the garden and saw white around the edges of where the little bit of grass grows. I was drawn out to look closer. I had on my night clothes, flannel shirt and bare feet and it was sharply cold but it didn’t bother me. I was so drawn to the white area in the yard. It was so still out there, for a town. I walked to the white area and yes it was frost and I touched it and the ground was hard. The white frost covered the ground in a pattern around the grass but not on the grass but when I looked closer there were patches of bare ground within the grass and they were white and frozen.


Yes it was a natural occurrence you say but in my spirit it was not … in this season of time nothing we see is just natural — if our attention is drawn to it the Lord may be trying to show us something with it. And in this case, it wasn’t really cold enough for frost! I went back and got my shoes and walked all around the garden, it was so quiet and even the dog walked sedately beside me looking at everything just as I was. I felt almost as though I was someplace else. Every leaf was covered with water which was so close to frost or ice that it was motionless until I touched it with my finger and then it just flowed off the leaf as though it had just thawed out. I came back into the house no wiser than when I went out but with a feeling of awe as though something had happened while I slept that made a difference.

I make note that I was grieved when I woke up, felt drained of all purpose and need, disillusioned, disappointed, downcast, discouraged, world-weary, negative, confused, let down, cast down, void of direction … if I’d written down how I felt I would have used those words … see next word from a prophet I follow in the next paragraph. I had been asking God what was my life about, what had the last year and a half been about or accomplished and where was it all headed? There seemed no end to the treadmill life I’ve been on. It seemed to serve only one purpose and was that really enough; did it have any worth at all? Then I stepped outside and saw the white ground, the pattern on the yard of white … and something changed in my spirit.

I came back in the house and sat down at the computer with uncertainty still on my heart. I looked at my favorite prophet, Lana Vawser, to see what she had new and there it was. The second paragraph said:
Instantly, I see many of God’s people in chains. They are chains of disillusionment (definition of disillusionment can be “disappointed, downcast, discouraged, world-weary, negative, confused, let down, cast down, void of direction) I read the rest and was encouraged greatly.

Then I checked my email and there were new prophetic words from Chuck Pierce and there was the word CHAIN again. Another man of God I follow says “if a word gets your attention once, consider it and hold onto it, even look it up. If you see it two or more times it is from the Lord.” I’ve found that to be true so I’m still not sure what is going on or what is about to happen but I believe something is! Here is a part of what Chuck said:
“The hammer of your praise and worship will break the ball and chain of your captivity. So as you raise your hand to lift the hammer, allow My hand to grab your hand and together we will break off the ball and the chain of your captivity. I am setting My people free and pouring held up blessings upon them.”

As I read Lana’s entire prophetic word at the very bottom was as part of the prophecy that scripture again: Zechariah 9:12
“Come back to the place of safety, all you prisoners of hope! I promise this very day that I will repay TWO blessings for each of your trouble.”

That scripture has been showing up for over a year now. It is no wonder that I call my website Prisoners of Hope and will title my book with my testimony by the same name. God has given it to me time after time. If one word repeated is from God then what is a whole scripture, a chapter or a book that He puts in front of us time and again? Something to consider for sure!

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