The Way God Talks to Me

I don’t know how you hear from God but for me it isn’t usually by His voice in my head telling me stuff. Sometimes that happens but even then it is usually a couple words or an answer to my question like YES or NO without details or explanation. Then I read the words of this prophet about “I sat with the Lord this morning and He was telling me thus and so and I saw all these angels doing this and that, etc……” And I think what is wrong with me? I have tried many times to get a conversation going and it just doesn’t happen like it does for some people. And then people tell you that if you don’t talk to God every day there is something wrong with your spiritual walk. But I do talk to Him all the time, He just doesn’t have long chats with me but I know He is there and I get my answers.

So today was one of those really bad days and I was not happy about anything even though I knew I should be. I was walking around the house complaining about everything to myself and the dog who wasn’t saying anything, just following me around. “It has rained for two days, I hurt everywhere, I can’t get outside, and it is too cold, too wet. I’ve been in limbo for over a year waiting on God to bring the breakthrough for the promise He gave me and  He has had me fast track listening, studying, learning and write and write and write. I feel I’m getting squeezed into a small box, no job, no money except to just get by, staying in my bedroom most of the time with my computer and my worship music, so I don’t have to heat the whole house and no one to talk to except the dog. I am saving gas so I don’t drive anywhere, it is too wet and cold to walk” and the list goes on forever.

Early this morning while I was still in bed keeping warm and avoiding looking out the window at the rain I was looking at the Facebook page of above mentioned prophet, reading the latest word and I spotted something about a church having revival so thought I’d look and see what was happening. They had a prophecy page and I started reading it. There was one that had an interesting study on Jeremiah leading up to the prophetic word. It drew me because it had a picture of horses which always gets my attention. The scripture was:

Jeremiah 12:5-6 Amplified Bible (AMP)
[But the Lord rebukes Jeremiah’s impatience, saying] If you have raced with men on foot and they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses? And if [you take to flight] in a land of peace where you feel secure, then what will you do [when you tread the tangled maze of jungle haunted by lions] in the swelling and flooding of the Jordan?

Then there were two Bible commentaries quoted there:

Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible (Jeremiah 12:5-6)
(You see) If you have run with the footmen – If the smallest evils to which you are exposed because you to make so many bitter complaints, how will you feel when, in the course of your prophetic ministry, (for) you shall be exposed to much greater, from enemies much more powerful? Footmen here may be the symbol of common evil events; horsemen, of evils much more terrible. If you have sunk under small difficulties, what will you do when great ones come?

And if in the land of peace, where you have trusted – I believe the meaning is this, “If in a country now enjoying peace you scarcely think of yourself in safety, what will you do in the swellings of Jordan? In the time when the enemy, like an overflowing torrent, shall deluge every part of the land?”The overflowing of Jordan, which generally happened in harvest, drove the lions and other beasts of prey from their coverts among the bushes that lined its banks; who spreading themselves through the country, made terrible havoc, slaying men, and carrying off the cattle.

Barnes’ Notes on the Bible (Jeremiah 12:5-6)
(You see) The Lord rebukes Jeremiah’s impatience, showing him by two proverbial sayings, that there were still greater trials of faith in store for him. Prosperous wickedness is after all a mere ordinary trial, a mere “running with the footmen;” (if you will) he will have to exert far greater powers of endurance

And if in the land … – Rather, “and in a land of peace thou art secure; but how wilt thou do amid the pride of Jordan?” (You see when the lions are there hiding in the rushes, the reeds and you can’t even see the water, but the lions are in the reeds), there hiding in the rushing and the if thou canst feel safe only where things are tranquil (and peaceful), what wilt thou do in the hour of danger? (You see) the “pride of Jordan” is taken to, mean the luxuriant thickets along its banks, famous as the haunt of lions (that hide there) (compare Jeremiah 49:19; Jeremiah 50:44; Zechariah 11:3). What will the prophet do when he has to tread the tangled maze of a jungle with the lions roaring round him?

Yes it is pretty obvious that I should have paid far more attention to those words instead of just skimming them and thinking I’d study later. Well later was tonight after I ran around the house all day doing just what God was rebuking Jeremiah for … oh my, when will I ever learn? Anyway that is how God talks to me. He directs me to books, teachings, songs, prophetic words and I learn what He wants me to know. In that way He directed me to the place where I would find my answer and if only I’d really thought about it this morning I would have had a much happier day and not have to be repenting for my complaining and lack of patience now. And of course He knew that and probably shook His head and penciled me in for an extra day in my process here for not learning! Sometimes I hear Him laugh at me in a good way but this was probably not one of those days.

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